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    Hello everyone who play in Octans. e are a small clan with 2 members who played much in Ogame. We play in Octans where we have a clan named, DOM Unpredictable (DOM). Now we want to have new member who want to have fun. We play quite often and want all players who wanna have a fun game with others. We hope you will play so often you can, but the most important is to have fun, and if you have fun,, you will win! :thumbsup: Do an apply for DOM Unpredictable (DOM) in Octans!

    Hello! I wonder how much time you save to upgrade your jumpgate 1 step? I have noticed that before it was 10 minutes for J1 , but now, 12 minutes! Ogame do it more and more difficult for us, before you could pay for trade resources, but not now! My fought is to end to play after this server. But back to my question, how much time do you save for each level in jumpgate?

    In Janice isn't fun with us who wanna play far! The alliance NYSM attack everyone, most small ally which I´m member of. Just that that player is over 200 times biger then you attack yoy, is that fun? I hpe Ogame do something about this, one player can´t be superior! All of thr player and alliance must have a chans! And you at NYSM get war at the alliance near you, I hope you dare then attack us who is 100 times smaller... RoTT and his allies Lor4d Payne, XI and DJ and more is just some lamers who attack us small players. There is bigger alliance you dan´t dare to attack?

    Greetings sueco

    I play in Janice server and the server is great! But it´s just that 3 big alliance is attacking small player! So many have quit or gone to vac because of this. It´s a shame to ruin such a good server. Why can´t you high ranked player fight between you? Can it be so that it´s much harder then attack player long way under you in rank. I beg you, please let us have this server great and that we all being fair! :squint::squint::squint:

    Hello. Before the last upgrade you could send the recycles before the attack so they quite fit each other. Today it´s impossible. One in my ally said it goes with only they got hit by probes, but I can´t send recycles anyway eve the planet have been hit by probes and there are cry. Can anyone explain for me hot to do. Just going in to the coordinates and trying yo send recycles wont work as earlier. /sueco

    Please fix this shit! When I upgrade anything I must wait long time because the server? or anything else is bad. I paid DM once because I didn't want to wait, and then it worked! Is this something to take money from us players?

    I play in 2 ser ers and both are very lags! Have you moved the servers to the moon?:biggrin: I have a 100/100 line and it´s good! I must wait mny minutes to upgrade another when I have upgrade something else. This is NOT good, especially when I have bought much DM...

    Hello all. Since it´s not a forum for the new server, Mensa, so will I say that our alliance, DOM Unpredictable have joined the new server, Mensa. We recruit player who want to play and is online couple of time each days. Our alliance have played couple of years and the "commander" has much experience. So do you want to play in a solid alliance, make an apply for us! DOM Unpredictable

    Check our alliance site: DOM Unpredictable

    Hi! I play on Janice server and today I started on Mensa. Both server lagg very much. Example, if I upgrade met mine it said done but I can´t continue! I must wait several minutes! Do you have moved the servers to the moon??? I actually have paid much money because I haven´t the time to be online all timme, I working. So I don´t want to waist it because the server lags!

    One more things. We who pay, let us have some benefits, just a thought, it´s we who done that the servers can run.

    Regards, sueco

    Hi. I've been vacant for a while and the game has been updated. Now I don't know how to recall the ships when you want to cancel an attack. Is it still possible and if so how to do it.

    Hello. I´m sueco, I handle the info and management of our alliance. The alliance have fought in many servers with different players. We are a alliance who care for all members and we want that all members care about each other and the alliance. Now we are in top 15 and raising with just 8 members! We are still looking for players who is able to be online couple of days every day. Our alliance is DOM Unpredictable and we have a alliance site with private forum, team page, statistics and much more. Please visit our site!

    Hi! I know, I think, that to have a chance to get a moon you must have 625 light flight. What I wonder, if I attack my alliance buddy, what must I attack with? Maybe many light flights or more heavier ships? Can you specify it with numbers of ships and/or which kind of ship, and do I lose all?



    Hello Warning. I´m quite new, played since februari. Wonder what thi is, I have signed up but please tell me more. I hope you can write in Swedish!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: (joking...Maybe...)

    I just wonder why it´s so expensive to use DM on Janice server. In all other server I played in it´s far away so expensive to use DM to upgrade something.