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    Really, after all the investment to unlock TIER 1, will I have to do TEN levels to get the 0.8% bonus?

    Really .... after consuming so many other resources, will I unlock TIER 2 and I will do TEN more levels to unlock the 1% bonus?

    It's 0.8 or 1.0% on all planets, and you can get this research on every planet. So if you do it on 14, 15, 16 or even more planets, it will add up to quite a boost still.

    Yeah, but if you give careful people option to change their fleet speed for 10k DM, they'll do it before and after launch on important flights.

    It's actually 20k. The first speed changing research is tier 1 slot 2 for mecha, which means you'll have to pay to reset 2 slots, so 2x10k. However, if you fs for less than 8h, then the free reset will conveniently only take 2x8H so 16h to reset. That means you can do it for free every day. . You can reset for each planet you have, so even if people remember your research for each planet, they will have to guess how many planets you reset, and then calculate your return for all the possible times.

    This is one planet

    This is another planet

    The research for planets is independent of each other, it gives a very little increase of 0,4% each level, but if you have 14, 15, 16 or more planets, it's going to add up. This specific research applies to all planets also.

    I would really like a place where I can see the specific stats for each researchable upgrade, I can't find it anywhere.

    and if they do apply to all planets how do they stack

    are we going to see people buff 1 ship on every planet so we have super destroyers flying around

    or a miner get every +production items we are going to see players points skyrocket again

    I wouldn't say super, but yes it looks that way. Imagine having 15 planets with just level 10 general overhaul of the battleship, a total increase in stats of 6% pr planet . I can't make the research apply on the test server, but it looks like it's applied to the base stats like everything else . So a 90% increase in stats is basically like 9 levels of attack/shield/armor and 3 levels of hyperdrive upgrades. The ships are definitely getting better, but I wouldn't say super destroyers just yet.

    So I’ve tested the new features a bit. I still have some questions and some things I absolutely hate. First the things I don’t really understand.

    First. I figured out how to gain experience and discover the other lifeforms. Now I’m just left with another question, what exactly is “lifeform tech bonus”? I understand that I get 1% more for each level, but what does it do? Does “lifeform tech bonus” mean that your lifeform specific research is 1% better? Such that at 100% a resource production increase of 0.15 pr level will increase 100% to 0.3 pr level. Does “lifeform tech bonus” include lifeform specific buildings, such that it increases the efficiency of the buildings along with the efficiency of the lifeform specific technologies? Or does it mean that I research the lifeform specific researches and/or buildings 1% faster? Is there a max level?

    Second thing I don’t understand is food, why does it even exist? The only thing food does is get eaten by your population. Under the population tab there is a line called satisfied, as far as I can tell this is how many lifeforms you can feed with your current production. So even if you have capacity for a larger amount of lifeforms, you won’t be able to have that many lifeforms as you have too little food anyway. Since the only thing you use food for is feeding the population, why isn’t the satisfied line good enough? Why does food need to exist as a resource? If you produce more food than your population consumes, you will just have a ton of useless food build up and you will have nothing to do with the excess food. So what am I going to do if I end up suddenly having 5billion food? I can’t sell it to the merchant. I can’t purchase anything with it. There are no trade rates for food, and even if there was, who would want to buy it? So you are left with a very large amount of basically useless resources, am I supposed to fly it to someone else's moon to annoy them or will that count at pushing? I get that I can just keep the population hungry, but it still doesn’t make sense to have food as a resource.

    Third problem is the population. Does the lifeforms do anything other than unlock lifeform research? So is there any point to getting a larger population after you reach the 18th lifeform research? If that’s true, then lifeforms are basically like laser technology, it’s good to a point, but then it becomes totally useless to expand, because it can do no more for you.

    Fourth, What happens when you lose your population? Will researched lifeform research on the planet stop working until your population is large enough to unlock the research again? Will ongoing research be paused until the population grows back up to the size needed for the research? If the research is stopped, does that mean the resources for the research is put back on the planet, and is then possible to get for attackers? Can 1 small cargo kill a over billion lifeforms in 1 attack?

    On to the things I don’t like.

    First thing I don’t like is a minor annoyance. The resource cost isn’t shown very accurately I don’t need an approximate when I start a mine or research, I need the exact amount, or the thing won’t start at all.

    Last we end up with the absolute worst of the worst.

    The clown fiesta casino

    So every life form has different life form research. There are 3 tiers and 6 researches in each tier. When you get enough population to pick a research, you get this screen when picking number 6 for tier 1 as Rock’Tal . You can pick the research for your lifeform or you can gamble to get a research that suits you better from one of the other lifeforms. So in this case, I’d rather have the Mecha research, so I have to gamble a 25% chance to get the one I want. If I don’t get it, then I can always reset, but that’s where the problems really begin.

