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    You keep trying to get attention from mods to try get away from your exposure, its like you trying to give money to police so they close the eyes so you can keep doing ur push. Dont worry! Even if i get banned ill come here everytime to make everyone know you are a pusher.
    Also you did run away multiple times :D yes! i ran away from what? lol my life in tarazed was short and trust me never ever ran away from you i wish you would have made home delivery, but you never did, but the time i was at tarazed was enough to know what kind of bad, cheater player you are. No way to competite with you + your multis + your boring life playing ogame all day.

    Anyways ill leave you for a good time now so you fan have fun farming yourself and your friends accounts, good luck improve, you are and will be pusher and cheater always, not only in tarazed but in every uni you play.

    Thats how losers play ogame when they cannot do it better..and from the time you play you might got some skills, still you are not a honored player like Sif, Porky, Rev , Untouchable, Gerbit, etc. You remain to the trash no matter your rank.

    Take care, and i recommend every few active players on Tarazed to Report this noob as soon as possible so he can luckly get a perma ban anytime soon and leave the players that worked hard for their ranks without crashing their old pals accounts! :thumbup:

    And i hope GOs give severe bans to pushers like you and not 2 weeks vacations.

    Edit : This is not offtopic, this is related to this thread, as this battle is a clear push made. "legal" lol This should not even be here and if proved you should be banned and hof removed

    Rofl, you were the best pals along with Untouchable, your old account etc. Not leaving alliance doesnt forbidden you to crash your pal, but its obvious push as well all know Korden Dallas / Sarsa is one of your best pals, you did so many acs defends and attacks togethet so yeah, this is "legal" push at your eyes, but still a damn push in players eyes.

    Im not going to report anything, neither do i care, was just surprised to see sarsa crashed by his best pal improve lool, that made me laught a lot and in same time thinking you dirty pusher you are.

    Players, do the same, if you have an inactive pal at your guild, take his account, make him disband, wait 1 month in vmode then recycle him, thats in short words what this big cheater did.

    Bad hit, no honor here just pure pushing.

    And yes i cannot prove but i believe most of your hits are from accounts that you own and control to keep pushing yourself, no other way. Untouchable played way more then you and couldnt do half you did. Plus you got caught doing push once, but here you only get few weeks vacation, pushing should start to get permanente bans, or players like you find it protitable to push and enjoy a 2 weeks ban.

    One word for you : DIRTY

    Rofl This is most idiotic push i ever seen from you, crashing your own PAL, Korben Dallas is obviously your friend and was part of your guild for long long time, including doing ACS defends with you, discord and such im wondering why GOs still let you push like this and wont give you a perma ban! Ogame is ridiculous because of players like you. Obviously Korben Dallas aka Sarsa will say he gave account to some one else blablabla, but we all know those stories already. Improve your such a :censored: and this is why you dont have my respect ( besides you care or dont ) ill come here everytime to expose your pushes and tell everyone how cheater you are.

    You pushes bilions from your old account, and you keep pushing from other accounts we probably dont know yet.

    Bad hit, clearly push @pinkie and GOs do something about this lol

    Warned for Insult - Clittle

    This guy was the biggest cheater in tarazed... He left and now you guys have to deal with him... These low lives never go away, they cheat because they have no real skill ingame.

    Rofl, its almost 5 AM untouchable... Go fleetsave asap, what you doing here? You dont cheat but your are boring af lol

    with new lobby you cant cheat anymore, thats really sad news Improve :D

    In any case game is game so besides how much you push i just wish GL on real life and blazzing weeds lool

    Now seems like untouchable will be the only one adding some records in tarazed database.

    rofl, comes the girlfriend defend the biggest pusher.
    Untouchable, just stfu and keep fleetsaving, you are are boring as fuck and dont make a shit. Stop defending your girlfriend and keep doing your fleetsave, i bet after 3 months i left you still doing nothing but fleetsaving lol. I got the account rank 1 and i gave it rank 1, with more then 1 bilion points ahaed of you, without pushing lol

    Improve, If you read my post above you would see i said ur such an active player so you deserve something, in same time you are 100% pusher, banned once and cought multiple times pushing, that is a fact you can deny or try to hide, but for those playing in-game its easy to find out.

    I just dont like dont the fact you keep comming here on forums showing off and acting like pr0 uber when you are still pushing like a noob in a dead univ. even after you got banned! Whenever i see your nickname ill come here to let everyone know how dirty you are, besides the ridicolous amount of time you spend in the game, reflects your amount of hits a probably a no-lifer to keep all the push accounts alive :fatgreengrin: and get your precious rank 1

    In any case i hope you still having fun along with the boring untouchable, farming the same dudes over and over again in a dead universe. Thats because of players like you that Ogame is losing everyday. Now go gather some more resources to Disciple account you n00b.

    reports said that you got caught once again, transfering resources from your old account for a little more push. So i believe at least 2-3 accounts you have in your control, which sucks i must say. You are not the biggest pusher, dont get that high rank, but you are a pusher, thats a fact, you are lucky im not playing anymore , neither bother to open any tickets against you, just wanted to come here personally bash you , so you can stay on the place where you deserve to be, a Pusher :D, besides that, your active yeah, but you dont deserve either the Top 1 as a dirty player you are. Now go smoke ur little green and farm some more, no lifer :D

    Lol, your comming! Honestly you deserver a nice rank cause you have done a lot of sh** l, probably more then i did when i played, still you ran like a baby :D . But you also deserve a perma ban for keep pushing hard, ur lucky im gone for good otherwise you would be banned for the time being or still having nightmares fleetsaving. Improve improve... ur such such a nice and active player but also a bad pusher. Play legit and you will collect ur rank n00b. Came here only to throw down your ego a bit :thumbsup: