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    The high deut consumption mean that I would never be able to field HF in any meaningful number. For the same cost it's better to build a lot more LF and give your capital ships more protection. Sure the HF has its use, but it's very situational. Wealthy players may keep a decent HF flotilla as a sidekick, but for the average folks it's hard to justify building and maintaining one.

    Post patch stats. Enough?

    Such an elite on the forum. X7 eco, old uni, plenty of inactives to farm, and yes here he is lmao.

    If you want live evidence about class doesn't matter, check out my fella ELLA of N-A alliance, who's a collector and could farm more stuff in 1 day than my discoverer ass doing expo in a week. Or any active RIO members. Or any active players that know how to play. Here there're only cry babies, they have no concept how to progress, how to make profit, just endless whining.

    Your logic is ridiculous.

    Discoverer have to spend large amount of time farming inactives and doing expos. I dont want to mention the logistic involved behind that but simply put, a Discoverer can't effort to be lazy. He has to be active and play consistently, otherwise he has no advantage over others. How much effort do Collector require? You build some crawler, some sat or fusion, then some def. You then sit and wait 12/24/48 hours to collect the res to dump into the next batch of mines. You could spend about 1 hour a day and still good. Ahead of everyone. If a Discoverer want to keep up he will need to be active much more. And General even more.

    And lol at you thinking Discoverer don't invest in mines. People invest in either economy or military, whichever suit their playstyle. Just because I'm not at good as a Collector at production doesn't mean I can't invest in mine. My mines is in the 40s now, so according to your logic I'm a collector right? :rolleyes2:

    Hell even General can choose to invest into mining if they want. Who could deny those sweet daily deut? Unless you're in the blue for most of the time then it's always a good thing to have some mining going on.

    This is fact. I dont care if you like it or not. And you sir know nothing about expos, so dont talk like its the end of thing. Its good as what it is now, definitely not overpowered, and there's still the risk of not finding anything (which I have to admit has happen much more frequent than my liking) or getting your entire armada blow up.

    I love downvoting bullshit btw :thumbsup:

    I just checked again. They first announced it on August 16th. Now it's nearly 3 and a half month since then, this is an abnormal long time for an update to be finalize, consider the production time post announcement. Wonder how many people are working on it?

    P/S: I say it long when comparing from other games I played. May not be very accurate if you take into account the inexperience after so many years not pushing out big new contents and the ogame team's size is relatively small.

    The buff to expo results allow for a more lay back play style as well since I just need to look at my pc once per hour and still get a lot of res. Honestly before this patch thinking about broking my back farming inactive for days already driving me insane. I can do it for now since I'm unable to do anything else, but not for long. This change would benefit me and other people in the long run.

    On the other hand the buff to crawler looks very tempting also. Mines mean much more so I can just be idle and still have meaningful progression. Hmmm

    you realize that after like 5 days discoverer will give you lower income than the 50% loot stuff simply because it will take longer for the inactive to refill?

    Could be if more people start farming inactive after patch.

    Right now I have frequent full 300 small cargoes raids each day. Leave them for about 24 hours and they filled up again. Quantum is just so rich :thumbsup: