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    i did sim thats why im saying this

    ion rapid fire and deathstart rapid fire in both cases makes them lose more than destro

    they are good to have in a number in a big fleet but i feel like its like the battlecruiser situation. after a certain point adding more gives no better result

    where as with destro the more you have the less loss you have

    Im not gonna get into too much detail and i know that evey fleet has a better counter fleet (each case has a certain best composition) but i feel like that destroyers in mass numbers are actually better or more impactfull than reapers of the same number not even vaule.

    I am reffering mostly in cases where the attacker has a wayy bigger fleet than the one he is crashing so using only heavies is the optimal solution with least losses.

    Reaper on paper is better in almost every aspect BUT the deathstar anti rapid fire (for instance going against a small fleet using 100k destro only or 100k reaper > only destro does better)

    Is this solely causing the more losses thing (deathstar rapid fire)or am i missing something?

    Καλησπέρα στο φόρουμ,

    Χρονια πολλα για τις μερες και μιας και εθιμο των ημερων αυτων ειναι να δινουμε δωρα σας εχω και εγω με την σειρα μου ενα πολυ ωραιο δωρακι.

    Ποιος δεν θα ηθελε να μαθει πως να κανει ευκολα ΤΟΠ 1 ACS GR. Θα σας το αναλυσω εγω ΒΗΜΑ ΒΗΜΑ εδω

    Αλλα αυτη η μαχη εδω δεν ειναι τοπ1 αλλα τοπ2!! Τοτε τι εγραφα τοση ωρα?( ουτε σωστα να την ποσταρατε δεν μπορεσατε)

    Για αυτην την μαχη δεν εχω να πω κατι, μονο το οτι χασαμε 2,8 εκ ρεκ μιας και ο αμυνομενος δεν κοιμαται ποτε

    και τα εκανε κλικ-κλικ(και εγω το ιδιο θα εκανα)

    Η μαχη αφιερωμενη στον ΣΤΡΑΤΑΡΧΗ .

    Ευχαριστω οσους με εχουν υποστηριξει μεχρι σημερα και ειδικα για αυτην την μαχη τον Captain Indus και τον Dusty.

    Στις 26-12-2021 --:--:--, οι ακόλουθοι στόλοι συναντήθηκαν στο πεδίο μάχης:

    επιτιθέμενος InSomnia [lexrites]

    Όπλα 220% - Ασπίδες 220% - Θωράκιση 220%


    Καταδρομικό 1.181.241

    Destroyer 25.411

    Reaper 409.086

    Καταδιωκτικό 4.101.029

    Θωρηκτό Αναχαίτισης 513.942

    Pathfinder 25.158

    Ελαφρύ Μαχητικό 12.574.113

    Βαρύ Μαχητικό 831.890

    Μικρό Μεταγωγικό 262.718


    επιτιθέμενος Captain Indus [lexrites]

    Όπλα 220% - Ασπίδες 220% - Θωράκιση 220%


    Καταδρομικό 1.111.535

    Βομβαρδιστικό 108.080

    Destroyer 509.329

    Reaper 312.000

    Καταδιωκτικό 6.104.046

    Θωρηκτό Αναχαίτισης 516.868

    Pathfinder 325.110

    Ελαφρύ Μαχητικό 13.426.094

    Βαρύ Μαχητικό 3.095.071


    αμυνόμενος TAURUS [BAD BOYS]

    Όπλα 210% - Ασπίδες 220% - Θωράκιση 220%


    Μικρό Μεταγωγικό 763.436

    Μεγάλο Μεταγωγικό 96.723

    Ελαφρύ Μαχητικό 5.046.315

    Βαρύ Μαχητικό 3.019.308

    Καταδιωκτικό 2.335.976

    Καταδρομικό 1.002.403

    Σκάφος Αποικιοποίησης 24

    Ανακυκλωτής 1.402.235

    Κατασκοπευτικό Στέλεχος 1.548.726

    Βομβαρδιστικό 202.267

    Destroyer 501.969

    Deathstar 3.001

    Θωρηκτό Αναχαίτισης 437.702

    Reaper 495.294

    Pathfinder 145.555

    Εκτοξευτής Πυραύλων 7.000

    Ελαφρύ Λέιζερ 2.000

    Βαρύ Λέιζερ 1.600

    Κανόνι Gauss 750

    Κανόνι Ιόντων 1.150

    Πυργίσκοι Πλάσματος 350

    Μικρός Αμυντικός Θόλος 1

    Μεγάλος Αμυντικός Θόλος 1


    Μετά τη μάχη ...

    επιτιθέμενος InSomnia [lexrites]

    Όπλα 220% - Ασπίδες 220% - Θωράκιση 220%


    Καταδρομικό 1.129.041 ( -52.200 )

    Destroyer 24.882 ( -529 )

    Reaper 401.171 ( -7.915 )

    Καταδιωκτικό 3.613.915 ( -487.114 )

    Θωρηκτό Αναχαίτισης 495.110 ( -18.832 )

    Pathfinder 22.010 ( -3.148 )

    Ελαφρύ Μαχητικό 8.073.598 ( -4.500.515 )

    Βαρύ Μαχητικό 627.287 ( -204.603 )

    Μικρό Μεταγωγικό 168.905 ( -93.813 )


    επιτιθέμενος Captain Indus [lexrites]

    Όπλα 220% - Ασπίδες 220% - Θωράκιση 220%


    Καταδρομικό 1.062.542 ( -48.993 )

    Βομβαρδιστικό 105.345 ( -2.735 )

    Destroyer 498.960 ( -10.369 )

    Reaper 305.929 ( -6.071 )

    Καταδιωκτικό 5.378.709 ( -725.337 )

    Θωρηκτό Αναχαίτισης 497.587 ( -19.281 )

    Pathfinder 284.269 ( -40.841 )

    Ελαφρύ Μαχητικό 8.616.599 ( -4.809.495 )

    Βαρύ Μαχητικό 2.332.318 ( -762.753 )


    αμυνόμενος TAURUS [BAD BOYS]

    Όπλα 210% - Ασπίδες 220% - Θωράκιση 220%




    Ο επιτιθέμενος κέρδισε τη μάχη!

