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    you mean cosmos? (Y) again well done killing fleets 20x smaller then you, but that was years ago c4, you should stop living in the past, I'm talking bella, you know the here and now, where you still havnt posted a nn1. (Well you did, an acs on an acc....20x smaller then the rips you hit them with? To then be over taken a few days later by :o old apex accounts?)

    Your all laughable, the crashs that actually mattered none of you managed to pull off.

    Besides, I never posted the garbage that you posted after the hits, well done of getting the recs though man, have a 40 man alliance really pays off when you get smashed and need the recs to pick you up.


    ~Armand S

    Now this is good. Good try Galactus, would argue that this is honestly just a matter of time before you kill all the fleets.

    Jaskier FR if you so do choose to stay.

    @c4 he did post that he didn't get debris for whatever reason, so you didn't have to spam all the pickups. It may have just been a firing order mix up, can tell you now though after loosing those profits it probably wouldn't happen again.

    And complaining about making more accounts just to fill galaxy's. There are systems of ronin/kowboy filled with vmoded/inactive accounts that you guys used the exact same speed uni tactic when you guys merged in to stop apex killing your fleets...before every single one of you used dm to get as big as you could before tizoc single handedly made every member of apex leave/quit buy spending a ludicrous amount on metal packages, (I say this because check the boards loosers, you had 1 alliance to kill and with 40+? People you couldn't kill a single account)

    Idk how galactus really got to this size, but reputable sources have said it was combat expos done as efficiently as possible, that tracks, as for the switch over from expo fleet to rip fleet, he used dm to speed his shipyards? He only had to make 1.5m ships. Tizoc made 10's of millions of ships using dark matter to insta as well as to buy every drop of res. Drop the hypocrisy.

    daka you talk alot of shit considering you know Confed dosnt actually have an acc sizable to take your fleet... that's all ronin and kowboys ever where, able to pick on accs much smaller then them and beat them into submission. The shoes on the other foot and now you all complain that the game is unfair? Don't like it, go vmode and stay there. The minute you come out galactus will pop your moons anyways.

    WiTcH "tizoc can spend his money on whatever he likes" "metal packages are fine but expos are cheating" shut up idiot, your level of stupidity and hypocrisy is laughable at best.

    Ronin/kowboys couldn't compete solo so they merged, and now they realise they are severely underpowered.

    Want names for apex. Come pop moons, show us your 'skill' when you kill fleets under 20x smaller then you. (Considering you had the unis to yourself for the last year and still don't have nn1 hits... because you wouldnt fight each other?) If you where smart enough the minute you saw bigger fleets merge in you would have started harrasing them, seems like your the ones who have been getting harrased xD. Enjoy the karma


    ~Armand S

    I can understand frustrations the such a larger account launched on you when hes multiple times bigger then you. BUT, to be honest if it was a spy and fly, which sounds like it was, then that means it was 100% you leaving your fleet sitting and unattended which you said. No real point in letter a inactive fleet sit as someone else might take it.

    Well done attacker, hope to see more of you on boards.

    FR defender

    Well damn, those of us who can enjoy our freedoms in other countries and not being locked up by Covid sort of missed this occurance.

    First let me say congratulations to Confetti, monstrous hit, NN1 to boot. Enjoy those profits. Amazing that kashi came out from v-mode as well for the rec support. <3 What the alliance is all about helping the brothers in need.

    Bad luck on the hit Arti, or who-ever is playing the account (you are being awfully active in terms of multiple posts for it not to be you... just sayin)

    Maybe people forgot how much money was spent by the opposing party, and from what I have seen, the v-mode warriors would have already gone v-mode again? or straight after the hit? from what I have seen hes still flying, maybe use superior tactics? out play him? maybe take out another small loan?

    Cyberbullying for pointing out they have too much money? This is funny, people get called out for coming out of v-mode from a break and killing someone who left there fleet sitting because they are bad (even before merge most apex fleets were not left sitting) and the only fleet that is actually semi safe is an account that is pretty much guaranteed to come online when a probe hits (how no one really knows) and if anyone got bigger then them, they would just buy more.

    Seems Legit

    EDIT: See Tizoc ^^^^ other people get it, we arn't the crazy ones.

    top 5 fleeter: confederation, wheatly, kashi, invino and conquest....

    Top 5 miners: rias, nomad, seylens aka Blackadder, mostaris, jade

    Most feared: wheatly (obviously)

    Most improved: he was n1 in bella, but he started bellatrix late in comparison to some of the other accs. So confederation.

    Top alliance: apex, our banter alone should alure you, stay for the genuinity.

    Most feared alliance: just saying tizoc is the reason he is because he has to crash those left in apex, so again apex. (However kowboys for how much they are willing to spend)

    Best hit: kashi's on sirfips was HOT.... just sayin....

    You know, Apex are all fully aware spending is apart of the game, dm has been around alot longer then the last few weeks and people would know about it if they were not living under a rock. Weather or not it is a HONORABLE way to play the game is a different point entirely.

    There are and have always been shady tactics in ogame that have been deployed, to lying about helping someone to stabbing an entire alliance in the back for the means of 1 acc/person, but they have always been a legitimate tactic, but not only does buying DM to spend on a video game, that would yield literally no return make very little sense, but it also defeats the entire purpose of what ogame is. Yea it is not a feature included in the game, but don't you feel dirty for using it? Paying for your benefit seems a little whore-ish if you ask me.

    And as the other boys said, they flew to defend, you all flew to attack but then recalled, did you not sim properly and realise that it would draw? Did you not account that at the time for launch apex had quintupple the amount of recs you had? Either had learn to play a game that literally give you things to find that out easily.

    Gg on hit... at least you go a hit today when the big bang fell through.

