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    TBF Im not sure that the pirate debris was ever intended as an income? Could be wrong, when we all first started doing expos pirates and aliens were a hindrance. Im sure they didnt plan for people to build millions of LC and LF to abuse it. its stripped right back to cargos and pot luck.

    It was definetly their intention to make pirate debris an income, otherwise they wouldnt have made the pathfinder. However, I do agree that they probably didnt intended it to give billions of profits.

    I dont care about your explanation Leoxses. I dont care about the point difference.

    You talk about idle fleets. This guy attacked your idle fleet yet you say this is different.

    Anyway, just keep on talking man. Keep on trying to proof to yourself that you arent just whining about getting hit. You are all excuses, yet no action.

    And I hope Blublank will notice me. He will probably see how I make my planets unattractive to begin with, so he doesnt even have a reason to fly for me. He will see that I dont have 1k LC, 2.5k sats and 900 crawlers on a planet with barely any defense so that he can attack with, albeit low, profit.

    But hey, thats just how I learned the game. If you dont want to be attacked by whoever, just make sure they have no reason, not a single way of getting profit out of you.

    And if you think I'll get mad because of a few dumb comments of yours, you're terribly mistaken.

    He says while being mad.

    Stop crying about being attacked by a top 100 player as a "much lower rank player" for little profit. According to the rankings, you are a 65M points bandit with -130k Honour points. You dont become a bandit if you arent attacking weaker players. You are actually mad at yourself at this point.

    If anything is clear, this thread shows us how the players want more clarity. If not on why people are banned, for how long they are banned or whatever, at least give us some clarity on what the actual rules are and what countermeassures the GO's have to spot cheating to begin with.

    For me personally, I can totally understand that you cant just simply ban a guy on an accusation from another player. But when I report a guy for pushing, adding some proof on why I think the guy is pushing (Weaker player trading every day, for at least a week with the pushed player while never gaining any points himself, lanx info and some other things), I receive the standard "I will look into it", and I never hear anything or see anything ever again. That sucks. I start questioning myself if that is actually perfectly fine within the rules.

    If a guy posts, ingame, a link to a bot site and after 2 weeks of reporting and hearing "I will look into it" and the guy not being banned, I start wondering if its okay to post links for cheating.

    I get it that it isn't always black and white and GO's cant ban from the ticket alone. Yet sometimes, cases should be very easily with the rules I know and yet, nothing happens. At that point I start wondering if I should even sent a ticket to begin with;.

    I mistake you for someone who gives a shit? Starting this thread clearly shows that you give a shit.

    Apparently you also care about what I have to say, since you cant stop replying to me.

    You are boring me with your attention seeking by posting this hit. You surely arent boring me with your replies to me. Still waiting for you to actually start attacking the guy back instead of just crying about a useless hit.

    Im wasting time on this thread, because you decided to post it on a board where the entire community can see it. I like to see some fun hits. This one is boring, I just like the fact how mad you are over it.

    I dont think the ticket system is particularly bad. If anything, it sucks that you barely see any results out of it. I mean, I reported a guy that posted a link to a bot he uses (ingame chat even), nothing has been done. So apparently you can openly talk about how you use a bot, post a link to that bot and everything is fine.

    But still, ticket system itself is fine. Its probably the best way to directly contact a GO with a good overview of your ticket history. The response to tickets might be better at times, but I dont see any problem with the tickets themselves.

    If you think the hit is bad, no one is forcing you to play the game nor forcing you to post the (2nd) hit. If you cant handle someone elses opinion about it, to quote you, "Just fuck off".

    Remember a time when it was hard getting a bot? When you couldnt just search ogame bot on google and get a good one? And even if you got one, you most likely were insta banned?

    Yeah, not anymore. Now you can just openly talk about bots, show profits, how they work and where to find them, with ingame messages, and those people are still not banned even after reporting. Only way to punish botters these days is to outplay the bot itself. Just like you did. Nice one. Guy probably doesnt even mind the loss. With the space dock and the around 1B farming per day with those bots, that loss will be back in no time.

