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    Yes, this is a throwback to when it was an actual part of the bashing rules.

    The problem with this statement is,

    people think they shouldn't learn how to play the game.

    Too many people were trying to use it as a shield from being attacked.

    It caused a lot more work for the GO team than it actually helped anybody.

    For this reason it was dropped.

    I know it doesn't help it is still a part of the ticket system.

    But that is out of our control as well.

    And let's be honest...

    In the grand scheme of things...

    There are higher developer priorities at the moment.

    Like the new content we're going to be getting.


    So, to clarify:

    There is no such rule regarding obstruction of account development, currently.

    There used to be a provision in the bashing rule but it was removed.

    The current edition of the rules have been around since 2012 (though clarifications are newer).

    Learn to fleet save and learn to resource save.

    Those two terms do not need to be separate and it is possible to resource save during a fleet save.

    If you do not learn to do those two things and you do not learn how to adapt to new tactics being used against you, you will have a bad time in this game.

    Join an alliance or make friends with people around you who are stronger than you or have been playing a long time.

    Let them teach you how to play - there is no sense in reinventing the wheel and friendly old-timers who are already bored might like having your attacker as an extra target.

    I have now provided several solutions to your issue.

    It is up to you to use any or all of them.

    Good luck!

    Oh KingSize, stop being jealous.

    You talk of skill and yet, where are your top 10s against skilled players?
    I have yet to see you hit anybody who knows what they are doing.

    And unfortunately, you guys seem to have teamed up with DA and company so you can't even hit the players who have no clue what they are doing.


    Dragon and Djubre : Excellent hit guys. I wish I could have flown with you on this one as it would have been fun.

    deadly angel1 : :rofl:

    Tyler Durden Why did one of your multis rename to esio trot? I mean I can think of a few obvious reasons but I was interested to get your take on it.

    Good afternoon esio trot. I think you're confusing me with somebody else mate, I don't have any multis :hmm: If you have an issue or you feel I've broken the rules somehow then please let me refer you to the ticket system where an experienced GO will be happy to assist you.

    It has taken a while but we are getting there. :thumbsup:

    Payment bans can take some significant time to resolve.

    Sometimes the problem isn't a payment but a security issue.

    Please check your spam folder as you should be getting answers.

    You can also check the ticket directly.

    Always respond to the ticket (even if that means reopening it) until your issue is resolved.

    Closing tickets allows us to keep an overview of what has been answered and what is still outstanding.

    It doesn't mean we don't expect a response and it doesn't mean we don't want you to respond.

    It also doesn't mean we don't want to resolve your issue or that we are blowing you off somehow.

    If you find you are continuing to have issues getting it resolved after a good-faith effort, sometimes we have to get piink involved.

    Oh then u made it clear to me so sad that GOs and SGOs don't do their work here as they should

    If you feel any issue you raise is not being handled correctly,
    you are always able to escalate your concern to the next higher level.
    Since you believe the GOs and SGOs are not doing their jobs, the next people to complain to would be the Game Admins:

    hawk and Danimanza  

    Risks should be a part of expeditions.
    I'm not sure what you are sending in your expedition fleet, but you want to keep your attack power low.

    If you are sending a destroyer - send a bomber instead.
    In fact, 1 bomber, 141 LC, and 1 espionage probe will maximize your storage capabilities.
    It will also survive a tier 3 alien attack with a small loss of LC and maybe the probe.
    It will find every ship possible to find on an expedition.

    It might seem counter-intuitive with this setup, but it works.
    I use it all the time.

    Yes, losing your fleet can suck, but there is such a low chance of that happening with this strategy, that it can be practically disregarded.
    You will make much more than you lose.

    For people reading this who can't yet field the fleet I've posted, you can use this calculator here:
    Remember: Keep your attack power as low as possible.
    That will provide you maximum survivability.