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    how can you even manage 12 accounts? :blink:I

    Managing them was not the hard part. Its was the mergers that stuffed them all up slowly over time they end up in the same unis so I had gift them to other players before the graveyard was introduced.

    Giving them away was good, I thought. but then they were getting used for push accounts or been banned for god only knows what. so now I refuse to give them away.

    when Game forge starts up a new uni I joined my friends, I put a lot of work into my accounts many hrs of building them up 2 yrs or more work went into some of these accounts, only for Game Forge to force mergers. and they started to clash with each merge so now they go to the graveyard in hopes I can send them to another uni one day.

    But now mergers are less then 2 yrs apart. Its less likely they will be played. I have another option that is to delete them and perhaps I may do that one day.

    I now refuse to start anymore unis so at the end of the day I will only have 1 uni to play. as these mergers slowly push my accounts to the graveyard.

    The very last uni I started was Halley for lifeforms and that my friends was the final uni I will start from scratch.

    I have accounts going to waste and if i can not play them i will not open anymore unis unless something special comes along such as lifeforms.

    It would have to be a game changer to draw my intention. to start up another uni again.

    After awhile Ogame becomes repetitive and boring, its the players that keep this game alive not the game its self, its boring to be honest without my Friends and making new friends along the way, thats all that is keeping me playing this repetitive game.

    To Be Fair if you read the terms and conditions your accounts don't technically belong to you. Not to stir anything up. Besides, the graveyard was never intended to be a tool to move from uni to uni so this move makes perfect sense it was only meant as a way to deal with the large volume of vmoded and inactive accounts on servers

    Just for the record I am not moving from uni to uni via the graveyard as I had to move my accounts after the last mergers due to existing accounts in the targets unis. Same situation as I have with this up and coming merger. So I am not hopping from one uni to the other.

    I am well aware of the terms and conditions that no one owns there accounts, its a game. you are borrowing the game to play it and while the game is running they are your accounts.

    It is unfair that I will lose another 3 or 4 accounts this merger and yet here we are opening up more unis that I can not send my existing accounts to so it seems pointless.

    I get many players abuse the graveyard and they do abuse it, but to punish everyone is unfair.

    The free relocates given for the inconvenience of going to the graveyard was a welcome gift from Game Forge. A few relocates would be just as nice, but taking them away entirely. That's harsh considering a lot of people probably have nowhere for their current graveyard accounts to go unless they find a new owner for it who probably would like to relocate if/when they join a uni.

    These mergers are coming faster then before and soon I will have only 1 account to play and a dozen in the graveyard.

    Congrats Game Forge not a bad effort at culling our accounts. I have gone from 12 accounts/12 unis to 7 accounts soon to 3 then next merger will be down to 1.:thumbsup:

    Anyways I know we can not do anything about it and Game forge will do what they do, it is what it is, and we have to suck it up.

    If you have not noticed I am venting on how this up and coming merger has affected my accounts to include those already in the graveyard. So will I invest anymore into the accounts about to be exodus most like not. they will just end up in the graveyard with no home in the future.:flowers:

    GRAVEYARD no longer an option

    NO ACCESS to the MENU


    NO ACCESS to Research levels

    NO ACCESS to Fleet




    You have removed every thing from the GRAVEYARD!

    You have removed all perks that the GRAVEYARD had to offer. and to merge to other community's is not an option I am in the EN community so i have no desire to move to another community.

    My accounts have been sitting in the GRAVEYARD since the last Forced merger due to account doubling up with other unis.
    I have Oberon, Bellatrix and Earth set to go to the GRAVEYARD this coming FORCED MERGER And no compensation WTF 60 days waiting for what ?????

    These are my RULES!!! GAME FORGE!

    1) You do not have my permission to remove my account to the GRAVEYARD. without compensation!

    2) Forced Mergers, you can no longer punish players for having multiple accounts in the same uni.

    3) You can not punish players for logging in or playing multi accounts due to Forced mergers.

    4) My Oberon, Bellatrix, Earth accounts will be no more in this next forced merger possibly Quantum if option 2 goes ahead.

    5) 4 accounts will be forced to merge And the GRAVEYARD is no longer an option as NO COMPENSATION!!!

    You are kicking me out of these unis therefor I am not giving them up because you say so.

    ( NO I WILL NOT DELETE my accounts, GIFT my accounts OR SELL my accounts ) They are mine!

