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    All points in your account

    Economy points:

    100% buildings/facilities

    100% defense

    50% civil ships

    50% phalanx and jump gate


    100% research points

    Military points:

    100% defense

    100% combat ships

    50% civil ships

    50% Phalanx and Jumpgate

    Civil ships: Small Cargo, Large Cargo, Colony ship, recycler, probe, satellite

    Combat: Light Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Cruiser, Battleship, Bomber, Destroyer, RIP, Battle Cruiser


    You all know we have a PTR right? But no one uses it

    yes, cos who wants to build an account from scratch in the test server. It’s been said many times they should copy accounts over to allow testing.

    also, let’s face it. This hot fix never went anywhere near a test server. You don’t break sending fleets and not notice in any form of testing.

    nanogram whilst I’m inclined to agree with your sentiment. I do just get the feeling the game is starting to spiral downwards faster than it ever had before and I’m probably just flogging an arthritic horse with one good leg left on a conveyor belt heading relentlessly towards the glue factory…

    You get 4 or 8m DM, doesn't take long to get what you want for testing

    in addition to the DM there are limitless ressources on the inactives just waiting to be farmed, i am talking about building 1 or 2 million of RIPS in a matter of a week or two


    was i not supposed to share that? i am sorry if that is the case


    yo ucan see clear distinction in result % of nothings based on depletion msg's you are getting

    first in there, no ships around = not depleted = less % of nothings

    close encounters, friendly ships, near colisions = depleted = higher % of nothings

    it was tested on few k expo, dunno the number

    it can be argued that near collison is a higher depletion meg than friendly ships but that tends to be harder to prove

    Entry from the communications officers logbook: It feels great to be the first ones traveling through an unexplored sector. 0
    Entry from the communications officers logbook: It seems that this part of the universe has not been explored yet. 0
    Entry from the communications officers logbook: We found debris of ancient space ships. We are not the first ones here. 1
    Logbook addition of the communication officer: We nearly had a collision with another expedition fleet. I did not believe that there would be others around here.
    Entry from the communications officers logbook: It seems that no human has been in this part of the galaxy before. 0

    with 0 being no depletion and 1 being 1 depletion

    our boy Nix is gonan correct me if stuff in addon has changed

    basically if you keep sending depletion can get worse than 1 but these levels are just user determined, nothing from ogame side, we are searching in the dark here (if i remember correctly nrt is just showing 0 or 1 lvl jst because we did not have a concrete values to be based off and is practically all you need, u need to stay in 0)

    cooldown time for a single position is about 2hrs and limit to not get depletion 1 or just a small ammount is around 6 expo in 2hrs

    did Bermuda got merged or smth

    a lot of ppl with a lot of points just popped out of nowhere and there was no announcement of anything other than v8.1

    well, for past about 3y i have beel looking at forum almoust daily, a scroll through unread posts to see what is new, i have acc in bermuda for about 1,5y, beed trying out new stuff there and havent noticed anything similar in my past visits to the uni and havent noticed any mentions of bermuda or test server excemp when some update is gonna roll

    i might have missed the info

    (tryed the srach, went back to 2015, didnt find any info, as i am louse searcher i might have missed)

    and info when bermudas will get a new batch of DM, that would be cool too

    my guess is eddited in as those ammounts are jus a fer 0's too much for the best mines there are

    so yeah, any1 who wants to get super boosted and do stupid stuff, join Bermuda

    in there you can farm inactives beyond your immagination

    and a question for the team

    why this info was not shared with the community so we can go there and get wild with testing stuff?

    yo uare getting 5m DM alrdy

    never tryed this particular manuver

    what i do is send acs def to an ally, and when it reaches him i attack him with probes to create a moon at his planet, doesnt have to be probes and just time it as you need it

    i dont see why it wouldnt be allowed if it is possible, you are not gaining ress