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    Yes, because I know less about living with dyslexia than the person that studies it..... experience is important in these things, not just knowledge.

    Yes, you're right. People who've had the measles know way more about it than immunologists. Awesome point. Also, I grew up with a sibling with severe dyslexia, and I live with the dyslexic person you keep calling stupid. Who by your account is "using his 'apparent' dyslexia as an excuse" when he replied it to you, after you specifically accused him of not being literate. That's not an excuse, that's literally an answer to your statement.

    I will leave you with some very good advice, since you keep doing stuff to make people dislike you -

    how about you settle down, come and chat and enjoy this place. Despite what you might think, if you join in, you are accepted. If you want to antagonise people already here who just want some fun GTFO

    Why are you trying to explain dyslexia to me? I just told you I study this. I literally study teaching students with reading and writing difficulties.

    Reading comprehension is not necessarily affected by it unless you haven't taken measures to adjust, such as colour changes, things that you would expect a dyslexic to use if they need it.

    Also - you're still wrong. You keep attacking other people for being stupid, but here you are, trying to explain something to me, that I guarantee you I know more about.
    You're giving the game away. You don't actually have a problem with people being stupid, you have a problem not being the intelligent one. So you keep attacking other people to make yourself look superior. And it makes you look dumb

    As someone who actually studies this shit, I would like to point out how utterly incorrect the following is

    Oh stop making excuses. Firstly, I am dyslexic too (also dyspraxic). It in no way, shape or form effects the ability to read apart from occasionally making someone a little slower in reading.

    Stop accusing everyone else of lacking intelligence, if you don't even get the basics of a disorder you supposedly suffer from yourself.

    Okay, you can't both be someone with deep thoughts on this quote and someone who doesn't know it's from Spider-Man.
    It's something said from uncle Ben to Peter Parker.

    It's not a quote about how the powerless have no power or no responsibility to do what is right, it's about how the ones with great power have no right to tread on those people, but an obligation to defend them and not to attack, even when those people hate you. The point was literally that with the power he had, he had to use it for the greater good, rather than just for himself - aka

    You are literally agreeing with the original intent of the quote - uncle Ben was a badass, and a good soul, reminding a super hero to think of the little guy, and put others and the community before himself and his own needs. If you wanna criticize something, you should know the context of what you're opposing.

    Also - thanks for all the work you do, I really do appreciate it, my nerd brain just can't handle letting stuff like this go unsaid

    Man, you sound like someone who was around when someone did some really obvious trolling, and is now super embarrassed that you're the only one who fell for it.

    The more you explain yourself, and how the joke was actually super hard to get, the sadder I get for you. Complaining about how you were cheated and misled by some rando, literally in a board section named "spam" -

    Read your entire last post again, it's exclusively just you trying to explain all the ways you're the only one who didn't get it. You sound like a truly awful prosecutor, lining up the weirdest evidence ever

    So from the identification and confirmatory remark, it looks like Parsec is stating he is HR manager. There is no denial of this position. Furthermore, the response was similar to how the board works, address in private.

    Then let us look at the metaphor......

    It's getting kinda pathetic at this point

    Ahhhh! It's an if-then statement. This makes more sense. I'm sorry for the borderline grammar-nazi behaviour, and I agree that a war-game, in which all are peaceful, is a bit of an oxymoron.

    Though, I will maintain, that that sentence was straight up nonsense, sorry.

    Be careful only having eyes for Parsec, he's not the most romantic sort. He'll probably forget your birthday, refuse to go to your family stuff and will NOT help you put up Christmas decorations. These are, of course, all hypotheticals and in no way based on true stories.

    Also, just a question; you edited this once, and still ended up with:

    And with your last complex if, then sentence I can completely agree. BORING....