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    Hello commanders!

    There were issues with the cashback event and some players didn't received 15% back as they should.

    We will be running a script to deploy the Dark Matter that is missing. Most likely it will be tomorrow and as soon as we have a time/date for it we will let you know on this thread.



    What is a petition campaign?
    It is a 7-day period where people can pledge with a 2$ payment that they are willing to buy the plush if it gets produced.
    By pledging in first place, the community support the development of a regular campaign later on, in order to start working on the prototype of the plush.

    What is the minimum of pledges required to start a regular campaign?
    A minimum of 200 pledges has to be made before the end of the petition campaign.

    What happens if the petition does not reach the minimum number of pledges?
    In this case, all Fans are refunded, and the petition does not turn into a regular campaign.

    What happens if the petition reaches the minimum?
    The date for the regular campaign is announced, informing Fans about the duration of the campaign, total costs of the product and status of the campaign’s sales at all times.

    Note: If you have any questions regarding campaigns in the platform, shipping, or payment methods, please get in touch with the Makeship support team.
    They will be able to support you better:
    More information related to how they operate can be found at their website directly:
    Here is an example of a petition campaign:


    Dear community,

    After more than 20 years of OGame adventures, we're thrilled to bring a piece of the game to the community with the creation of a plushie based on one of its staple ships. The destroyer is not just a ship, but a symbol of the countless battles fought, and alliances forged in the depths of the space.

    This is a special one-time campaign that is going to make the destroyer come to life like never before. It is an exclusive collector's edition, marking our first partnership with Makeship to make this happen!

    Once it's gone, it's gone for good!

    The Gameforge Team

    Hello commanders!

    Due to the issue affecting the speed of small cargos and recyclers that has been reported, will be part of the afternoon maintenance as well.

    We apologies for the inconvenience.

    The OGame Team

    Hello commanders!

    Unfortunately we will have a second maintenance on the EN grounds today at 13:00 CET.

    The game version applied on EN together with the rest of the communities will be 11.10.3.

    The OGame Team

    Hello commanders!

    Today, February 13 at 14:30, we will have a hotfix maintenance to tackle some issues that came to our attention.
    We apologise for the short notice.

    The OGame Team

    The new Framework Agreement (General Terms of Use) reflects what was agreed with the users with the introduction of the standardized Gameforge account - instead of individual accounts for each of our games.

    As for the game examples given with the resource packages there are no changes, the support team should be contacted and the report will be investigated.

    Hello commanders!

    Today, at 15:30 CET, we will apply the hotfix version 11.8.1 to tackle a issue that has been identified.
    There's no visible changes but unfortunately a small logout will be noticed with the deploying of the new version.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.

    The OGame Team

    Hello commanders!

    Thursday, 18th of January, we are updating OGame Mobile App with version 5.7.4



    • Added new player login rewards.
    • Added the Spaceport/Wreckfield recycle function.
    • Added a minimalistic version toggle for the fleet movement view.
    • Added a grid view toggle for the fleet selection.
    • Added player information to the ingame sidebar menu.
    • Added pictures to the recurring rewards tasks.
    • Prepared the app for a new avatar system.


    • The resource exchange merchant now only allows inputs up to the exchange limit.
    • Fixed the ingame account deletion not properly updating after starting the process.
    • Fixed not being able to see the reserved relocation spot if the player is on a colony.
    • Fixed recurring rewards bubbles overlapping on smaller devices.
    • Fixed the timer for the recurring rewards task duration.

    Note: The new version will be available as soon as it's approved by Google/Apple. Not all devices will have the new version available in the shop at the same time.

    The OGame Team


    We had a few changes on the
    Unfortunately due to lack of time needed for the old roles:
    - Danimanza will be from now on joining the Universe 1 family as Game Operator
    - Cillidan joins the SMods family

    Due to the activity, game knowledge and great initiative while SGO, ChaosK joins Yohdh as Game Administrator.

    The Team has been updated - the missing information will be added as soon as decided.


    Hello commanders!

    Today, December 15, we will apply a hotfix to the live universes to tackle some issues with moon desctructions:
    - at 13:00 CET Europa
    - at 13:30 CET on all rounds (Except Europa)

    The OGame Team

    Hello commanders!

    Due to a needed fix with the on the web version, the game version that will be applied is 11.6.1.
    We will bring it soon to Undae and then we will continue with the rest of the universes at 13:00 CET.

    The OGame Team

    Hello commanders!

    An attack block is enable on Undae until 14:00 CET while we tackle some issues with the login on the web version.

    The OGame Team

    Hello all!

    With the global activation of Lifeforms on all the universes the changes mentioned on the Game Design Manifest have effect from now.

