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    Hi all, it's been a while since I've been here, decided to take a look to see if things have changed around, and oh boy have they changed. A RIO member down is always a welcome surprise (speaking about the hit on HUMMER). Defender had a nice turtle.

    Hopefully, you take down all of RIO at some point, you have my moral support at least. I notice how many of them are now all in vmode. It's called KARMA!

    Congratz to both parties involved, that was a crapton of damage done. Is this a new number 1 worldwide?

    To be honest though, I'm surprised that we haven't seen all of the top 10s being completely rewriten considering the massive fleets that are flying right now before the newer updates somewhat "fixed" the game.

    Quantum used to have the strongest fleets (by a sizeable margin) over the other en. universes and even worldwide they were pretty much at the top only rivaled by a handful of players from other international communities.

    After the game breaking update, they are now pretty much average... Xanthus, Vega, 1, Quasar and Cygnus have surpassed them because the players from those Universes were able to figure out ways to exploit it. Quite sad really. I haven't been on this game for quite some time now but based on how in the mmporg stats, the points are only steadily increasing instead of seeing players make 1kk points a day constantly, I guess things have stabilized with newer updates.

    But the damage has already been done. Still hope everyone who plays this game enjoys it but really, there's so much wrong with it that it makes it hard to.

    Hi there, it's been a while since I've been around this game. Just decided to pop up to see how things have changed and check on my account.

    I had a Quantum account with about 170 million points or so. Yet when I enter in my account in the inactive server, the number of planets and all other things don't match. I remember I still had purchased DM in there so the account couldn't have been deleted.
    Is there anyone out here that can help me check it?

    Regardless, the account I'm seeing I can't even migrate. There's always an error and on step 2 it keeps loading eternally.

    Been a while since I posted here.

    Saw this thread (was trying to find some updates on the OP but mostly just about the game being dead and cheaters and whatnot).

    Still, I checked the the stats and I see the russian guy who abused (by right) the broken system of the Discoverer class still has almost as many points as the rest of org. combined. You might as well declare him the winner of this game tbh.

    Have things been changed for the better or still the same old ogame?

    Been a while... Didn't see the full title of this thread and thought gonzo was ninja'd... But I guess it was just an epic draw and doing some damage to RIO.

    Good job on it Unsuspect boys. FR Radar, will be no problem for you.

    And... So....... like... Can this Universe get merged to Cygnus any time soon? I think things are now balanced enough to do so. How about it? No?

    So... Basically all this means now is...

    The top 1 in that has 118 billion points, can just sit his ass doing nothing until the end of human civilization that no one is going to even get close to him. I haven't bothered to do any actual calcs, but from just doing some eagle-eye calcs, I can tell that by halving the encounters with pirates and aliens will literally mean that any kind of speed fleet is not going to be profitable in the long run because of how big the deut costs are going to be... Dunno about 0.5 deut Unis, but x1 deut Units are not going to be profitable for damn sure...

    ... Will Deathstars be the new meta? They for sure as hell would be much easier to rebuild... And still cost no Deuterium (5:4:1 ratio to build and nothing to fly, best of both worlds). Sooooooo... The guy who has all those points can just scrap his fleet and turn it all into Deathstars and proceed to grow exponentially like he was doing before. Blackholes weren't changed either.

    But still... Gameforge, it took you this long to realize how broken the game was? Probably knew it from the start, because clearly people, especially developers can't be this ridiculously dumb and ignorant. Just a way to cash crab something. If that was the point, you did one hell of a job. Although not from me (and in fact a lot of other people) you did though.

    Wraith was totally spot on on his post. Could've have put it any better myself, he nailed it.

    The "Military Points destroyed" stat is now basically how many pirates and aliens you have destroyed.
    And I guess the same applies to the "Military Points lost" stat as well.

    You literally have to focus on Expos to be on top in this game. Going after other fleets is a waste of time, money and effort. CRVT probably gets more resources from a single hit on Pirates than if he decided to crash a guy with 1 trillion resources in ships. That's how much of a joke this game is right now.

    Might as well remove the Crawler limit to make this even more interesting and at least we would have the Collector class actually competing with the Discoverer this way. And make the game even more of a joke.

    There isn't a particular practical difference between 8 and 9 expedition slots. Reduces the already low risk of ruin and variance in general a little bit, but you're still flying the same fleet in those expos. The ship and resource finds are completely negligible.

    Few extra planets to build are also negligible at the moment, and although it may be a different story if there was no market, it'd still probably not be worth it.

