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    Terraformer already does this. With the Kaelesh lifeform the bio modifier building will also do this. On top of that, most accounts nowadays start out as discoverer, which means larger planets than average. There's also items to purchase/get for free in rewards to increase the amount of planet fields.

    With that said, I wouldn't mind this change. It annoys me that laser is a dead research.

    No, I don't think that's reasonable.

    Instead the silo capacity should be removed. Let people build 8 trillion Anti-ballistic missiles if they want, or let people fire 40k IPM's at one time. If there isn't a capacity, then it may make sense to build ABM's. As it is now, if you aren't online when someone decides to fire IPM's at you, then your ~120 ABM's won't do shit. 2 Volley of IPM's and those ABM's are gone. If you can build unlimited ABM's then you can build so many it isn't worth it to remove a defense with IPM's.

    It depends on the debris field size of your universe. In order to get a 20% chance you need to a battle to create a debris field of at least 2,000,000 resources. If you've got 30% debris, then it's 1667 little fighters. If you've got 80% debris, then it's only 625 little fighters. In order to get the 40% chance you do not need to change anything. Any 20% chance will automatically be calculated as 40% chance.

    You may want to make moons with probes as you'll get tons of those as discoverer, and you won't have much use for them.

    The lack of communication is frustrating.

    Vega has had lifeforms for well over a year at this point. Universe 1 has had it for a month and a half now. I haven't noticed any threads about lag-problems due to the lifeforms update in Universe 1. Why can't it be implemented on Perseus, Quadrantids or Volans yet? Or is it not going to be implemented? It seems like all the attention is on the mobile-app. The older servers are either being forgotten about or intentionally being ignored.

    I guess the most likely outcome is you end up snapping. At this pace I doubt lifeforms will be implemented before 2024.

    Crawlers can not produce more than 50% of your mines production. This lifeform research will not increase the production, if you're already getting 50% before lifeforms were introduced. You've picked a bad lifeform research, better switch to Artificial Swarm Intelligence it'll actually do something if you have high level mines.

    Uni 1 has had lifeforms for over 4 weeks now and doesn't seem to have had any major problems. I think they forgot about Volans, Perseus and Quadrantids.

    This is strange. Thinking about it now, I have no idea where I have the 2:1.5 from, but it's clearly wrong. I didn't even think about it, I don't know for how long I've thought 2:1.5 was a thing. Feels like I just learned 2+2 isn't 5.

    I somehow read it as you wanted to trade 1.5 crystal for 2 metal. You want to do 1 crystal for 1,5 metal I assume?

    2/1.5=1.33... metal per crystal.

    2/1=2 metal per crystal.

    You want 1.5/1= 1.5 metal per crystal.

    You're within the allowed range, so I don't see why it would be a problem.

    I don't think there should be separate queues. Instead look at lowering the build time below 1 second, or some way to allow multiple units to be built in batches at the same time.

    Isn't your 6 week problem, more of a problem of your own making? Why queue up for so long in advance, just do batches of 86,400 and have no more than 24-72h build queues. Hopefully you haven't got 6 week build queue on every single planet and moon. Can't you just build the cargoes elsewhere and fly them where you need them?

    I got forcibly logged out 3 times in one minute. WHAT THE F

    Today, Friday October 20, we will have a hotfix maintenance to tackle some issues with fleet queues and resource production reported recently:

    - at 10:00 CEST Undae

    - at 13:00 CEST all the live universes

    Note: Please be aware that during the maintenance several logouts from the game are expected. It is known that it happens and we are already working on a solution for it.

    I have problems with unreasonable load times as well. Every page takes at least twice as long to load, if not more. The fleetbar often take 10+ seconds to load. I used to rarely get the "server not responding" message when trying to send a fleet, I've gotten it about 10 times today. It's incredibly frustrating to play like this.

    Is it still a thing that you'll be unable to find artefacts again, if you cross the 3,600 artefacts collected limit?