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    agree. with cloudy bot, even a newbie is power overwelming.

    we can choose not to play :smile2:

    I don't think they have an effective tool to test if that's a bot.

    but even with human eyes, how can a player active for 24 * 7 ?

    no, they do nothing.

    although not my main account, but indeed my other small account, so can you ban all the bots, can you?

    I hope so. but I know nothing will change.

    surely bot is permitted.

    I have complain a 24*7 bot for more than 1 month, but anything happen? no. SGO told me that he is a very clean player, a so good player that can stay before computer and reflesh his account every minute :)

    and how do I know that he is 24*7? just because I use another 2 bots myself to record it, LOL.

    the game is becoming so dirty while GOs are still playing dumb and forbidding discussion about it.

    just like Trump.

    Misleading information and admitting to cheating. Warning. Cassandra

    why do you think a new player can pass the top player by exp?

    do you really know what does geometric progression growth mean?

    The old king will remain their position in the new days.

    They spend more money and time in ogame. Why do you think they will be weaker than newbies?

    Before V7, I'm rank 1 in my Univer, and after V7, I'm rank 1 too.

    The only difference is that there is a growing gap between me and the lower player.

    ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— ————

    Why do I hate exp?

    When my team plans and execute on a big target, it may take weeks and a lot of preparation, and finally it's 100b TD, which everyone enjoy the joy.

    However, all we have to do now is exp, we build, send, recycle, meet black holes and rebuild. I can complete more than 100b TD in a single day, which is really a mockery to all the efforts in the past.

    From my experience clock works in seconds, there are no milliseconds. If 2 fleet movements have the same second timing then what is sent first will land first.

    For example, if you send recs before your attack fleet and time them both same second then the recs wont harvest any DF cause they will arrive before attack fleet.

    In this case I would guess that the attack fleet mission was created while expo fleet was in deep space and expedition return actually reset the timer and changed the fleet landing order making the attacking fleet in front of the expo return. Just a guess though, but its only logical explanation to me. Been a while since I tested same second fleet movements so might be wrong.

    SGO reply to me, there is no rule of "fist launch first arrive", even in the old days.

    so if I want 100% hit , I need to time 1 second later. otherwise I may miss in the same second.

    I'm really puzzled about that. what he said is quite different with my 16 years experience.




    what I think is same with you :)

    no one would buy DM, with the DM from exp, and cloudy bots, and market pushing, we can do more :)

    piink Any answer on this?As i said before before doing merge,there are bigger problems to solve.Bot ,script users and players that grow in month few hundred million points..with all multi accs they have.Until you piink stay inactive on the board this game and this community will vanish in few years.As Coma you need to do something with your collegues in GF,or just money matters from some players even if they are cheaters?

    when a new player come, he pay for a bot, and then use the bot to exp 24 hours, buy comander with DM from exp, needless to buy any more, he is very happy.

    I don't know where GF earn moeny from? except GF develop the bot themselves :)

    1. 0.5% duet comsup ( most important)

    2. many accounts building battleship and sell them in market ( The faster capital flows, the higher profit )

    3. he can exp 24 hours per day ( we all know what does it mean)

    1. Actually, 60%. And x3 fleet speed, which isn't optimal by any means. Just started early and never used a bad composition.
    2. That is correct, and scaling is a big factor for exponential growth @ expos.
    3. It means that I don't need to fleetsave, and lose sleep to do it. Not 24 hours per day, either...I clock about 100 expos a day, which is 12.5 waves. 24 hours would be 16 expo waves, if you account for delays, probably something like 15.

    0.5 and 6x is best.

    I'm in a speed 3x server too, but I can only exp arould 80 waves per day :竖起大拇指:

    no you are wrong, to exp with DS is not a good idea.

    our group start exp some months before, but until now, it's still too bad. see the picture. the point growing is very diappoint as DS loss too much in black hole.

    why the world top 1 grow so fast. I think :

    1. 0.5% duet comsup ( most important)

    2. many accounts building battleship and sell them in market ( The faster capital flows, the higher profit )

    3. he can exp 24 hours per day ( we all know what does it mean)

    As I know, the world top 1 use weapon 3 battleship to exp :)

    and surely the exp is exponential growth, so now he is 18B points, and some weeks later he will be 180B points :)


    about bot and market push, I think we can't talk too much here, on a board lack of speech freedom, talking too much would lead to lock and ban.

    GO will tell us they are doing the case, but always nothing happen, so I think it's time to bot ourself, or leave the game :)