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    As for pay to win and inactives… it is entirely possible to reach 80 million points in 2 months now, even without a heavy DM investment. The last new universe I started I was at 70 million points after 8 weeks, the only DM spent was what was given at the start of the universe and through rewards.

    I'd love to see you get to 70 million points from 0 in 8 weeks. It took me almost 3 months to go from 56M to 100M points now. Maybe because I'm not investing in a fleet, but still

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    I know there are plenty of inactives, people with accounts in Graveyards...

    I would like to take over any of those accounts, and develop them as my own. Currently playing 2 unis, 1 acc has over 100M points, the other one I started about a month ago...

    I am an experienced player, mostly miner, but at some point I convert to fleeter, if there are active targets, of course.

    Please PM me here.

    Insane profit man, do you have any bigger ones to post as well?

    oh wait....

    Bragging about hitting a newbie.

    The attacker(s) made a profit of units.


    You and Eternity are literally the most toxic people I met in Ogame. You're the reason players leave the game.

    Someone new joins? Ohh, better send a couple of rips. Someone has a small army. Ohhh better spy 24/7 till he goes to 0.

    Woopw I'm so good look at meeee!

    well, you're right on the probing aspect. It indeed is very basic function of the game. But after a while, it just gets annoying. I know he's looking for a profit, everyone is. I'm not upset, it just seems ridiculous waking up and seeing 30,40,50 messages and I get a mini heart attack lol.

    Y u gotra bully us like that?

    We haven't mentioned them, and it should stay like that. It's the situation with Amotion, he's annoying as hell probing us 2-3 times a day. And other things, and we wanna put an end in this...

    hey guys, I am looking for extra account in any community, any universe. Preferably miner, but anything will do, really.

    I currently play uni1 eng, but I was playing Andromeda, Capella on SLO server and on Yu server. Started in 2010, I have quite a lot of experience with ogame, on and off I have been active for 6 years and started playing aftrr a bog break a couple of months ago.

    If anyone is thinking of quitting the game, I'm more than happy to take over the account and build it up with passion.

    Please PM me if you want to discuss this

    EDIT: Not trading my account in UNI1!

    i am buying crystal, up to 750M. I can pay 100% metal or 75% metal 25% deut. Ratio to be negotiated via PM ingame. Ingame nick: StrlA

    I am giving away my account on Xanthippe, with 6 planets and developed mine levels. Small fleet for raiding inactives, about 13k honor points. Developed mines, and alliance members can send resources to boost you even more.

    I will be giving account away to someone with previous experience, so write a PM and I'll contact you.


    The game was unresponsive before, now it's getting even worse. Removed some features ("?" on Storage tanks, so you can't see how much it's protected and what next level increase it's gonna be).

    It takes anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds on my PC to do anything, but I can run all the latest games on Ultra without any issues.

    Now this attack ban... Fine, they said no attacks, only friendly fleets. Doesn't work. Expos, transporting, deploying doesn't work.

    I was happy to log back at 12.00, BUT HEY, some D bags decided to extend that to 15.00.

    GOs, are you serious about this? You release something that has NOT been tested before. You make players angry and then offer discounts to buy DM. You are milking the hell outta this game. No wonder player numbers were tanking in the past few years.

    Do something about bugs, listen to players. Test your s**t before you put it out live, and prevent all players from doing anything.