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    Uhh, I can prove it. Have the discord logs that clearly show what happened from multiple points of view. The guy that cheated got away with it and someone else (his enemy) was punished.

    Not that any of this matters, not the first time, certainly not the last....

    Wait! Stop this crazy train a second!
    We're supposed to make judgement calls based on un-flawed perceptions of events?!? :youcrazy:

    Oh wow, this whole time...... :rofl:

    You should be only making judgements based on things you can prove. Not assumptions or biased ways of looking at things.

    Not what I heard. With how much money you sunk into it Im very very doubtful you just gave it away to the chinese... either way I was dissapointed, I thought youd do great things after the merge not just run away and "gift" your account


    Well, you are hearing it from the previous owner. So whatever person whispered lies into your ear feel free to let them know the truth. I put less than 200 dollars into that account over the life of the account, which i earn in RL in less than an hour. The cost of me playing was the thousands of hours I put into the game. I played for the fun, for the challenge and in part for the personal relationships i had during it. It wasn't ever a financial asset to me. There wasn't a dollar amount that could of compensated me for my time.

    I did try to sell it in truth, hannibal claimed to want to buy it, then he jerked me around saying he would and then wouldn't. I got annoyed and figured instead of watching my account go the path of obiwan I'd let it go to actual good use. Had hannibal not jerked me around and just told me to start he won't pay for it, i probably would of given it to him. However he did motivate me to "punish him" for annoying me for those weeks he was keeping me in limbo.

    I knew the current owner would do well with it also, it's why i didn't give it to skylove or hanhan . I felt this was the highest potential for my account, for my baby. It didn't really matter to me if i yielded a few coins for it, i wanted the work i put in to be valued and appreciated. I do business in real life with many chinese companies, i don't have a hatred for their culture or people. The fact they were my enemies in this particular universe doesn't change the respect I have for the time they put into the game. I got my licks in, they never tagged me. I have no regrets, and as I see messages from the current owner (part of my deal with him) about various board posts I smile. Knowing he is carrying the torch I found too heavy to keep carrying anymore.

    Sorry I didn't meet your expectations of "great things" after the merge.

    Or you simply accept sometimes you will get a slap on the wrist for playing the way you do even if you feel it is undeserved.
    You have probably flown what, 100 combat missions a day for the last 4 years? So lets say 150,000 combat missions. You got punished for 1 or 2 of them "unfairly".
    You received in that time a punishment of 7 days, or less than half of one percent of your online time. The resources refunded maybe 5-10 days of income? (Less than .5% of your overall worth)
    Life isn't always fair, the "GO Tax" of less than 1% is annoying but manageable.

    When I go fishing it is very common for sharks to sense the fish is in a panic that i'm reeling in. Some days 1 out of 5 fish go to the sharks (nicknamed the tax man). It's annoying but manageable.

    When I earn a living here in the states my income tax rate is around 40%. It's annoying but manageable.

    My internet on the island i live on typically is online for 97% of the time. it's annoying but manageable.

    Quit bitching about 99.5% not being good enough. The amount of board posts that include whining is becoming unmanageable.

    You may think I was cheating, however I've never used a script. Ever. Nor have I ever been banned for it even once. Why? Because the way i raid is clearly a human doing it. Sending out 100s of probes (the range of one of my planets which is typically written as my planet names lol) then deleting the bad raids and stacking up all the good ones, then raid them slowly as fleet slots open. I have major gaps when real life distracts me, and other times when I barely have seconds as a gap since I'm waiting for the fleet slots to open.

    I clearly don't have my account running 24/7. Very easy to see when i'm on and when I'm not in fact.

    As for your pushing MULTIPLE need to realize people are watching you now and people are reporting when you cheat. Play a clean game and you won't have these problems.

    No skylove, they don't have to be clear and not arbitrary. Nobody holds the admin accountable for their actions, nobody really can but the owners of the game who ___REALLY___ don't want to deal with a bunch of man children complaining about everything. Sure you can threaten to quit, but to be blunt, the game would be better off with you not around. Think of how many people have quit because of __YOU__.

    I went through this same thing 6 months ago when an Ally probed someone right before we hit their fleet. I got a 2 week ban for something I didn't do, nor had any control over. I screamed and cried and regardless my punishment stood. In the end, weeks later they did update the rules some though which I was at least thankful for. Had I had multiple previous bans for the same thing, i'm sure i would of been perma banned.

    You brought a Trojan horse within your gates skylove and now you suffer for it. If you are innocent or guilty it makes no difference, each time you attack someone you run the risk of getting mixed up in things you don't understand. Or, they simply caught you yet again with cheating. Devaluing all the accounts that actually work hard to grow on their own.

    Nobody seems to care if you are innocent or guilty skylove, they are just celebrating that you are gone.

    Ogame, isn't about fair. They have a limited staff and they make judgement calls based on flawed perception of events. Their authority is absolute as they lack any major checks/balances. If you choose to play, you are forced to accept this, even if you don't realize this. I have no idea what your punishment is, however if it's simply the profits of one hit than you need to see the bigger picture and move on. I'm sure everyone realizes there is always going to be a bigger hit down the road. If you have a perm ban because you have done this multiple times, realize the perm ban isn't because of the this time pushing, it is because of all the times combined that make you a player that is undesirable to have around.

    So are you trying to say improve that cutecat's ban hitting your fleet was actually pushing and he deserved it? GO's are human, humans are flawed and their actions typically are far from flawless. Let's hope the GO's had concrete evidence and not just banning to flex their might. Else we are all lost....

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    War ends when both sides accept a cease fire. Having to declare again since they disbanded and remade the alliance trying to get me banned. If i have to do this again, I'm going to nuke down 500m in defense from SaGoPa