    TLDR: the investment to reach astro 36 is significant, the payoff is close to nothing. Hyper drive gives more profit by either reducing expo deut cost or increasing expedition speed and makes more sense to upgrade than astro.

    I know, I was just telling it as a joke. And in case the expos get nerfed massively.

    I mean, this game HAS to be more than just space farm right? PvP can't be outright killed.

    And that's all disregarding the fact that while it is possible to adapt, that doesn't mean people should not complain. I'm certainly not happy about playing a 0 lvl mines weapons 3 account, waking up 6 times a night, and having a day-job of oManagement.

    Actually, why don't you just go for Astro 35 (or is it 36) to have an extra expo slot? Haven't made the maths yet but is it possible with the trillions of ress in ships you have? I mean scrapping a few trillions here and there still won't affect you I guess. And you'll have like 20 planets and permanent points to work on, in case the devs decide to make huge changes to the game.

    The devs were so worried about capping crawlers that they forgot about the expedition finds. Which is still strange because if an expedition find of ships, resources and DM is LIMITED by the points the rank 1, why in the bloody hell were the pirate/alien finds not capped accordingly?

    Yes... Capping the number of pirates or aliens you find will basically mean that if you send a large enough fleet, you will have no losses and thus full profits, but this, as it was IN FACT SUGGESTED INITIALLY BY GAMEFORGE ITSELF, could've been fixed by the amount of resources you could get on the Debris Field, which if I remember correctly back in the news about the MCO, it was stated to be of 40 million resources.

    Currently, for some reason, the max resource, ship finds are based on the rank 1 having >100 million points.
    For starters, if you do want a game where you want to gain more resources the more you grow, remove this cap. Because back then no one would've thought 100 million points would be reachable, now we have people easily in the billion mark.

    After 100 million points, make increments of 100 million points to give the players more rewards on expeditions, like for example:

    Rank 1 >100 million points & <200 million points = 100 million max resource find (metal) + Ships (in the same 100 million resource value) and 100 Million Resources MAX on the Debris Field from fights against Pirates and Aliens.
    Rank 1 >200 million points & <300 million points = 125 million max resource find (metal) + Ships (in the same 125 million resource value) and 125 Million Resources MAX on the Debris Field from fights against Pirates and Aliens.
    Rank 1 >300 million points & <400 million points = 150 million max resource find (metal) + Ships (in the same 150 million resource value) and 150 Million Resources MAX on the Debris Field from fights against Pirates and Aliens.

    And IMO the devs if they want money, they can just remove the item found and just leave it on event days. And keep the Dark Matter find as it is, being the only thing that you don't find the more points the 1st ranked players has. Basically, leave DM finds as it is.

    So you get the idea... At least this will be better than having an unlimited cap on something from level 0 (like Crvt stated). You currently can have 0 mines and low level researches aside from Astro and get trillions of resources just from expos with pirates, makes no sense.

    In fact, it's even bad for GF because if no one even bothers to use mines because expos are that OP, then no one will buy Mine items either so... Yeah, GF, think about it. And the most useful item right now (Shipyard) is not available for purchase aside from events... So yeah, no money at all from this.
    ... Crap, I think I just gave GF the wrong idea here.

    The class system is pretty much done, General and Collector are useless, so the main fix for this would've just been to remove the Discoverer and allow the game to just have 2 classes, and give those 2 classes the benefits of expeditions the Discoverer had.
    However I don't see this happening. GF seems way too stubborn to revert something like this. Which is the same as the marketplace, for me it could've been removed already. But since it won't be, then just FIX it's values. Instead of allowing players to sell RESOURCES and SHIPS at HIGHER OR LOWER values than what they are really worth, just FIX the Trade Rate at 3:2:1 so NO ONE can abuse it. The tax can still apply so that players can also use the normal trading procedure between themselves, to allow for fleeters to have a chance at trying to catch them, or use the premium merchant feature, which shouldn't have been removed in the first place due to the ridiculous lack of crystal without it.

    I dunno, I feel that I and many people have already stated enough suggestions for this game to be better than what it currently is. I sound like a borken record at this point.

    I think he only has about 600 mil ships. Mostly battlecruisers I'd say.

    "Only has about 600 million ships." ... Puts things into perspective doesn't it?

    And they are battlecruisers, a high-tier ship.
    That's still a crap ton of ships. And still a crap ton of DM that needs to be involved. Or 100 high level players dedicating their game just for you...

    And then there's the deut costs. I don't even want to imagine. But by this time, he probably has Deuterium Storage level 30 or something.

    He initially used LFs + LCs, but a few of us, myself included, did figure that in the long run Battlecruisers are going to be much easier to handle and a better overall fleet as well.

