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    Its 1991 and I just seen this band play at my local student Uni bar. I never understood why they didn't explode and become the huge band they deserved to be.

    They ended up tours with the artist Seal as his back up band. The interwebs claim no reliable knowledge of them after 1992. Their percussionist joined a band called " M People" by 1994, and that band is still together. I found no other mention of the other members. The search was complicated by the fact that "Natural Life" is apparetnly the name of a company that produces hair bands. :kpinch:

    Love this song, even if the video is a little....IDK WTF the video is...but enjoy the song.

    Answer may not directly relate to issue and will be entirely due to the whimsy of said user. If you are reading this I do not only own your soul but you have been buttsecksed too.

    2. Nah horse shit.

    Does this mean we can assume that you have tasted unicorn poo, and can we also then assume you have tasted horse poo so that you can actually compare the taste of these two poos?

    Addtional follow up question: Exactly how many poos have you sampled so far?

    Cassandra Vandales well deserved, at some point you worked hard on basics and then built upon it with conversational. Meanwhile, I did a fast food run at lunch and while I swear the guy was speaking English, I'm not sure the words he had haphazardly jammed together formed a proper sentence.

    The Abjuration of Joy You're a politician of sorts? That paints a much clearer picture of you now. I have so many jokes about those in office, but they are somewhat clumsy and low brow. . . I don't know where to begin.

    Largenton : Back on thread's topic:

    If you could be a hobbit or an elf for 24 hours, which woudl you be, and why?

    Before all the Avengers movies with those goody good guys there was a hero that was standing in the shadows.

    The Day Walker . . . born half vampire, half human, the duplicity that could save or destroy the world. Good thing he was on our side. . .

    Here's a song about that duplicity that was in the film

    I have to interrupt this thread of "lesser known" songs to remember one of music's best guitarists who passed away yesterday.

    I grew up with Van Halen as back ground music for many years...sad to see such talent pass on. :crying:

    I never imagined writing one of these threads, but I think the time has arrived for me.

    Lately my real life career has been doing really well but the responsibilities have increased so my available time has been less and less.

    For me, the game has also become unsatisfying to play because of various policies and updates that have come along that don’t match what was fun for me in the first place.

    I don't want to be that player or staff member that is resented for not pulling my weight, so better to move onward.

    I have had a fantastic time with Ogame for over 12 years, and there are so many people to thank for this that it would probably exceed the character limit if I listed them all. I would also likely forget someone important and I would never want to slight any of the people that have meant so much.

    To all of the community you have been and always be my kindred spirits as we all share a common ground.

    I will be around from time to time on the boards, and I am not going to say I’m done forever. You never know, things may change and I may return one day.

    Until then, love you all, you're a family to me.

    I would suggest checking your facts next time, though. If you want to know more about how dysfunctional the US parties are, there's some scholarly work and also more recently a three-piece podcast from FiveThirtyEight:

    You found something on the internet...woo-hoo, just because it's in the media doesn't make it valid or true.


    Best just to call me hopelessly naive and adore me for it, you'll find it more rewarding