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    Simple answer, if the pay to win nature of Ogame isn't for you. Don't play it.

    Saves a lot of anger and sniping on boards.

    Has to be said, anyone on the side of Tizoc, complaining about people using wallets is so hypocritical it is beyond a joke. When he was fighting Apex he was on boards goading people to spend cash on the game to keep up, then runs into a potentially bigger spender and runs away?

    Literally zero sympathy

    First off, nice hit, scary numbers. FR defender.

    Secondly, the toxicity on these forums is just ridiculous. The massive fleets gained by combat expos was always going to lead to issues in a merge, the biggest issue, Gameforge not listening to those who played the test forum about what would happen.

    Then we had res packages, combined with making metal packages cheapest and then give slot 8s a huge boost, the only people who did not see the abuse coming/did not care about the balance, Gameforge.

    What amuses me is that people who also used combat expos, criticise those who did it better. If the mechanic was there, and it was legal then simply people were always going to be frustrated whatever the outcome

    I understand Gameforge is a business and it needs to make money, but the balance between pay to win and gameplay needs to be there.

    The metal packages are the worst in this regard, you can have a decent day raiding, with mines or expeditions, but still be outstripped by someone willing to spend on metal packages.

    Well personally I would love to see the number of items removed. When you put Ogame into Google, the first thing that comes up is that it is a money management game?

    It is hard to balance the items, but collectors/miners have boosters, which give a boost to production, increasing income. Discoverers can now but extra expedition slots, increasing their income. There is not much there for generals that have anything like the same effect.

    For me it is not about balancing the classes, it is how the game has lost itself, death by a thousand paper cuts.

    Why do the 2 need to be separate?

    Items have a significant influence on how different classes perform.
    The expedition slot booster is a perfect example of this.
    It is scary comparing how many different items there are compared to 3/4 years ago but I guess I should stop wishing Ogame was like it was and accept it is now a pay to win game.

    The idea that collector out gains more res with high mines is only true with super super high mines.

    Before I get rid of my Uriel, which was on around 1.1bil points even with overcharged crawlers etc, you still made consistently more if you were discoverer, this will only be exacerbated with people now being able to buy expedition items. With collector you obviously have more control of the res income, where expeditions you have some day which might be more metal heavy etc and you end up with a mountain of probes.

    Collector is good for a more passive player but the fastest growing class will always be discoverer.

    I would disagree that expeditions are a loot box though, over a decent period of time the variance will balance out and give a fairly predictable income depending on your eco speed of the universe/fleet spots. Saying you are "forced" to send out expeditions, its your choice of how and if you play the game.

    I find it amazing looking at Ogame now compared to a few years ago, and seeing how there just seems to be items for everything, for better or worse.

    MIKE20. How would you work a planet field booster by slot when people can colonise slot 8 for the most fields, then relocate it if they want to slot 1 or 15.

    Slot 1 and 15 planets being smaller has always been a thing in Ogame, but now I guess with being able to relocate anywhere it has become less so for DM players, but having the boost dependent on slot wouldn't work for the same reason unless it was locked to the slot you initially colonised

    Well, the way resource packs are priced is something the community has being mentioning for a while, especially with the slot 8 metal boost it easy to make a lot of metal, so the 60k, 120k, 180k pricing is just crazy, but the damage with metal packages being so inexpensive has long been done. Like most I would love to see resource packages removed entirely as people who don't want to spend money on DM can never get remotely close to keeping up now, just too much pay to win.

    GF won't make a 40% research time cut as its basically same as he half button. Remember a time when long researches were something you had to put up with and plan for?

    Nope me neither.

    I hate the idea of stacking planet slot boosters, especially with discoverer youcan find massive planets, by the time you need extra space energy should be high enough for L8 terraformer? Make people plan an account/planet rather than just make it a DM quick solution.

    As much as they could..what an interesting opinion. You mean that, to check fleet movements..what lands, what is recycled, what appears from wreakfield and go to merchant.. yeah, all this things are impossible for a GO. Even when you still have screenshots and ticket's, coordinates and date. Sure, really impossible.

    From here is my next question : who are you in this uni? Do you know situation of this uni? Do you know when first ticket was sent? Do you know screens, do you know answer we got ? Did you see 200-300kk pts daily increase in this uni? Did you see your ally in v mode because of bugged fleets? Did you see bugged fleet farming uni 2 months because nobody was doing nothing? Try to be smart, in other place, kid.

    I was Blackadder in the universe, and had a lot more idea that was happening than most. I have not said what happened was right, it just happened at a time where some staff where on holiday, and it is not enough to just see the duplications, intent needed to be proved also.

    and most of Kowboys weren't in vmode because of the duplications, most of them lost their fleets long before and then the metal packages started to be bulk purchased.

    Congratulations on your universe won by losing most of your fleets

    From people I have talked to they haven't been able to reproduce the bug themselves,

    There are people working on it but it is a mess


    Between resource packages and fleet duplications, I get the frustrations, creating resources from nothing is never what Ogame should be.

    All I can say is if you want something changing, go to a GO or Mod or someone willing to listen, I know there are not many left but there are still great people willing to help.

    Explain to them how the bug is being used and then something can be done about it, backwards and forward complaining will get you nowhere

    Most feared of the year, that is easy, blackholes and the slot 16 big aliens, hard to get that excited about military destroyed when most of it was against pirates and aliens

    You aren't the only one, myself and someone else in my alliance had the exact same thing. Guess this is what you get when Gameforge keep pushing on with updates in a state where they clearly aren't working as they should, but ah well, what else is new?

    edit, it works when I see my own fleet movement, but using the sensor phalanx to detect your own fleet movement isn't really the main point of it, lol

    I didn't say the classes were balanced, I just said that collector works for some people, getting classes to suit every player was always going to be near impossible and we all know the balance has been far from perfect. With mines (46-37-42) collector gives around half the resources that I get from LC+pathfinders expedition, but you shouldn't have to have such high mines for this to be the case if the classes were balanced?