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    No - I'm a network engineer and I cannot think of a single time I had to use algebra to solve an issue.

    However, I did have to use a very small amount of calculus for a business proposal once.


    Dear Community,

    Wednesday the 16th of September we will have our next monthly maintenance.

    The maintenance will happen between
    10:00 and 10:25 CEST. but the actual downtime will only be a few minutes.


    Your OGame Team

    It wasn't a milk chocolate stout.

    It was a deep dark chocolate so not a lot of sugar content and more of a bitter taste.


    I could see the coconut adding a "sweet" flavor which I agree would be ghastly if that sweet came through...

    Understand, there is a subtle difference here.


    "You should use bot X and here is how you can get it..."

    is different from trolling a user who is already accusing you of cheating:
    "How did you know I was using gfSUPApowahs.exe?! LOL"

    Obviously, we will investigate both tickets the same to verify the validity of the reported rule violation.

    But this is also where the malevolent complaints parts come into play because you know the person being trolled is going to use that statement as proof.

    They will expect a ban because they have the :quote:proof in the cheater's own words!:quote:.

    Then they will be upset because no administrative sanction ever takes place.

    (Our investigation did not show any rule violations and the player was trolling with a nonsense bot name.)

    Because "nothing happened" we then get board posts where people complain about:

    • the staff not doing their jobs
    • how we are corrupt
    • how we are rescuing our friends
    • how much DM somebody must pay to have this type of treatment
    • etc.

    Some of this mistrust could be alleviated with a pillory.

    However, again, that is not our decision.

    Threads like this are a part of the job.


    If you have created a ticket and feel your issue has not been properly addressed by the GO, press the "Complain" button or ask for it to be escalated.

    We do not discuss specific cases on the forum.

    Full stop.

    Every issue presented to us in a ticket is taken seriously.

    We have to follow the procedures and policies delineated to us by Gameforge.

    Many who make tickets are absolutely certain another player is cheating or violating the rules in some way.

    The expectation is that the GO will immediately ban the cheating player as if the word of the accuser is all which is needed.

    Fortunately, we have to investigate every allegation and substantiate a rule violation has actually occurred.

    Sometimes, investigations take a lot of time which requires patience from the ticket submitter.

    These policies and procedures are there to protect every player (including the ticket maker) from being falsely sanctioned because of an unsubstantiated malevolent complaint.

    Also, we are forbidden to tell the ticket maker anything about the investigation.

    Gameforge made the decision all in-game administrative sanctions are to be hidden.

    Therefore, we must follow this policy which I know is not satisfying.

    I have said in multiple other places my wish for a pillory to be made available again.

    However, I must abide by the policies Gameforge has put in place.