    If you want to reset, you have 2 options. The first option is to do it for free, which is great, but takes a long time. The second option is to do it for DM, which can become expensive quite quickly if you aren’t very lucky. In a tier, you have the 6 researches, but you can’t skip and take number 6 first, you have to do number 1, then number 2, then number 3, then number 4, then number 5 and only then can you do number 6. But that presents a problem. If you want to reset it will cost you 10k DM for every research you have chosen in tier 1. In tier 2 it will cost you 20k DM for every research chosen. So you either have to wait a long ass time to try and get the research you want, or you have to pay a ton of DM, for every single planet you have. It will be especially bad if you want other lifeform researches in the 6th research slot, because that will be 60k pr reset or 120k in tier 2. . I haven’t even gotten to tier 3, but I expect it will be 30k pr research which is 210k for the 6th, on 1 planet. The worst part is, you can’t control it, it’s completely random. There is no option to pay a higher DM fee to get the research you want, you have to gamble or wait weeks. You also can’t choose to not discover a certain lifeform to get a better gambling chance, because life form discovery is random too and you can't undiscover.

    I wanted to know which lifeform research was best for me at each slot for each tier, so I put it into google sheets to make it easier for me to find out which was the better. So I stick to mines, which is why Rock’Tal obviously is the better lifeform choice for me, especially because of their lifeform buildings. Here is the screenshot , the X present the research I see as best for me. Now I don’t know if it’s planned or not, but I’m pessimistic so I think it is. If you look at slot 6 research for tier 1 and the slot 6 research for tier 2, both of them are conveniently better for miners, than the Rock’Tal research at the same slot. This means you will have to pay a max reset fine every time you want to reset, or you have to wait 2 days or 1 week and 1 day for every 25% reroll. For a fleeter, I’m not sure exactly what would be the better research to choose. If I had to guess, it looks like it would be a lot more mixed than it would for a miner. Which means fleeters get even more screwed over by this gambling than miners do. Not to mention that fleeters will lose out on this if they have mobile colonies.

    If you are able to get other lifeform researches and pay for it, then I’d rather have a higher fixed DM fee, to choose the research I want from another lifeform. Instead of having to gamble and pay way more or far less depending on my luck.

    9.0 does suggest it's a major update. I would be disappointed if it was just more background changes, unless those fix the lag and bugs. It could be a lot of things.

    Merge item?

    Return of the marketplace?

    Make laser technology useful after level 12? Make gravity tech useful after level 1?

    New ships? New buildings? New defenses? More class stuff?

    but he doesn't have the time to play on a certain day

    This is what Vacation Mode is for.

    I don't think there should be an item to protect people from attacks for dark matter. If you don't have the time to play, you either go blue or you take a risk.

    Getting attacked constantly really isn't a problem. Just make sure you have enough defenses to protect your daily production, and collect at least once pr day.

    People will attack for profit, they aren't going to attack you for shits and giggles, unless you antagonize them.

    The point is that there is one account x7 larger than any in the oldest Uni so it's not just about using expo as the person must of used lots of DM in the past few months to built that account.

    I think you underestimate just how broken the discoverer expo was.

    This is an account on the russian merkur server. It was built without boxes and purely from expo df res.

    Both Cygnus and Quasar are dead unis. Especially Quasar, where no one in their sane mind would join considering the #1 player.

    Sure, those are dead unis, but how exactly is a chaos uni or another fleetspeed a better option for x4 speed players? I struggle to see it.

    If you are afraid of big fleets, then Volans is still a worse option. Sure Quasar has a bigger top fleet, but while quasar has 3 fleet above 1b points, Volans has 9 fleets above 1b points.

    To top it all off, if you enter Volans, then you can't ever leave and go to a normal uni again.

    Merge targets are chosen very well and rational. No one should really complain

    I somewhat agree. The target servers for x1, x2, x3, x5 and x6 makes sense, those are normal servers. The problem I see is for players on x4 speed. They are forced to go to a chaos uni or change their flight speed, this is bad. In my opinion, a normal server with x4 speed should have been selected as a target, Cygnus or Quasar would make sense. Volans shouldn't even have been a part of this merge.

    If I have an account in the graveyard server, an account in an exodus server and an account in a target server. I pick a target for the exodus server account, which can't be the target server where I already have an account. So now I have two accounts in two target servers. As I understand it, the accounts on the graveyard server will be moved randomly to target servers. Is it then possible that my graveyard account can end up in one of the two target servers where I already have an account? If yes, what happens in this case?

    What happens if my graveyard account is merged to Volans randomly? Can it ever be moved from there again?

    Why would you ever want to synchronize building finish times, why is this of any use? You want a mine to finish as fast as possible, so it starts making you more resources, right?

    I get why it'd be easier to save resources in buildings if it was slower, but can't you just cancel and restart the building. You only have to log in once a day to do it?

    If I had to place a bet I would say there will be 100M players on the first day of the universe :)

    I doubt it.

    The server will close so people won't brainlessly pump dm into their accounts. Sure, some accounts will do a bip point jump the first day.

    I think the really big jump in points will happen the day before it is selected who gets the rewards.

    Some missions involving fleet movement never work at the start of this event. I don't know exactly how long it takes before they become active, but usually if you wait a few hours they will work. Yes, it's really annoying.


    Because both fleets are so small, I assume the attacked player was below 500k points. Your attacking fleet was more than 13 times larger than his fleet ( ), therefore the defending fleet probably did a tactical retreat. It has to be within 5:1 or 3:1 when defender is using admiral. I don't know if defenses would be lost in this scenario, that could be a bug.