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    Sorry, this took a bit longer than expected as it required getting somebody to look at the code.

    So, the fleet would go to its destination, realize the moon no longer exists and would return as already stated.

    Because the fleet is returning to the planet, it WILL be able to be seen on a phalanx.

    It works as if you sent the fleet on a deployment to the planet in this case.

    Dear Community,

    On Thursday, 23.09.2021, we will update the live and PTS rounds with version 8.3.0-pl3. This version will bring only some backend changes and some new banners for events. and PTS will get the new version starting around
    10:00 CEST (09:00 server time). For all the other communities the update will start around 13:00 CEST.

    Best regards,

    Your OGame Team

    V8 included an OS update as well as a code update.

    It was not a hardware change.

    The servers are still running on the same hardware they were before.

    Also, I can tell you the OS is most likely not the issue here.

    The issue is trying to fix the problems v7 introduced.

    You know... backend things.

    I too, have been seriously frustrated with server lag.... today I took the leap and reset my browser.... right back to nothing... a pita for sure, but after I looked up my passwords and logged in, the game was definitely more responsive. Now to see if it lasts. ....

    After an update, it is always a good idea to clear the browser cache.

    The browser should do this automagically but some days the magic just does not work correctly.

    Also, it is recommended to stay away from esoteric browsers.

    Gameforge tests Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

    Anything else (like Brave) might not work correctly.

    If you are on mobile, then I feel bad for you.

    Even Gameforge admits the mobile side of things is not working as smoothly as they would like.

    I am told they are working on fixing the mobile side as well.

    As for the lag, Gameforge is aware of the issue there as well.

    I know they have been trying to correct it and have made some improvements for some people.

    As for server performance, the servers themselves are doing fine.

    Each game has enough resources to do all the tasks necessary.

    The problem seems to be in the code which is why I can ask one person about their experience and hear all is well and I can ask one of you and hear it is horrible.

    Unfortunately, I do not have access to the code or the servers so I can only tell you what I have been told by those higher than me.

    Well personally I would love to see the number of items removed. When you put Ogame into Google, the first thing that comes up is that it is a money management game?

    It is hard to balance the items, but collectors/miners have boosters, which give a boost to production, increasing income. Discoverers can now but extra expedition slots, increasing their income. There is not much there for generals that have anything like the same effect.

    For me it is not about balancing the classes, it is how the game has lost itself, death by a thousand paper cuts.

    As there are resources which a player must manage (in other words, an economy) to build an account, it is considered to be in the money management genre.

    It is also in a strategic genre as well because of the combat system.


    So many games are going the EA way of microtransactions.

    It is just how gaming companies earn their income anymore.

    Understand, I am not defending it, it is just the current reality.

    That is a good question.


    The fleet would deploy to its destination, realize the moon no longer exists and then return.

    However, I will have to check with Gameforge whether the return would be the same as a recalled deploy, or if it would be as if the fleet was deployed to the planet and thus able to be seen on a phalanx.

    I've already poke Gameforge, but I won't have an answer until Monday.

    If somebody wants to test this scenario out on Bermuda, that might get the answer faster.


    You are correct, it is not there.


    Bonus planet fields from the exodus universe will not transfer. The bonus fields of the target universe will be used instead.