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    I can not merge my Aquarius with my target zibel i am tired and frustrated with this its not just Aquarius its also kalyke and if we put in a ticket and they manually move us we will loose any free relocate commanders and items i will try again tomorrow goodnight

    my fleet just landed in Galatea i can not move to Dorodo i can go to belletrix or fenrir and i only have wait for it, a massive 3 million points what a joke this is so dumb and i am going to be wasting more of my time and pulling out my hair to put in a ticket please give me a break GF get a grip and fix it

    Points have nothing to do with it

    You will have to get every one in Virgo to voice there views on this matter as we have done, some have even decided to delete there accounts due to this horrible merger I have 4 accounts affected by this merger and this is only part 1 I will also be affected in part 2 and I will jump up and down and complain as well our unis need the fleet speed we have chosen changing them we die or quit or vmode forever this is a sad week for the community GF need to fix it do not change fleet speed unis for faster uni we have set out fs to our life styles this has not been thought through give group 1 here 1x uni as well. Oh by the way i am in group1 and 2 so i say do not change fleet speeds :headbanging:

    I do not see why we can not have a 1x fleet uni the new uni is a 1x fleet its a shameful act on GF:nono

    I have played most slow unis Aquarius,kalyke and Galatea I also played in Fenrir, Oberon, Himila but I quit as to fast and not enough time to play. This is a punishment for people that have a real life outside of ogame I have put all my accounts into vmode I have to think about this and with all the bugs you have in game GF can not even fix them they are just so focused on destroying ogame. :Vomit:

    We want slow unis we choose to play in 1x fleet speed so give us that its so unfair

    I am vision impaired and this is a double punishment for me I need time to see the numbers and move fleet when under attack i can not just click on a button and its done i have to work out so i dont get killed thanks so much GF you made my day don't know if i want to play any more :freakout: