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    Hi, it's a good idea. I will go only Cygnus idea, but would be nice kewlness that you make a .org in General, there are other players that made great over all universes.

    Top 5 fleeters: Madminer, flashback, , IIlIlIIIIllIllIIIlll (v), Salvage (vI)

    Top 5 miners: SantaMiner, Gold Dragon , rura , Dark Owl, Ghost (vI)

    Most feared player: El Dragon

    Most improved player: Yuuup

    Top alliance: MofS_E

    Most feared alliance: HOT

    What you believe to be the best hit: flashback vs Salvage

    let's be fair, everyone that stayed here made a great job, it has been a weird year but we are here. So let's enjoy it, let's enjoy christmas and think your 2020 to explode it.

    I don't think need any change. The people just did it like everyone could be able to do it. Anyway it's trash points, but still counts, let them be happy it's pretty well done.

    Yup i guess you are the one of mofse guys,ask your ans friends to help you out with res :)

    What's the issue, Increase eco helps smaller players not big ones. It's a nice idea and i will vote yes. It would be nice to have as much pvp as it is able. Also give the chance to the people who lose to recover and get back on track fast.

    Story I’m sure is it was meant for another Mofse account but the joker smashed that ass first

    Your mouth is always too big, but your account it's not. Numbers talk not words. Keep talking.

    Nice battle, nice profits, keep going. Defender FR

    Well they need to pay to save their fleet, perhaps that's why it's allowed ^^.

    Better put an item x DM to save your fleet, easier and at least everyone do that.

    InspiratioN Of course, that's what this battle is, you sending your RIPs at me

    no, it's not me, please check names carefully. I haven't even bashed HOT anytime.... I don't even want to play with you, you have been in vmode since a year, i don't even know you, but you keep posting dumb stuff about me/us/etc you need to fight with people of your size, and perhaps, some day, you become relevant to me.

    cool hit

    i assume me you guys play as general (not that classes matter its utter crap) so its nice to see someone doing actaul hits nowdays, funny to see other ogame server players complainig about less expo fights and creating less ress out of thin air lmao

    congrats on hit and massive profit, just dont spend all on marketplace and large cargo que:biggrin:

    That's because you don't even worth to move ships to kill. That's why other complain about profits, because irrelevant players just become a target when they shouldn't be.

    Btw nice hit, good profits enjoy them

    Keep working on your ideas. Read feedback from users, improve the idea and make a final proposal

    This is the hypothetical scenario if it's so. All people who were doing expos aside of Rips has become unprofitable. If the BH rate has been decreased 50% aswell then you have half profit from before, but if i read the "rebalance" is just 50% less battles and on that scenario they nerfed 5x expos making it unprofitable for almost everyone. Basically they killed disco battles gameplay.

    I don't expect this to be the final nerf, it's just an "fast fix" after only 10 month.

    When people start to vmode, bunkers cry because rips are static, 3bn points attacking guys of 100m points without any possible defense because they don't have nothing more profitable to do and people quit leave. They perhaps fix

    Well basically that was the idea with a proposal of unlimited crawlers with reformulating the profit per crawler.

    Having a ton of crawlers on collectors will make it very juicy for any General or Disco aswell... That will take us to old years where you farmed people miners for profit, while now they are no sense to farm. Basically as you said, passive income is good but making them "to play" would be good. Just imagine someone attacking a static ship and recycling it, would be awesome giving much more fun to players.

    To make a real statement i have not issue with the nerf, but at this way made you are damaging new players that want to grind and perhaps one day reach top 1 ww, for me was important and it's a huge accomplishment to make for many many players. Getting the nerf THIS WAY will kill all this dreams, not only for disco, even for collectors and generals. So said that i would say, why not improve other classes and buff them so anyone can play any class and have fun and same benefits as disco? why not?

    Improving expeditions for all classes but only allowing discoverer to harvest the DFs may have been a better way to balance this, or as many have already said, putting a limit on the size of the debris field, but the change is a good start.

    As a collector with 605m points, should benefit a lot from this

    I agree, but as a collector you need a way to compete with discoverer, that's all, i wish they give to you Crawlers with higger limit... or any like that. So at the end of the day working hard you can skyrocket.

    if anyone don't want to read this is the new balance:

    Collector: Keep mining slightly better profits.
    General: Spend 500k dm to kill people.

    Discoverer: dead

    Better delete Disco and that's all xD, let's go back to V6, because making V7 with Disco Broken, now DAMAGE IS DONE, and this is not a solution, this is even worse than before... Because if someone knows that disco is more profitable they can choose their own destiny, now, not...

    I agree, that could be possible. You are nerfing by alf the profit to like 1.4% per day, which will reduce it a ton.

    Anyways Collector need better Crawler cap at idk 1000% (haven't done math) to compete with the same 1.4% or same profit as disco. 1% could be good as they just risk crawlers.