    You have given me no options other than to remove all my accounts from the graveyard. as its pointless them been in there without any COMPENSATION Grrrrrrrr

    If we give you enough time soon we will not be able to log into the graveyard to migrate as you will prevent us from doing that as well.

    I am disgusted with the running of the Graveyard.

    If you have repeat offenders going to the graveyard just for relocates and migrations then do not allow them to go to the graveyard anymore. stop this crap.

    I am been punished of forced mergers.

    This is all your doing Game Forge you make one mess after another . keep up the good work in stuffing up this game even more.

    New universe Alpha: 8x eco, 16x research, 3x fleet

    New universe Beta: 8x eco, 16x research, 4x fleet

    New universe Gamma: 6x eco, 12x research, 5x fleet


    Why open new unis to replace existing unis??? Quantum, Bellatrix ,Oberon, and Dorado Exodus :youcrazy: Are you nuts??? :headbanging::headbanging::headbanging:

    Make's no sense to start up 3 new unis when all the inactives will go to the graveyard and the new unis will have nothing to farm.

    keep the old unis

    Uni 1




    Dorado This is a mix of unis so why mess with that :complaingrumble:

    Stop complaining, I save them up.

    It dose not hurt to leave them in your inventory, you never know when you will need it next, unless you plan not to grow your account.

    New players just starting out in a uni and have non will be grateful to get them.

    Its free stuff.

    Even if we get hundreds of planet fields, energy boosters or res booster they are all free and you can use them all if you use them wisely.

    I for one save them and can activate 40% booster metal, crystal, deut and energy boosters on every planet running crawlers at 150% and commander staff with high mines, the res are mind blowing.

    Others players may not have much in there inventory its not just about you, if you cant use them then choose something else moon fields, expo slot or fleet slots they all can be used.

    Or don't selected them at all and only collect the ones you do want no loss to you.

    The more I have the better my account is for the long term when I need them they will be there waiting to be used.

    I am very grateful for the rewards we get nothing is taken for granted thank you Game forge for the rewards events :flowers:

    Damn there no stopping a freight train at full speed ahead.

    Congrats on the many hits you done on this one player over and over again.

    Defender all i can say is hit that space dock repair button and RUN. Vmode, stay there until merger comes or hit the graveyard.

    The same goes for everyone in Oberon he cant hit whats in vmode. Don't come out until its safe and atm there is nowhere safe in Oberon. While the freight train is in town.

    He will get board and move on if there is no one to hit.

    Save yourself live today fight another day. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    As the saying goes what goes up must come down.


    Your vote is a bit to a merger, yet you want uni 1 to be a target.

    I don't want a merger full stop. But Game forge will do what they wont regardless. So uni 1 should be a target uni.

    my vote is not strange its the alternative if a merger goes ahead for uni 1

    and my vote is

    For uni 1

    fleet speed 1x

    economy 8x

    research 16x

    df 30%

    probes storage ON

    But if you want to merge us again, OK, I guess? But if you do, please do not make us do higher war fleet speed than 1x, and especially not DiDF.

    If they did this we would all end up in Dorado. The only other 1x speed uni in EN server that would be bad everyone will just quit.

    Dorado is 1x peaceful speed ,1x eco 1x research it will take you mths if not years to finish off a research.

    No to merger.

    Make uni 1 a target uni not an exodus thats a very bad idea.

    Uni 1 is alive and kicking why would you mess with that ? leave uni 1 as it is.

    No to merger.

    Merger for EN was less then 12mths ago and as it seem they are pushing us to merge again. This should spell it out that mergers do not work.

    U1 - change it to all standard

    Target2: new universe x2 speed + standard settings

    Target 3: new universe x5 speed + standard settings

    This way the players would finally decide the settings of the universe with polls (except for war fleet speed that it's the initial setting of the universe)

    I have played in Dorado and I hated it.

    I like 1x speed uni but 1x all no thanks, If this dose happens to uni 1 Game forge will kill off the uni and many players will just quit.

    i guess it will be a good excuse as any to get out of the game once and for all.

    So is anyone going to look into this ???

    This is so sad, one of the two best tools ever made. Thank you so much for the years you put into these tools for everyone to use.

    Its going to be missed if no one picks this up. Good luck in your future and what you choose to do.:flowers:

    Uni 1 is alive and kicking, so why mess with that?

    No to merger. its just a quick fix to liven things up for the short term then it kills the unis off again then another merger and so on.