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    Give some examples about the “no clue” part please, because making just a statement is too easy ofc.

    Just go away you boot licking troll, everyone is tired of your crap. All you do is go BLAH BLAH BLAH and spam every thread just trying to start drama and start arguments.

    I guess that if we put graveyard as a target, it would be selected by many of the players on exodus, because that gives you the chance to go to another community or another servers in this community if your account is lower and you don't break the top20 rule. That would mean that targets are not active enough.

    Yes, there would be a mass exodus out of this community with the way you and Prongs manage it...but at least you recognize that people would flee here if given the option, maybe that should tell you something about yourselves?


    It absolutely blows my mind how People are bothered about eco speed so bad??? 1x or 8x everyone in the uni will progress at the same speed… it’s only fleet speed that people should surely have an issue about? And If that’s the case go to uni 1?

    Not everyone plays the way you do...some of us want to continue playing in 1x FLT/1x ECO/1x RES because that's how we've always played this game since the numbered unis. If you want higher ECO speed, then have at it but it's not for us. And if that means leaving .org to go to to do it then so be it, but at least give the option to go there in a merge and not via graveyard because the graveyard top 20 rule is preventing some of us from being able to do that.

    And IDGAF if people are annoyed by it, I will keep fighting for Dorado as I did in the previous two mergers where they tried to shut us down or attempts that were made to change our settings. If you don't like it, just keep scrolling by.

    Haters gonna hate! Don't let the trolls get you down P! We love you! Save Dorado!

    Are the polls some kind of joke?

    Well damn, Thanks ogame it's been a "mostly" wonderful 14 years, but it's finally time too close this chapter.

    PS: Just wondering what the point of this thread was, when they haven't paid attention to a single thing written

    This, all of this. The staff should all be ashamed of themselves for continuing to volunteer their time for a company that hates its community so much. Your silence condones it and we know alot of you on the volunteer team don't support these decisions in private or in the "special" forum. Use your voices damn it and save the players! Especially for those of us in Dorado, you are taking away something that binds us together as players from when the only speed was 1x. We will not play in your speed unis with our Dorado accounts.

    I was not replying to you. I was replying to the spam bot boot licker. You don't like what I have to say then keep scrolling but if I have something to say I'm saying it so you can stuff it in the same place you were split open.

    We all know you like the taste of boot. No need to keep advertising your love for it in every post you spam in every forum in every universe you don't even play in.

    Going blue and headed to the grave. I will never buy DM again or start a new uni. Whats the point if Game Forge is just going to set it on fire every couple of years?

    Going to de or fr, org can stuff it where the sun don't shine.

    And some people here really love the taste of Game Forges boots! Lick it up fellas, lick it so good.

    Mate please, of course he's not gonna do that. Sometimes you've to accept things in life as they come, I'm very afraid for you this is one of these things. Of course you can discuss things in a constructive manner in this thread but the way you do it now is just downright annoying.

    And btw, we have someone here on the board who's in rank above the COMA's and makes the important decisions. But as I see your behaviour here I think I'm not gonna mention him. Look around you, maybe you'll find him..


    ~Armand S

    Just ignore him P, he is a spammer that trolls the uni forums and brown noses the staff.

    i'd say sacrifising part of my RL routine and time to commend ppl for their effort after years and years of playing, since people of their own unis or allys don't even bother, thats 2nd word called" manners " but enjoy ur little legacy for a while ;) as i said same as danimanza did, if u dont like it , take a 60day vacation and go to your and make a mess there. Over & Out

    That is exactly what we are trying to do but they will not let PAGAN and Luki go because of the top 20 rule. You sound like a boot licker.

    Of course Dorado gets screwed. Most of the posts were pulling for Dorado but Prongs and Dan can't be arsed to save us. Looks like I'm quitting as well. Why the hell would anyone think putting Dorado and Dionne in the same uni with speed settings is a good idea? Morons must have suggested that one.

    Please use the thread to give your general feedback about merges, you can state if you like merges, if you hate them or how would you run them, but don't off topic or we will need to bring the warn/ban hammer :)

    Maybe start answering questions or get someone who can. If we are gonna pay for DM occasionally the least you can do is answer questions in a thread you all started by asking us for our input then ghosting us when we do.

    it`d be also nice to let ppl of uni 1 and Dorado decide their fate

    Prongs doesn't care. We can see that when he makes irresponsible "just teasing" jokes about whales ruining unis like Dorado and is only concerned about how he himself plays the game and not others.

    Doesn't even recognize the comments people here are making unless they puppet his narrative.

    Dorado will die and its players won't have a home with the same kind of settings to go to unless we go to the graveyard and go to the German uni 1.

    Dorado and uni 1 should be target universes so people have a 1x uni with 1x mines and 1x tech or a 1x uni with fast mines and techs. Then make speed unis for people that like that kind of thing.