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    If you don't have big fleet there is really no need for twin moons. Just spread your planets every 200ss and FS on deploy always randomly.

    Twin moons are MUST have for big fleets, because of deut consumption, especially if you play safe and recall deploy before bed. For smaller fleets made mostly from transporters no need for twin moons.

    This is variant of ACSD, which is pretty much useless.

    What they need to do is fix god damn servers and their errors in game.

    For some players planets in galaxy view it shows List of other planets, yet some other coordinates for the same players it is simply non stop loading.

    I reset cookies and UniverseView extension. All same. So far did not find logical pattern for why is it happening.

    Browser : Edge


    Is espionage report causing problem with sending fleet mission or COMBAT report created from probe destroy ?

    I thought it was a Combat report created from destroying probes which disables defender from sending fleet mission ?!

    If Combat report from destroyed probes is causing problem with sending fleet maybe solution is to simply not generate Combat reports when only probes are spying. It can be written in espionage report in text : Probes were destroyed ! that is it.

    Also that should be done only when probes and only probes are spying, no extra ships, cause probe attack is one of the possible solutions against bot users.

    Song do it old school if deploy is still flying.

    You know time of arrival, when he recalls you will know server time in which he recalled. Just add remining time of arrival(1d 23h 14min - that number) the moment he recalled to server time. You will get time of his arrival shortened by the missing seconds. Here are your second.

    Universe Uriel : Chinese bots.

    It is honestly disgusting.

    I was a bit more active over last few weeks raiding and it took me live several days to find out pattern they use. Every day, around same time, they attack the same non-actives. Difference is in seconds honestly, it is disturbing to see that from day to day, nothing happens. I am aware there are players who attack the same non-actives maybe in same time periods, but not each and every day, no way. Especially not having the same pattern all the time.

    Also funny thing I noticed, if non-active has any sort of defense, like 5 RL really nothing and 10M+ ress behind that, they won't attack. They are programmed not to attack anyone with defense.

    Solution : there is none.

    I've read your post about wanting to become GO or whatever to make change, but nothing will happen trust me. The best way to do here is simply ignore that and let it be, because otherwise you will be losing your nerves, for what, online game? makes no sense.

    The ones in charge don't ban them, I have tons of tickets writing support about that, 1% was done about it. Question is why do they don't ban them? Answer is simple, money! Always MONEY! Either GF forbid them to ban them cause they spend good deal of DM on exchanging ress and then trading with MAIN accounts, or the ones in charge get directly some sort of fee from them... We will never know, that is why I suggest you to simply not waste your time or nerves, but at the end of the day you can do whatever you like.

    I noticed the same thing while sending raids. For some reason sometimes 1 wave seemed as it was send at lower % speed, although I never changed flight speed.

    I just assumed it has to be this brilliant new fleet interface. Most likely unnoticed click on lower % or who the hell knows.

    Considering shit hit the fan big time with new updates we must assume they will put 100% into resolving everything. (I know, I think this is funny too) but lets just assume they do.

    Lets assume they are not just milking the dead cow with minimum cost.

    Dont delete your accounts just yet, especially if many hours were put into it.

    Time is of essence here GF, you must act quickly!

    Most of the old active players are playing Ogame because it is THE OGAME. The progress counts here, in this Ogame. But, if you dont act, if you dont undo unacceptable errors, then hell with everything. Who knows what google might show considering similar ogames...

    This is no game at the moment, especially not Ogame, this is just pain currently.