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    Dear players,

    I am currently giving away my ogame account ranked top 220. Looking to give it to some one who is going to keep it and not selling it.

    Account has officiers active an additional 51 days and the geologist for 122 days. Account has aswell 550.000 darkmatter on it.

    I lost today 2B rest but account has still a nice 1.5B res on it to spend. The account is aswell a 100% miner account wich u can transform your own way.

    Reach me out if you are interested; Lost the will to play with the recent updates and the tools not working anymore.

    Indeed; Is there any working tool with V7 wich show the correct cargoes needed for transport in case of Collector class use ?

    Thats pain in the ass currently as it is currently


    I have 2 deployements marked as done on the fleets page but they are still flying in the nowhere of ogame ? How can i unblock this situation ?

    I have it to. That top popup appaering when you change tab and go back to the ogame tab after a single click. You can block this by going to F12 - network tab. Find the network line => right clic => block network from whole domain

    No ads anymore :)

    I dont think it infringe the rules as no addons are installed, its a simple navigator feature same as someone would use a very good adblock software

    Is this a joke, we have had a relo event 3 days ago ??? this mus be a mistake piink   hawk

    Dont you have something else as proposal to the players ?

    Could it not be that you suggest 3 events and out of the vote the biggest will be applied ?

    Your suggestion will in no way make the game more active or attractive, that is 100% sure. Pass on and find another suggestion, there are plenty of inactive accounts in all universe, no need for more.

    But i am wrong, maybe you do love sending 50 sc to an inactive and stay behind your screen until they come back (that is very attractive game WOW) and will for sure bring alot of new players to ogame (Not at all if you think so).

    at level 1 it will collect 5k of deut. per day and at lvl 7)10,500

    Thanks for your suggestioj but make absolutly no sense, attack an inactive or 2 for so less in a day. its not worth the development for gameforge and the play for the players

    The first question to ask is

    - why doesnt they listen a lil bit more to players !!

    Topic can be closed its nonsense to create this. It will be ignored and deleted in a few months to make space on the forum again or maybe placed in spam section if it still exist.

    Hi all,

    My apoligies if this question has already been answered in this thread.

    Is this something that will apply to all the universe ? Or will this only be implented in upcomming universe to make more players registers over there and maybe leave there old account ?

    If it's designed correctly then it'd store the closed state in a cookie and not reappear unless you'd cleared cookies/opened another browser/incognito. Are you doing either of those?

    No it simply appaer again if i remain inactive on screen for 5 minutes, or if i go into another firefox tab and go back to the game, when i click overview its there again...

    I have seen it around 5 extra times between my initial post and this reponse --'

    Dear team, i have that survey popup appaering constantly, I have seen it and i dont want to lose my time responding a survey of i dont know how many time while knowing it has no effect behind it at GF

    Anyway is there a way to stop displaying that popup constantly, i have seen it and now i dont want to see it anymore !! or i am forced to code an extension to block that specific popup ?

    I have this issue to on my mobile

    piink maybe an interesting info, this happen only on the first opening/reopening of the browser for my part. If i keep the browser active in background, even on other page loggin back to ogame doesnt have that stuck issue

    What element here can be considered as an organized pushing? A guy drops into board and send message to all, making a very fair game "first come, first served" to each one that has be interested into this. Also, there are a lot of active people probing around all the time, and I see no point in why they should not launched if they saw this fleet sitting.

    Well the fact about warning players that fleets are sitting and aswell leave it sitting make already part of an organisation. Without that first organised part of this thread opener the hit would be fine, but here for me, its looks not fine.

    i did anyway reported it. lets the team take their own decisions but if this is allowed, then the game is going completly down refering to rules

    otherwise, i could find some accounts aswell on the trading part of the forum or create some new ones, simply say fleets are sitting there on board and crush it first without having any trouble ?

    I dont say this is what happened, i only say this could be considered as...

    PS: no need to be hard on response, discussion is open

    Free fleet to anyone at HW. Just sitting, enjoy. This game is boring, and as such is a waste of time. Coords, 4.93.12.

    Minty out! Peace!

    Well this can be considered as organised pushing..; guess account need to be banned, defender and attacker.

    Thanks for the information @'Parsec,

    Nvd then, i have no will to create another acount for another ticket service, i will do it without payment as the event is today and i wont expect a response before some days/weeks

    Can be closed

    Dear team,

    Can you help me with the following, i try to make a donation to GameForge through paypal (think i have already done quit a few times and always through paypal)
    Today, with the active event, i cant manage to pay via paypal, it always enforce me to add a credit card (card that i dont have and probably never will and want to have) but i have a free saldo in euros of my account, and more than enough to make that small payment,

    Paypal says its gameforge fault that i cant make a payment through my paypal saldo ? is this true ? Who can help me... i can only make donation thorugh paypal so there is no need to invite me to pay in another way.