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    I get what you are all saying its was just a suggestion and I guess its a bad suggestion, no harm ever comes to make suggestions.

    This is how we all learn.

    I appreciate everyone's input

    yes a cheater will always find away to win so you have all made a good argument.

    Thank you everyone for your input its much appreciated.:flowers:

    There is no need to keep this thread going.

    Please close the thread kewlness Rav3n

    Its all well and good that everyone is putting in there comments here its much appreciated :thumbsup:

    This post was created last year before the merger so it has nothing to do with the merger. or bella

    And nowhere did i say they are to be force to move, its a choice if they want to participate .

    I was suggesting to create an event server for the big boys and girls to show off there fleeting skills. similar to the Christmas event .

    Nowhere did I mention cheating, bots,DM or points as it is an event server anyone can join in. if they choose to show off there fleeting skills

    It is not ridiculous to make a suggestion. and or ideas It is a Suggestion I posted last year.

    Idea is ridicoulus and shortsighted . While for many some accs seem unfair competition and some really are way ahead, what GF could really improve is raising acs limit from 5 to 10 or make it unlimited. That should make a playing field somewhat fair at least it would give some fighting chance

    No its not ridiculous, its a challenge server no different then GF opening up the Christmas server for the mth.

    The only difference is big accounts get to merger into the event server and show there fleeting skills, I do not see anything wrong with that it will bring back some competition between them and liven up the community.

    As for the ACS well that can work both ways so best to leave it as is :thinking:

    With General class when you attack and loose a % of ships, you will see in fleet movement ( friendly fleet ) that is your destroyed fleet returning to space dock from where you launched your fleet. When they land activate your space dock to repair your ships.

    Friendly fleet dose not take up fleet slots.

    It's the players like Galactus which is the problem which is GF own fault in the first place and forgot one thing is being a bully aka one of those keyboard warriors

    Yes so true. Ive seen the 4 waves of 300,000 rips attacking just to bash in def this is ridiculous. :deathstar:

    I do not know what He/She is trying to prove ???

    Like I said before, these big boys need a uni all to themselves, so they can show off there fleeting skills .

    GF should work out a % on these big accounts so they can not just attack anyone they feel like.

    Either something similar to the noob protections? There should be limits put in place for these accounts for sure they know they are untouchable and will kill off each and every uni they go to.

    So make if fair for everyone to play the game or give them there own uni to play with.

    I did suggest a while back in fact I made a post on the subject for the big boys and Girls. :stick:

    As from last merger unis are now unbalance with massive fleets and points that have moved into a few servers now unbeatable accounts not to mention that they know about it and decide to throw there weight around to prove that they are untouchable.

    Well I don't care much for points but fleet hell yea no one can defend 1million rips flying at them :deathstar:

    I suggested that GF should create a universe just for those untouchable accounts including the big boys in the test server and in the graveyard they should go to such uni and smash it out and let the little guys play and we can watch them battle i out on the forum and see who is the winner

    The link below is my original suggestion that clearly GF must have miss this one??

    So why not do this ????

    Creating a Challenge universe for the Big Boys / Girls

    I log into rewards same issue checked my other accounts and just like magic its now gone on all my accounts so where did rewards go did they get removed ?

    By any chance did you move from Cygnus into one of the targets that isn't Oberon? If so, I suspect the reason for this is because of the bonus fields stat. For Cygnus (and Oberon), the bonus fields option is set to 31, but is 30 for all other targets, so this may explain the 1 slot discrepancy.

    yes my account came from Cygnus so all good just wanted to know and thank you for your answer and hard work to keep up with us all :)

    Dumb question from me - is it possible you used a planet fields item previously?

    If you could drop a support ticket for me so I can check some things I would appreciate it - just PM me the number.


    all sorted the account came from cygnus and thanks for your hard work to keep up with us all :)

    Hi i just merged into another uni so that went swimmingly well. :thumbsup:

    However just a little nit picking nothing traumatic but I do have a question :?:

    I had some new planets without moons as I was aiming for bigger planet fields. I did however notice that my planet is no longer a 331 fields its now 330 field same with all my other planets.

    They all lost 1 planet field each its not worth the fuss, But just would like to know why this happened ? or is there a max of fields the uni I went to has :?:

    question is how many of 1k active accs are "live" accs.

    There is only one way to find out and that is to start up an account in Volans and play it.

    You will soon know how many of those hundreds of accounts are alive or dead :rofl:

    I play there so come and join us, thats the only way to find out for yourself. and have fun fun fun :fatgreengrin:

    In all fairness this merger is the best I have seen so far we have many choices to choose from so good work GF and piink fleet speed is the most important of them all.:love:

    I have several servers going to be exodus and I can choose out of all 6 target unis ,:thumbsup:

    Its a given not everyone is going to be happy with mergers. I know I was not happy with passed mergers myself.

    But i can not complain this time. This merger has ticked all the boxes for choices on fleet speed.

    As for the rest if its not good for you, you can always see about a poll to change settings that you would prefer or go to the graveyard and wait it out until you find a server that will suit you best, but keep in mind merger will come again as unis get tired and boring.

    This merger will bring new life back into the servers this round . Be it long or short lived its going to be fun so remember to fs to those that got to complacent and lazy :missilelauncher:

    Beware of what is lurking in the dark .:sniper:

    Thank you

    What happens to active accounts that do not selecting a target uni? volans is not an option as once you are there you can not leave :crying:

    Will these accounts go to the graveyard ?

    As we are merging do we have up to the 4th of April to decide where we want to merge to ?

    Will these account all be merge in 1 day or staggered over the next 2 weeks ?

    No one will be happy with merger that is true, but it has to happen and it's going to happen whether we like it or not.

    Once you have choose a target uni and if you do not like it for whatever reason get paid DM on your account vmode it and send it to the graveyard, wait it out until you find the perfect specs for you.

    I am just going to go with the flow. I will play the merge uni whatever that maybe for a while, if I don't like it I will just send the account to graveyard, then see what are my options are.