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    If you send someone enough resources to overtake you it can count as pushing, you're meant to stop at the point where they're 1 point behind you.

    Regardless tho it's a pretty harsh call and I would think/hope it gets overturned on appeal because the losses came from you helping him and you were recouping them, not making profit off the whole deal.

    Given that it's less time to research tho does that mean it will stay under the 108K cap for longer? Not that it will matter for the very developed accounts but it will make a difference for anyone starting out in Quantum (and there are still some every day)

    The difference is active versus passive. The discoverers perks are soley based on someone actively doing those things...whether it's doing expos or raiding inactives.

    The collector class gets their bonus regardless of what they do, 24/7 without having to lift a finger.

    I'm not asking for Collector to be as profitable as Discoverer - I'm pointing out that every single angle you look at the game from Discoverer is OP. I fully understand that a collector will not make as much as an active discoverer, I've been a miner for a long time now I'm used to not making the profits that fleeters do from hits. Can you not see the difference though between having 3 roughly balanced classes and having a single class that everyone has to pick and play in a certain way to compete at all?

    It's like in WoW in Blizzard had given frost mages 3 times the DPS of any other dps class and just told everyone to reroll frost mage. What is the point of having the other mage specs, or warlocks, hunters, shadow priests, etc etc in the game if everyone is going to be told "THIS is how you play - if you try and play any other way than THIS you will be so nerfed there's no point even playing". That's insane, if you're going to give people classes, give people options of different playstyles, then those playstyles should be somewhere near each other in terms of effectiveness or you're not really giving a class choice at all, you're just buffing expos by an insane degree and putting a couple extra useless buttons in the game that people can hit to throw money at you and nerf themselves horribly...

    Better example - your boss says "you can do 40 hours/week in your job and earn your salary, or you can do 80 hours/week in your job and earn 1,000,000% of your salary, or you can do 30 hours/week in your job and earn 50% of your salary. You know people will do the 80 hours and earn that million percent, and then when people do that the prices go up due to inflation and you can't afford food any more. But the boss says "but I gave you the choice" - no there is no choice, and it's the same here...

    To those saying "it's all OK just pick discoverer" - what is the point of a 3 class system where one class is far, far ahead of the other two classes to the point where everyone bar a few hardly active players (like me) that never spend time in game go for the same class?

    I want the three classes to be at least roughly balanced. Between the eco speed thing making discoverer progressively more OP for resource and ship finds as the uni speed increases, the early game boost from the 2 extra expedition slots, this kind of DF farming tactic, and the fact that discoverers ALSO get a bonus for inactive farming with their remaining fleet slots while their expos are out and about it's a very, very broken class system right now...

    Because nobody can buy ships from the marketplace right...

    Your argument is flawed - there's some maximum number on the server OS and the ogame programming code beyond which the entire thing crashes. Therefore it's capped and there's no problem at all here move along....

    It needs a BALANCED cap in line with the other classes. Unless the other classes have some mechanism where they can make the same profits as someone with a high number of planets building a ship every second (hint: they don't) then you can't claim that 1s per ship is any sort of balancing factor...(ignoring, as I said, the fact they can buy millions of ships from marketplace every day if they can arrange that...)

    That's the point tho. He doesn't have to prove he is smarter than anyone - all he has to do is keep sending expos against a dumb RNG AI and the rankings will show he's "the best". There's no competition there except who can be online more. No blind lanxes, no hunting a player and watching their habits. Nothing that takes any more skill than sending a transport from one planet to another would...

    Alright I guess.... but it's all done during the combat calculations on the server, it's not separate from the combat, it just happens after the shooting finishes :-P

    (not particularly attached to this particular bit of pedantry tho - depends if you wanna consider it like you're talking about "what if this was a reflection of reality" vs "game mechanics")

    Not really, deut consumption just makes things cheaper, DF just changes the profitability calculations a bit (and a 10% increase prob doesn't have much affect at all to most players most of the time). Fleet speed means that if someone has reearched a drive to a certain point to get a certain length fleetsave they can't just downgrade the drive, they have to completely alter their fleetsave habits or their playing time habits - it's the setting whose effect would go outside of the game and impact on real life, which is why I think regardless of whether this used to be the "fastest everything" server it shouldn't be changed.

    Then it should be in the rules somewhere - forgetting the incredulity of not coding for a universal browser feature (writing good code can take time), it takes all of a few minutes to put something into the game rules about keeping the game only in a single tab. If players are going to get banned for it, then it's pretty disgraceful that there's absolutely no warning about it at all...

    Don't take this the wrong way kewlness, not having a go at you personally, but you're telling me there's been a standard and pretty much universally used feature on nearly all browsers that if it was a person would be old enough to drink, get married or join the military in pretty much every country in the world, and ogame through all the new versions and redesigns in the last 18 years never got around to coding for people using it without it being buggy.... (or coding so they couldn't use it - several sites I use do that, the new tab just opens with a "you can't use more than one tab here" message)

    wow - just wow...

    btw is it stated anywhere in the rules or the help sections that it should be kept to one tab? I know I've used multiple tabs many times in the past to keep an eye on shipyard queues on one planet whilst probing/raiding from another (or other similar time/click saving quirks). I'm not saying it's not buggy just because I haven't run into any bugs, but it would have been nice to know my completely innocent behaviour ran the risk of getting me banned if a bug had hit.

    Just wanna check (pretty sure what I'm asking will be legal). If I bookmark the overview page for each of my planets and moons into a dedicated bookmarks folder on my browser, and then use "right click - open all in new window" to open them all up at once and create activity everywhere in my empire with two clicks instead of well over 20, this isn't something that would fall under "using any interface between the player and the game" because I'm still just using the browser I play on, there's no extra programs, scripts etc involved. Is that correct?

    Yeah I too fail to see the logic of the x12 limit. A x1 eco speed universe could technically get 4 or more times it's eco speed as a research bonus, but a x7 universe can't get the same relative speed increase because it would unbalance it or something? Given that most developed accounts in Q have at least one research (normally astro) where the next level will take months or years to process without DM, this just seems arbitrary and dumb (tho I would be delighted if someone official could come in here and explain the reasoning behind that - maybe it's a coding limitation but I don't see how even that could be the case...)

    As for the rest of it

    - DF change fine, but imo 60% would be the max I would vote for

    - 50% deut consumption fine

    - x6 fleet speed hmm maybe but it would mess with a lot of people's fleetsave timings that they have researched to a specific point and no further to get right (I can fleetsave for 49 hours right now across 1 galaxy, that gives me options to do 1, 2, 3 or 4 day fleetsaves with different recall moments or let it land if I haven't been timed in by someone. Making it x6 instead of x5 removes the 4 day option from me unless I spend more to send the FS even further out). The difference to speed fleets would be negligible too, all this helps is the people with the thousands and thousands of shiny disco balls.

    - DiDF should be unchangeable from server launch, we don' want to kill entire playstyles with setting changes, just tweak the balance around a bit.

    - removing ACS just makes the top even more untouchable, so that's a no too from me (dunno if anyone has actually suggested it, but I saw it mentioned)