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    Nice and clean :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    Stop doing ships Algalon, always end the same way :check:


    Yeah it's sad that i have to spend night shifts treating covid patients, and sometimes mess up my fleet save to disastrous results. What's even sadder is that you somehow use an online game to poke fun. Great hit Klaw, told you myself but will repeat, I'm glad you were the one to get this and give me the send off I've been postponing for so long. Great gaming everyone, if anyone of my mates needs to reach me, forum is there. Stay safe out there.

    1.Some scripts are illegal. As long as you collect enough evidence, you can report;

    2.This game requires a lot of time and energy.if you can,you would win.If you spend only a few minutes a day in this game,plz don't complain.

    Some friends see the score and complain why they can't get it,first of all, ask yourself how much time you spent.

    Some players,sunch as silesia,emeralddream,they are excellent.I've spending much time to trying to catch their fleet,but no no complain,more observationing,more thinking,more time,you would be success.:smile2:

    Mate I respect you, but don't give us the "spending time on the game will give you success" argument, when you literally "took over" the former top 1 of Uriel (pre-merge), which was Thunder. Anyways... the post wasn't about that, it was about the two obvious bots that were lurking around, and are now back from ban for some reason.

    I definetely agree that it's much more complicated than just "blame them GOs"but we do kinda need something more out of the support system.

    It is a lot of fires to put out at once, but getting rid of these things, to me, should be priority. Balancing will be fixed eventually, but letting multi accs and scripting go unpunished is exactly the reason why many people are just going perma vaca and migrating to other unis. Uriel has become a deadwaste of players, with the top 100 being composed of idk, 60 players and 40 multis? People will not go back to the game if they don't see a chance to grow, this supremacy we've all been atributing to the chinese teams so far.

    I'd like to thank everyone concerned enough to message me ingame about the subject. Mainly Phil, Silesia, Emeralddream and Cyb. Although it is a vast trouble, with many different issues envolved, it's good to see people care and are not willing to just let the game die. For those of you who are feeling hopeless though, try and find the strengh to push forward. Help us help the admins make this game good. A game is only as good as it's comunity, and if we join forces, there's no team china or bot that can last.

    Yeah the auction thing Is apparently a "tolerated script", according to dmins. So I just downloaded it and have been fighting fire with fire. But th 24/7 shit is definetely not tolerable, but they keep saying "i'll take this to the admins" or "we need to gather evidence". And I'm like "bitch, evidence is right here". There's no way someone would be able to pull off 15 mins activty for 24h as a human being. Even the worst case of insomnia goes to sleep for at least a few hours when their body starts failing. Things need to change, support needs to be taken more seriously by whoever it is that's neglecting it.


    Mate just gather as much evidence as you can and throw it on tickets. That's what I've been doing the past few days. If that's not enough for him to convince the admins this is absolutely mental, I don't know what is

    Skylove even admitted it at some point. And still there, hanging around. At least when my br server account got banned for multi it was for real. 30 years ban, it's almost like they're in jail.

    Spoiler alert, I learned my lesson. Just saying, might be a proper punishment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    So given that the last 2 years I have never said anything on the forums, and the universe's forum seems as dead as uncle Ben, I thought this was a good way to start.

    The past few months or so have seen a great increase in suspiscious activity. Many players, and myself, have seen others rising millions of points a day, at rank 500, 300 and so on. While trying to hit some of said players, we're also faced with the strange fact that they never seem to go offline. What's more, they also have proven to show script knowledge, since they use it the auction house (be that tolerated or not, making and using a script is not for the average non programmer player, I would know, I am one of them).

    I've contacted the GM's twice on this subject by now, and I am willing to think that they lack the resources to investigate the matter with the necessary depth. I'm optimistic like that. But even if that is the case, it doesn't change the fact that these players are jeopardizing the game's experience. It's like you're running in a competition, and suddenly a guy runs past you with an Air Trekker.

    That all being said, what opinions do you guys have on this issue? and would you be willing to help us act on it?

    Keep your things safe my friend. When I started a while back, I was also massively hit because I was careless. Even today, if I leave something unchecked, someone will take advantage of this. And they should, fleeting is a type of play just as any other, so you gotta keep some defenses up, or fleet save with moons. It's great to know we still have new players, and if you need any advice, be free to ask.

    Can anyone help with this? I have no knowledge on programming and don't know what to do with the script. Should i just ctrl + shift + J and copy pasta the code? how do I effectively apply it after downloading the file?

    Would you use that same composition for a 3x fleet speed uni with top player above 600M, like Uriel?

    I'm currently trying some comps but finding it very hard to make it cost effective.

    I think its a matter of ratio. I have no merchant in my uni, Uriel does, so more metal in DFs isnt as big a problem.

    You can probably send equal parts LFs and SCs, or LFs and .1/3rd that in LCs, and be quite safe. Always add a PF, and if you want to have a chance to find ships bigger than a CR, add a combat ship.

    Cool. Will try that out, thank you for the reply

    Would you use that same composition for a 3x fleet speed uni with top player above 600M, like Uriel?

    I'm currently trying some comps but finding it very hard to make it cost effective.