    Hold on... I was being a troll when I mentioned about the multiple people, we all know you're account sharing but because you're spending money you won't be perma banned ever, and GF if you deny that fact your just being shallow, own your corruption (plenty of games people have to pay for has a perma ban feature, people who cheat should be perma banned) but an alliance that celebrates it and mouths off about people who are genuinely better then them is laughable. As wheatly said, basic fleeting 101, no df? No worries... create one so you can launch recs on time and not loose out on a hit.

    (Making 2b per day from farming is good and all, but your still a dirty cheat and its the ONLY reason you still have a fleet) Let one person play it. Fleetsave for longer then an hour. Oh wait, maybe the rest of kowboys will turn into vmode warriors?

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    Good Afternoon Bellatrix and anyone else who decides to come and have a gander at our boards.

    To those who are unaware, there are no real fleets to hunt down left in Bellatrix, and those that do have fleets know how to keep them safe. Well some do...

    Our journey starts with a message from a fellow APEX member VEEVEE, he wanted to crush JJBallen for some time, I had no idea why he had such a vendetta but he wanted to take him out. So after a bad start to the week, with a miss fire on another, larger and more profitable fleet, I thought fair enough...I need to kill something, we spoke for a few weeks/days about this and we um'd and ah'd about whether someone would actually save from planet to planet on purpose to try and catch us out. However, the more we watched him the more we thought maybe he either 1. Didn't care, or 2. Didn't know anyone could see him. Another theory popped up and maybe he thought he was safe inside of fortress of guns. Well, if he did, he wasn't.

    We completely had him under lanx, and we discussed on whether or not we should pre-send all our RIPs all in advanced, and maybe make him recall and do a time back, show off a-bit more skill then just and intercept on a lanx. However we just decided to launch 1 hour before his fleet returned to save us some duet and hope for the intercept, and below as it shows, it all worked out.

    Please, everyone grab a bowl and enjoy some freshly made turtle soup.


    JJ... FR shouldn't take you too long, please, if you plan to make more fleet, please continue to fleet save this way. Makes things easy.

    Dedi goes to VEEVEE and DUKE, VEEVEE for pointing us in the right direction (this was secretly his project but told me to post it like a mad lad) and DUKE for not sending us to the wrong planet....this time.

    Was a pleasure flying with you both.

    Dedi also to APEX, you are all MAD LADS

    On 26-05-2020 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker N-E-O [Apex]


    Heavy Fighter 43.305

    Cruiser 56.424

    Battleship 7.206

    Battlecruiser 2.814

    Light Fighter 1.994.040


    Attacker veevee [Apex]


    Light Fighter 2.212.736

    Heavy Fighter 159.926

    Cruiser 132.829

    Battleship 43.136

    Battlecruiser 33.585

    Large Cargo 1


    Attacker Duke [Apex]


    Light Fighter 2.202.949

    Heavy Fighter 15.451

    Cruiser 17.672

    Battleship 4.166

    Battlecruiser 3.752

    Bomber 2.125

    Destroyer 2.735

    Reaper 1.199


    Defender JJBallen


    Small Cargo 21.868

    Large Cargo 12.171

    Light Fighter 157.072

    Heavy Fighter 41.102

    Cruiser 11.312

    Battleship 8.904

    Espionage Probe 68.694

    Bomber 1.341

    Solar Satellite 1.134

    Destroyer 262

    Deathstar 87

    Battlecruiser 1.099

    Pathfinder 3.536

    Rocket Launcher 1.060.010

    Light Laser 66.007

    Heavy Laser 6.601

    Gauss Cannon 22.201

    Ion Cannon 8.801

    Plasma Turret 12.521

    Small Shield Dome 1

    Large Shield Dome 1


    After the battle ...

    Attacker N-E-O [Apex]


    Heavy Fighter 41.981 ( -1.324 )

    Cruiser 55.448 ( -976 )

    Battleship 7.121 ( -85 )

    Battlecruiser 2.786 ( -28 )

    Light Fighter 1.891.463 ( -102.577 )


    Attacker veevee [Apex]


    Light Fighter 2.100.609 ( -112.127 )

    Heavy Fighter 155.119 ( -4.807 )

    Cruiser 130.520 ( -2.309 )

    Battleship 42.691 ( -445 )

    Battlecruiser 33.233 ( -352 )

    Large Cargo 1 ( -0 )


    Attacker Duke [Apex]


    Light Fighter 2.088.665 ( -114.284 )

    Heavy Fighter 14.994 ( -457 )

    Cruiser 17.364 ( -308 )

    Battleship 4.126 ( -40 )

    Battlecruiser 3.706 ( -46 )

    Bomber 2.104 ( -21 )

    Destroyer 2.702 ( -33 )

    Reaper 1.187 ( -12 )


    Defender JJBallen




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    4.757.206 Metal, 8.624.711 Crystal and 28.421.872 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 1.564.374.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 8.257.657.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 2.212.809.303 metal and 1.128.525.998 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 41.803.789 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    The attacker(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 1.076.734.509

    Crystal: 728.234.709

    Deuterium: 13.795.872

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 1.818.765.090 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -5.418.066.706

    Crystal: -2.253.931.211

    Deuterium: -627.462.872

    The defender(s) lost a total of 8.299.460.789 units.

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    Good Afternoon the good lads and lasses of Bellatrix.

    I have been building my fleet for some time and have now come across the fact that I need multiple duet suppliers to keep me up in the air, was putting this out to anyone who has a decent income or amount of duet and dosnt have a solid buyer on a weekly occasion.

    Rates are negotiable so flick me a tastey message in game and we can chat,



    For those who are still interested this offer is still available for people who have just joining the bellatrix uni. Please do not hesitate to message any of the in game names in the original post to organise getting a boost from a player.