I propose items which you cannot buy with money. For example: 50% metal booster for one planet if you have 30 consecutive log ins in the game. And so on...

    in my opinion, in the current form, fleet players gain a great advantage over miners, because their research allows you to increase the attack, reduce the combustion, etc. of ships, that is, increase the effects of the attack and the miners do not get support to defend against them? The miner becomes an even more tasty morsel, but does not get any spikes to defend himself. In summary, as a result of these changes, the miner is an easier target with more resources.

    That's why I won't play the game after the update. It's not a big deal. Some 200-300 euros less for GF a year. But they lose a constant player.

    Or players could just fleetsave their fleets and not become complacent, especiallly when there is a merge going on.

    If you are fleetsaved, and your res is saved you have nothing too worry about. :thumbsup:

    Besides Tizoc can just buy himself a new fleet, he bought the last one, it isn't llike he spent years and years building his account, he bought it by buying lots of DM and buying his economy, buying his research and buyiing his fleet.

    Is there a way to save your defence? I don't know one. So if you have spent building defence for years and a graveyard guy comes and destroys it - it's nothing, right? If the game is only for fleeters - then get rid of the option to build defence.

    And if the attacker decides to destroy you just for fun...

    Nice proposal for the ACS to be with more players to withstand and crush the INVADERS from other unis. And for the miners and defenders - MIDDLE FINGER! They just have to wait and see years of play and dedication to the game - CRUSHED by 34560789485672845 RIPS! Well done GF!

    Hello, ogamers! I have a proposal regarding the new Alliance Classes. I propose some kind of bonus for the players who are not in an alliance or don't want to be in one. For example - being able to see flying Trade Flights between players from alliances. And the NEUTRALS will be able to intersept them in the air (maybe depending on speed research), destroy them (or capture)/ :evilgrin2: or part of the trading fleet. Accessing percentage of the flying resources. What do you think?

    Things are escalating - this guy has gained more than 100 M points for a day and I think this won't be the end. I am waiting for the moment he instant builds 20k RIPS and start destroying everyone for fun. So - I propose to GF to make a DM free uni (can't buy it but you can find it only on expeditions and missions) like periodically. For example - each 4th uni - like 2 times a year to be non DM. And one more thing - it is discussed but again - why not one BIG SERVER for all countries (with option to change language) - for example 2 times a year - one with and one WITHOUT DM. These will be huge. And last - things I read in the forums - to be able to buy only SKINS for ships and stuff, not affecting the game - for GF to make money. What do you think about these propositions?

    :whocares:I decided to quit the Spanish server (YMIR) today, in less than a month of play. Why? Because number 1 player gained 50 - 60 M points in a day. When the normal players have about 10 - 13 M points in total. Now he has almost 420 M points. Number 2 player also tried to keep up with this DARK MATTER game but I don't think he will catch up (124M). So GF if you don't make something about this issue I am sure you WILL LOSE ALMOST EVERY PLAYER... :whocares:

    I hope there is something for the DEFENDERS in the new version - like new defence or upgrades for the defence. Not all players are fleeters.

    Really ... your bro/cousin in quasar has 140m points in def, if we launch worth of 500m rips on its, we are on a loss side and you are saying there is nothing for defense players x)

    Defense is unballanced and should definitly be reviewed by DF, but on a nerf side

    Having the IPM already limited to 20-25 (can be higher but the price of the building is not worth it) is enough for turle kind of players, you are just wasting res anyway x)

    I am worried about DM players (here I will be attacked) who abuse with the DM option. In less than a month #1 players has 231M points while #10 has 13 M points. So what if #1 decided to build 10000 Rips in 5 days - I am sure he can even faster. So - my point is that there won't be ANY defence that would stop such players. (SPANISH SERVER "YMIR")

    I had DM, why not spend it? I usually spend around 50 euros a year for the game. How much you think this guy spent? It's not the money but the impact on the game itself. I think there has to be a limit in buying the DM. Or calculating the points - if the player has for example 150% more points than the other player - not to be able to attack him.

    :whocares:I play in the Spanish server for 2 weeks now (since it started) - Ymir. I play almost all the time - sending expo after expo. Now I have 2.7 M points. No matter how much you play comes the PAY PART. How many points you think No. 1 player has now? Maybe 20 M or even 30 M. No - 130 M in 2 weeks play. So please CHANGE THE RULES or there will be no one left even in these realtively full servers like .es. What if you play - make defence or ships and the guy comes with 345678678954367854 RIPS and destroy everything you worked for? This is insane - gaining 30 M or more points for a day in 2 weeks play. WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING IT? @MODERATORS :whocares: