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    "No bigger nightmare for a big account than a tiny one with nothing to lose."

    Exact reason why you are a bully. You're not a fighter, fighters expose themselves to the same risk as their opponent. You're a parasite, feeding off of other people's time and energy invested.

    First ask your mighty warriors if they truly have the testascular fortitude to protect their members, or else their lot is that of a backbencher.

    You just stated you have nothing to lose. How to protect their members from IPMs and planet farmings against a 60kk acc with no fleet to crash or money invested? The smartest thing any sensible person would do is turn on the blue shield, enjoy time with family and come back to the game when the tick dies of hunger.

    The very same people you started your "Grand Plan" against profit from it the most - vmode, instabuild, vmode is the most efficient way to build their accounts possible - least possible amount of time and energy invested for the maximum gain. The only ones to lose are F2P miners.

    And your comment how Rabbit pushes F2P away doesn't hold water - DM use and abuse was around for a long time, people still come and stay in the game for different reasons - nostalgia, sense of belonging, sense of accomplishment. Losing a fleet never has any excuses - forgetting to fs, idling, dirty fs, refusal to use vmode are all legit reasons to crash anyone, F2P or not.


    Quote from cimbi31

    No amount of destroyers, no amount of dark matter, no amount of dollars is immune to the terror and havoc a bunch of kids who live in their moms basement feeding off frozen pizza and find joy in ruining peoples days can cause.

    This right here... You are the embodiment of any toxic community. Wasting your own time and energy for the sick satisfaction of being a nuisance nobody can do anything about tells me plenty of your personality.

    You like the feeling of power, control and the attention that comes with it - and since the mastercard took away your ability to impose yourself fleetwise, you are fine with relegating yourself to the level of a parasite just so you could be the center of attention once again. Seems like you have issues you should be using that "free time" of yours to fix.

    Word of advice from an adult: there is no free time. You have 24 hours in a day for the rest of your life, and you're choosing to bother others instead of bettering yourself. As I'm writting this, I realize I'm also wasting time trying to change another person, a big mistake on my part. I think I'll go out, enjoy my 24 hours. You just keep doing what you're doing, MUPPETS can wait you out. No person with such sadistic tendencies that spends time in a game has unlimited resources - soon enough your problems will catch up to you, and you'll need to become an adult do deal with them. Maybe then you realize that instead of being a self-proclaimed fighter in an online game, you could be a fighter in your own life and get your shit together.

    How the mighty have fallen.

    Alsatian is a lady and an old-timer in the game, who had found her way to MUPPETS crew after Jupiter's Armada fell apart. She is a F2P player and generally a good person.

    It seems her only crime is her association to the people you're waging your crusade against - the same people you cannot hurt, so you're dishing it out on people who cannot defend themselves, using a throwaway account to not suffer any losses yourself.

    You're a bully, and your crusade is pointless and hurtfull to the F2P community. You're nobody's champion, the only people who enjoy seeing these crappy CR's are sadists like yourself. There is no honor in this, no strategy, no glory. The only thing you're showing is that you're not doing too well in life. Your frustration is palpable, and your anger missdirected - it's GF who made the Mastercard abuse possible, and it's them you should voice against. But you know damn well nothing will come out of it, so you're using regular players as an example - which GF couldn't care less about, because those players are not the ones keeping the lights on.

    You've proven your skill in the game many times - too bad your character is lacking. You should've stayed retired and be remembered a legend. The only legacy you're leaving for yourself now is that of a Forum clown and an ingame bully. To think I admired you once... no more. Disgusting creature...

    I'm someone who likes to point out hypocrites.

    I can't spend all that I earned in resources from these attacks over the time that I play, and it was accumulating, for a looooong time, loooove resources, over years, just do the math...

    This is your explanation? You went from 780kk to 4.6tr in less than two months with barely any military destroyed or economy built.

    Where I come from doesn't matter, my arguments do, and you've got nothing against your own stats showing just how you've grown that acc. Have a nice evening Alfred.

    Nice fairy tale. Let's take a look at some ancient history, shall we?

    Big Bang happened, Universe Volans came to be on Jan 28th, 2021

    Alfred Pennyworth starts playing on March 11th, 2021. From the start, he has respectable growth - lots of dm usage, but nothing different from other players.

    By April 3rd 2022, he built a rank 22 account, sitting at comfortable 778kk points and some change.

    By this date, his economy is around 108kk points.

    On April 4th, Alfred must've gotten a raise from Mr Wayne, because his accounts jumps by more than 1tr points in a single day, and 11 ranks on highscore.

    Economy remains unchainged. On April 10th, his economy increases by 100kk points.

    From April 19th to May !5th his fleet goes from 1.7tr to 4.6 tr points - nearly 3tr points increase in a single month, at 200kk eco points.

    Military destroyed in that same period remained relatively unchanged, growing by about 100kk points.. those must've been cargo slaps of epic proportions.

    let's continue from that point onwards... from mid summer 2022 to March 2023 Mr Pennworth more than doubled his fleet - sitting at 9.4tr.

    Meanwhile, military destroyed climbed somewhat to roughly 1tr, then jumped by 1tr on Sep 20th 2022, with only slight increase ever since...

    Sure, Mr Pennyworth posted some respectable hits in the last 6 months.... but most of the growth of his account came before that.

    And with his economy staying at modest levels, using metal packs seems an unlikely explanation.

    So here's my deduction.

    Mr Pennyworth, like other players, discovered the perks of bugusing. Being smart and careful, he decided to spread his growth over many months, serving up some not so timely hits as proof of fair play.

    Mr Pennyworth watched, dismayed, at the balls of another player who was not so smart and careful, who chose to insta 50tr points in a single day... and seemingly got away with it.

    Now Mr Pennyworth tries to slander that player, feeling salty and petty that others with far less intellect than him can do something so stupid and not get punished.

    Truth be told... nobody gives a shit about Volans. It's a fan service universe, and even if bug using isn't permitted, overworked staff has other universes to take care of, merges to consider, DM events to plan.

    Volans remains a sandbox universe, as anything that happens in it stays in it. So Mr Pennyworth could have done the very same thing as the player that outgrew him, had he had the same yolo mentality. But he didn't, and now he cries that he got outcheated in a cheater uni.

    These are accounts that you always stole resources from and that were banned, but they kept many, many resources in other accounts for one day to get.

    How did you make this fleet so big when you never attacked anyone?

    once again wrong, tell me one account that I have stolen resources and that is banned or that is active? And resources stolen, I don’t say stolen I say attack, if the rules have not changed you can attack as much you want or am I wrong? Multi accounts are to legal, so here is the problem? One big difference between us is that I stay maybe 300 days active and you stay 300 days in vacation mode, so don’t complain and be more active and you to will catch more accounts with resources and fleet and will make a bigger fleet, just saying.

    If you are new to the account, how do you know that I have 300 days in vacation mode?

    Nice growth Alfred, especially given all the Vmode period.