    Ο επιτιθέμενος έπιασε:

    15.686.854.764 Mέταλλο, 11.036.307.339 Κρύσταλλο και 5.144.844.840 Δευτέριο

    18.436.626.304 Mέταλλο, 1.839.384.556 Κρύσταλλο και 857.474.140 Δευτέριο

    5.196.457.952 Mέταλλο, 919.692.278 Κρύσταλλο και 428.737.070 Δευτέριο Mέταλλο, 459.846.139 Κρύσταλλο και 214.368.535 Δευτέριο

    Ο επιτιθέμενος έχασε συνολικά 96.970.935.000 μονάδες.

    Συνολική ζημιά επιτιθέμενου συμπεριλαμβανομένων ακόλουθων μαχών: 96.998.153.000 μονάδες.

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    Συνολική ζημιά αμυνόμενου συμπεριλαμβανομένων ακόλουθων μαχών: 441.558.359.000 μονάδες.

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    38.535.500.000 Μέταλλο και 38.535.500.000 Κρύσταλλο

    Συνολικά συντρίμμια που συλλέχθηκαν από τον επιτιθέμενο(-ους):

    64.451.463.577 Μέταλλο και 62.376.414.422 Κρύσταλλο

    Σύνοψη κερδών/απωλειών:

    Σύνοψη επιτιθέμενου(-ων)

    μέταλλο: 43.773.817.223

    κρύσταλλο: 49.679.098.734

    δευτέριο: 2.812.685.585

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    i once had a message from some people admitting on pm with an other one that they used bots like 3 years ago

    i sent it with evidence guess what happened back then, nothing

    had to go zero sat mode for 2 3 months but in the end they v mode but still it would way easiera that way for them to stop

    If every player of Ogame had :censored:, this would not be fair playing. That's why only 1.500 lucky gamers out of millions will have access to the Bot.

    im dying right now

    ..::Edit by NoMoreAngel|Removed name|5.2.2020|18:27:51::..

    guys because i had a similar thing in the past with smaller numbers but the scenario was pretty much the same

    the problem is that when you attack rip fleet the and the fight is marginal the outcomes are very variable so you can either destroy him or you can actually lose some fleet/or

    all and him almost nothing

    u cant actually predict whats gonna be the outme BUT you can see the possible outcomes

    to do that you actually select on the sim number of simulations to 1 and press sim and sim repeteadly

    each time you are gonna probably see a different result and one of those results is gonna be the one he got

    no at first i didnt get the x9 amount but i got it in the second find it may needed some more time like if you sent the expo half an hour alter youmight got the x9 amount

    i got 5k and 9 a few moments ago

    they crystal problem is in the non merchant unis

    in the merchant unis no one is saying there is lack of crystal because of merchant

    even the most common trade ratio is 1 deut to 1,5 crys

    imagine i had done the math in my old small merchant uni acc on how to upgrade my mines and it was more efficient for me to get metall 39 instead of crystal 32

    and had a mine setup of 39 30 36

    now in non merchant i have as i said above 30 29 23

    in the new unis with no merchant deut production aint of much importance especially at first months besides big researches like astro

    thats because of having small fleet so small fs costs

    me personally right now i have fs cost of 300k (insystem deploy)and i have a planet at 15 which produces 1mil per day so its more than enough

    I have my mines 30 metal 28 to 29 crystal and 23 deut so it may be a huge deut loss as you say but at this point with no merchant we dont really care do we?

    if we needed more deut we can actually just upgrade these mines

    im really considering doing 2-3 planets position 1 which will become relocated after 13 or maybe 14 planet in the very future

    because its base value upgrade so with my biggest boosters there plus some crawlers its gonna do a lot of work ;)

    Can we please get an OFFICIAL percentage on expeditions findings please

    Because 2 black holes back to back in 2 days with aprox 120 expos sent

    zero pirate findings and 2 aliens one of which costed me 3/4 of the fleet i sent seems like something is terrible wrong here

    Not to mention that the zero finding thing came ul more than 65% of the total expos I sent

    Something really feels off the last week or so

    And if you are gooing to change the stuff AT least please notify so I dont another 2 3 bn fleet for nothing

    so you re saying that you are a discoverer and you are complaining about making more res than other class.

    so in their jobs these guys will say to the boss I dont want more money that the other guys here im taking too much money


    ok im done

    if you have a lot of money its not really

    if you are planinng on making a big attack you can actually save billions from df returning to your homeplanet after the attack

    especially on low df unis where returning percentage is high and df is low by default

    plus save some deut in the proccess

    so you trying to get in my face by using the argument that i called someone boy and you finish your argument by saying i have to play tetris I like the way you think

    Its like saying you get ''low'' by swearing and then You swear into my face haha,

    Way to make an argument strong MAN