    Batch 2 and 3 that are scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday, will also have Lifeform enable already considering those changes.

    The OGame Team

    Hello commanders!

    Attack block will be in place for the Batch 1 coloured servers (yellow and orange) until tomorrow, December 5, at 10:00 CET.

    The OGame Team

    Over the last year we were excited to follow players on discord and forums and watch how they discussed about their Lifeform setups. The discussion and the collected data that we regularly check did help us to improve the Lifeform update further. As many of you have already noticed we added quiet a few quality-of-life changes over the last couple of weeks for Lifeforms. With the upcoming global release for our Lifeform content update, we would like to introduce some smaller value changes to the buildings and technologies of some Lifeforms to put them a bit more in line with other options and choices.

    In the following overview we will go through the different changes and also give a small glimpse of potential upcoming changes for Lifeforms. Let’s dive straight into the changes:

    Planetary Shield

    • Building base bonus increased from 1.5% to 3%
    • Building bonus maximum increased from 80% to 90%
    • Building cost scaling reduced from 1.2 to 1.15

    While protecting your lifeforms is already a niche situation, we wanted to have a stronger option for those who decided to go in this direction. The overall maximum you can protect has been increased to 90% and the building bonus has been doubled, which should allow players to reach the new maximum more easily.

    Orbital Den

    • Technology cost increase factor reduced from 1.4 to 1.3

    One of our PTS balancing waves increased the cost factor for the Orbital Den. However, after collecting some data, we feel like the Orbital Den with the original cost factor was a good tradeoff for protection over production. The Orbital Den shares a technology slot with relatively powerful options; therefore, we would like to go back to the lower value to give it back its previous strength and put it a bit more in line with the other technologies in this slot.


    • Technology bonus value increased from 0.1% to 0.3%
    • Technology cost increase factor reduced from 1.3 to 1.2

    Supercomputer is the tier 18 technology of humans and must compete with the tier 18 class technologies of other Lifeforms. Overall Supercomputer is in a relatively weak spot since the reduction to Astrophysics shares a maximum limit with the research reduction technologies of other slots. In the first step we would like to make the technology overall stronger and cheaper. Additionally, to those value changes the current goal for a future update would be to separate Supercomputer in the future from the other research reduction options and have it as a standalone option which would allow for further reductions to Astrophysics.

    Rock´tal in their current state are the most frequently chosen Lifeform. Therefore, we would like to keep it unchanged in its current state for now.

    Chip Mass Production

    • Building base bonus increased from 0.3% to 0.4%

    For now, we would like to give Mecha just a bonus to one of their technology buildings. However, one of the potential future changes for Mecha goes in the direction where this Lifeform will receive a building bonus which adds a 2nd shipyard queue for those who have Mecha as active Lifeform. This should give Mechas a unique incentive to have them active on your planets, therefore we will for now not further push the power by tweaking values until we applied this change and see how the overall impact is.

    Antimatter Condenser

    • Building cost scaling reduced from 1.21 to 1.20

    The change to the Antimatter Condenser should bring Kaeleshs overall cost to reach the needed amount of population for the last technology slot in line with all other Lifeforms. With this and the other building changes Kaelesh will move into the top spots for “cheapest Lifeform to unlock tier 18 technology slot” together with Mecha.

    Cloning Laboratory

    • Reduced base deuterium building cost from 20.000 to 5.000

    The Cloning Laboratory received only a minor change to its resource costs. One of our plans for this Lifeform is to add a new effect to this building which will increase the bonus of Kaelesh specific technologies. Overall, the new building bonus will work like the tech buildings from Human and Mecha but only specific for Kaelesh tech. With this new addition Kaelesh should be able to boost discovery technologies further for the trade off that they don´t have any resource production boosting buildings like Humans.

    Vortex Chamber

    • Reduced base crystal building cost from 20.000 to 15.000
    • Reduced base deuterium building cost from 30.000 to 15.000

    Psionic Modulator

    • Building cost scaling reduced from 1.5 to 1.4
    • Building base bonus increased from 1% to 2%
    • Building bonus maximum increased from 25% to 30%

    This building bonus change together with the change to the Antimatter Condenser should work hand in hand to get the overall cost for Kaelesh reduced.

    Final words
    It was really a pleasure to watch and read all the discussions on how players build their Lifeforms and what strategies players like to follow. The overall goal for Lifeforms was to create this diverse experience where, even if not optimally regarding progression, players receive the option to build their personal OGame experience however they like to play. We hope the above changes add to this experience and that future updates to Lifeforms create an even more diverse experience.
    If you would like to share your opinion or ideas and feedback, please feel free to join our forums or discord. Player feedback is one of the major sources for us to help further improve the game and the overall experience.

    Best regards,
    Your OGame Team