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    pushing a mobile app spreads the people willing to test thin as well

    good reason not to get too attached to an account in the test server - might hurt to watch the deletion happen

    Dude take a chill pill, your testing was paused so others can test without disruption. Once you no longer prevent others from testing by having a broken account, you will be allowed to test again.

    Never said you shouldn't test the big account bugs obviously you should

    But don't be surprised when you reach a "we broke it" number and devs going "okay, we now know this is the limit, let's just stop these guys from breaking the server until we have time to fix these big number bugs"

    That is literally what the news post and ban was about. I hope that's not too hard to understand.

    My interpretation of the ban of accounts news in bermuda was that accounts were being modified in size to ensure they didn't mess up the server

    So once they have taking your 700.000.000 Deathstars + 500 million other ships and reduced them to 200.000.000 rips and 100 million other ships, you will get unbanned (random numbers chosen)

    This shouldn't make you too mad, this is a test server, so they could tomorrow decide to wipe it all if they wanted to

    never get attached to stuff in a test environment, it can be deleted tomorrow

    Looking for a miner account around 45-50m points

    Universe or graveyard doesn't matter as long as it's not a volans account.

    Got some graveyard (non-volans) accounts i can offer in return, hit me up if you have a miner account you're willing to part with

    I don't expect gameforge to even consider making the mergers more fair, so it's a moot point to discuss it, I simply wanted to point out what a successful merger would look like so everyone can prepare to be disappointed. We have seen it 5-6 times already, and I expect to see the same this time.

    Gameforge will do a merger, not consider anything but purely try to bundle things together, and then if we are lucky they were lucky to not completely butcher all the unis.

    Even if players could pick the merge targets 50% or more of the players would be pissed because we can't even agree what is fair.

    did I ever say we have had a succesful merge?

    my point exactly is that the current merge system is extremely flawed because it can't live up to those 2 simple rules

    merges should imho consider 2 things:
    1. point spread (ie how far will merging players be from each other)

    2. keeping the remaining target pool multipliers diverse (i.e. keep the 1x 1x speeds or the probe storage on uni)

    if you fail on either of these, the merge is a failure

    This! kewlness please remember to bring this feedback to gameforge <3

    The problem isn't detecting bots as a player or GO, but rather the verification on the GO side.

    Due to (probably) legal reasons they need to be air tight in their evidence of botting, making it near impossible for GOs to "identify" bots.

    This however won't change in any meaningful way, unless gameforge ease the verification process and makes it easier for GOs to push the bot ban button. You don't really need a taskforce for this, just a change in policy from gameforges side.

    Only if you attack them several times until he run out of deut...

    That's the only way i had catch one.

    This, which can take ages and cost you more than you gain

    The other option is attacking when it has too many resources and just enjoy the leftover resources it couldn't fleetsave

    So I've been looking at my data (thanks Nixian) and something's fishy about depletion. perhaps not enough sample size but still. My findings were this:
    - 26 out of 40 dep1 expos had res, fleet DM or merchant, aka SOMEthing good not bad. that is 65%

    - 122 dep0 out of 205 has something res, fleet, dm or merch.. that is 59%

    - 2.5% of depletion 1 results had delay

    - 6.8% of depletion 0 results had delay

    Literally impossible to say anything with such low sample size

    Once again, what are non ACS uni players supposed to do?

    What about those in non ACS unis? I usually probe 10-15s before hit