    Either way, good hit. Lets hope we have one less bot in the game.

    i saw most of the people being blue , it was kinda weird since im also playing in quasar thats pretty active

    A lot of people that are in blue, are just scared to actually play the game and just V-mode hop and use others to spy for them.

    Got a rock to the head? A few points:

    A few RIP Attacks? No defense? Raided with Cargoes? Attack was profitable?

    None of these are true and you know it. Getting 9 RIP attacks over night, every night, for weeks. Building up defenses to counter the rips, but instead they just mass LF. Raided with cargoes, they never did. Was it profitable. Hell no, because even if I had zero sats, turned down overnight production to 0% and just had defenses on my planet, no resources, and still they bashed WITH LOSSES. You say I shit my pants, no. I was done playing a game where they wanted to force us in trading deut at very, very bad rates with them or get bashed to infinity 24/7 with 0 chance in countering it with their 100% activity. They didnt care about profit in their attacks, they almost never got any profit at my planets anyway. And still, every morning when I open up my game after a good nights rest, another bash has come through of millions of LF's with some cruisers or just plain 1k RIPS flying my way to destroy whatever is left.

    Tell me, what did I do wrong? Because you seem to know exactly how I played (not).

    You want to know why this server is a vmode/inactive mess? How about getting bashed every single night for nothing. Imagine being attacked on every planet for overnight production. We got defenses, yes. They dont care with their millions of LF. So what can you do? Ah yeah, shut down production overnight so the only thing they can attack, are defenses. So they actually do that. Over. and Over. and Over. and Over. and Over. and Over and ........

    When you go to sleep for a good nights rest, with nothing on any planet, all ships in the air, not a single sat all fusion and just some regular defenses and they still attack you, with losses (but who cares when they can recycle 70% of their own loses and get free resources by their 'trading partners' anyway). You cant play at all. There is no fun in it. You can say, well just ignore those attacks. But lets be honest, no one would enjoy the described game.

    A lot of us wanted to play. A lot of us tried to make the best of it. We even made an organized attack on them by around 50 players. Watched their activity for weeks, waited for the right moment to attack. The moment we all launched, poof they suddenly get online. We had logs for weeks about how their activity looked like and out of nowhere they are suddenly online at a time they never were. But there comes in a single attack and suddenly they are all online. They literally have 24/7 activity, because when you attack them, they will come online instantly. No mather what time it is, they are either playing or reacting to an attack. There is no window of opportunity, you just have to deal with it. Yeah no.

    The server got a group of very fishy players with 24/7 activity, with proven trade account that do nothing but trading at the best rate with them, but never, ever gain any points or show any activity besides the trading, what should we do than? Even some team members are calling out those players, but in the end, GO's wont do a thing. In the end, they are the main reason Ogame is still profitable. So thats why players like myself quit: there is no fun in getting bashed for nothing, seeing the bullies cheat and still getting away with it. When you try to play your own game, but the game is owned by them, we rather quit.

    Edit: To add more to the story and how unheard most of the players felt. At a moment, when players like myself tried to show GO's and other staff why and how they were cheating, we never got a true respons. It either was "we will look into it" or nothing at all. And then we got a new ruling on the Spica boards. "As most of the posts in this section are cheating accusations they are forbidden again." We weren't even allowed to speak about the cheating. They never did anything with our questions, they never did anything with our research or our proof. The only thing they did, is censoring us.

    Thats how spica died. The same guys, the same playstyle. Useless bashes with rips, almost 24/7 activity, you attack them for 1B damage, they rebuild in 5 minutes for 2B. They only thing we know for sure, is that there is a lot of money there. GF cant (and obviously wont) do anything about that. The rest is speculation, but yeah, its killing the fun for the rest.

    It happens. A lot. Nothing to do about apparently. Most of the time the guys that are doing these tricks are also the ones that pay the most for the game. Wont be surprised if the GO's arent allowed to ban them by orders of higher ups. Had recorded some 24h acitivity for over 3 days from a guy. Everything logged and screenshotted nicely for them. Nothing was done. Can only do so much

    Would be funny if they are accusing me of botting or scripting. Im not even playing :D.