    Ok, so, there's 1 billion plus comments stating that the biggest problem with the expeditions is the fact that you can face unlimited amount of Pirates and Aliens.
    Mods, SGOs and other people who contact GF about all the problems also pointed this out in agreement with all of us players.


    The solution: Nerf item found from 2 to 1.


    I swear to god I can't even imagine the devs working on this game to be nothing but some kind of broken AI. They just can't be human... This is just too much fail on understanding a situation. How is this possible? Just how?
    Is this a challenge? To see how much you can insult "our" intelect?

    Or maybe... You guys are getting so much money from people using Dark Matter on building ships fast that makes you not wanting to fix this?

    Because obviously, looking at 38 Billion military points, that's about 9.500.000.000 Light Fighters. Asuming your Nanite is at a level where LFs take 1 second to build, 9.5 billion LFs would take 301 YEARS to build (on 1 planet). Obviously it's not only Light Fighters this is just to give you an example of how extreme things are.
    So clearly... Dark Matter HAS TO BE USED. There's no other way to build ships this fast.

    AND if this is the case, then the problem really can't be solely about GF, but about the users that keep milking this shit.

    It's the same reason why Rockstar, for example, is delaying GTA 6. People keep wasting money on GTA 5 and with that, Rockstar sees no needs to adress the issues of the current game or develop a new one.

    Same reasoning can be applied to this. People keep wasting Dark Matter despite the pathetic state the game is, so why would GameForge bother fix it? This is a business after all.

    So, if you guys want the game fixed, STOP BUYING DARK MATTER!!!

    The future of gaming is dark...

    Once we had full games on release. Now we get games that are 10% at launch and the other 90% are paid DLCs... Or if you don't want to grind for 100 hours to unlock a special item, you just need to use money to get premium features and unlock said items with ease.
    But yet, there are more and more gamers, and it keeps rising. It's just... Is it because consoles and computers are so accessible to everyone now? And people are getting dumber as more time passes? From a logical point of view, this simply doesn't make sense.

    Hello there guys, it's been a while, and I've been curious to see the state of ogame currently, I go to mmporg and see this:

    The guy who is at the top, I want to give him huge congratulations on this feat, you were able to perfect the art of exploiting a MASSIVE design fail from the game and put it to great use. You are not the problem of ogame right now. The fact you even make a complete mockery of the ogame DEVs by using such a nickname... for... How many months now? Since the beggining in November?
    And other players are closely following in the footsteps, and are likely not higher up because maybe their Universe is a lot more competitive.

    Anyway, this is a complete disgrace. The game is DEAD, literally. The core concepts of this game are simply gone now. And the only way to turn back all this is... yeah... what is it now? Are you going to revert the points everyone has been gaining with the Expeditions? You can't do that... These same people wasted HOURS and MONEY on doing this. It was easy, but it still took time and effort regardless, so you can't just revert the points back, that's against the law pretty much.


    All of US!!! ALL!!!! We warned you time and time again, there was a massive exploit in the way the Discoverer operated in their battle expeditions. Look at the state of the game now...

    Not just this, but the marketplace... All of us also warned and gave plenty of GREAT suggestions (certainly 100x better than whatever you came up with, which was little to nothing) and you guys decided to ignore... And ignore... and ignore...

    Oh wait, you did come up with a couple of bug fixes that nobody gave a fuck about and also, the best thing we all asked for: 40% ITEMS!!! 90 DAY ITEMS!!!! YEAH!!!! THAT'S WHAT THE GAME NEEDED INDEED!!!

    I'm sooooo glad I gave up this shit, but at the same time I feel bad for whoever is playing it right now and has been for many, many years. They don't deserve this.


    All of this showed your complete lack of integrity, respect and decency towards your consumers. If I was some multi-millioner guy, I wouldn't be far to sue the entire company for this. Never have I seen a fuck-up of this scale in games like this.

    also, is it worth hunting pirates with 3/2/1 trading rates to get Deut? (getting deut is a massive deal and I started considering paying premium)

    After everyone found out how to profit from pirates and aliens... Yes... Deuterium should be bought/sold at 3:2:1... Deuterium is now, by far, the scarcest resource for anyone who fleets and especially uses it in expos.

    Miners selling even at 2.5:1.5:1 rate is doing fleeters a huge favour, a really huge favour because with the amount of DM people gain doing expos, a merchant is pratically free, everyday. So... yeah. And 99% of the time the rate you get by clicking on a merchant is much better than 2.5:1.5:1.