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    I was around during Universe 1’s early days (before Universe 2 ever existed). I know there have been a number of mergers since then. I just have this curious side of me that wants to know which player, original to Universe 1, is the highest ranked. Anybody able to help me out on that?

    Ah thanks! You're response was very helpful. I'll keep your moonshot services in mind, but I'll probably see if anyone is willing to give me moonshots for a majority payment of metal and/or deut first.

    If higher ranked players aren't allowed to make any profit at all, why would they sell moonshots? Like, can I let a higher ranked player do the recycling if I want to?


    Hello fellow universe 1ers. I read the rules about trading for moonshots but I'm still not sure I understand. I'll say what I would like to do and then maybe you guys can help me figure out if what I'd like to do is something I'm "allowed" to do.

    I'd like to be able to pay other players to crash fleets consisting of 1667 LF into my planets defenses to create moonshots. And I'd like to be able to pay those players a profit to make it worth their while.

    My second idea is to just create fleets that would create 20% moonshots, leave resources on my planet for players to steal, and tell high ranked players (perhaps, players from some alliance I like) to "have at it".

    Would I be in danger of breaking any rules via either of these two methods?