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    Gaining nothing ?
    I play in a x1 Fleet x2 Eco uni with #1 on around 10M points and I get a profit of 4-6M Res (about 60-75% of as Crystal) per time I encounter Pirats/Alians.
    And doing 42-49 expos per day I get around 4-5 (sometimes more) Pirats a day.
    Its a huge profit.

    There is no cap on how big a DF can be any more. The DF generated after a combat is 10% for Collector/General and 20% for DiscoverMasterClass.
    And its been talked and tested to death in the MCO thread and 50 other treads on the same topic.

    Can we remove this feature i don't like DiDF unis. It does not feel original and it doesn't make sense either, how can Defense form a DF in space again?

    Or you could just choose to play on a server with the setting you like.
    Let us who enjoy it enjoy it and play on our servers.

    And if we gonna start talking what makes sense or not then the whole game goes down the crapper XD

    hahahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Just have to comment on the salt xD

    1, You might wanna look into a persons history before start yelling "you suck" xD

    2, Teamwork makes dreamwork. Since when is it a bad thing to cordinate with one or more ppl to increase/get the phat profit?

    4, Yes becouse honorpoints are so usefull in this game, how can they eeven think of doing a hit where they loose a few of them =O

    N1x, beutiful done as always :flexmuscles:

    They arent employed, they are voulenteers.
    They do things when they got time, and have a min amunt a week they need to put in.

    And where do you get the ide that you arent allowed to work just becouse of a vacation xD ?

    I had 5days of vacation last year, and spent 4h on each working.

    If a GO/SGO choose to login and check/act on tickets during his free time he is just doing GF and the players a favor.

    We should never expect anyone to work during vacations, but if they do choose to do so, then all the creeed to them.

    How am I supposed to know where you play :P ? You are in the Galatea forum complaining so ofc I take it as you are playing here becouse otherwise your comments makes even less sense XD

    There is a resone why each uni has its own boards, to handle That unis questions etc.
    Iam sure your own uni has one aswell :)

    1Reaper, 2000+ Pathfinders, 1 probe.
    0-72k res loss per fight and gets DF in size from 4,2M up to 7.9M.


    due to the update and the workload we have with it there are no server setting polls running for the time being.

    As soon as we can handle these again we'll announce it in the news section.

    and what about us who asked months before mco and nothing happened? thats just alot of bs right there

    Uni opend in April.
    MCO got annunced in August.
    I can almost promisee you they worked/thought of MCO before the annuncment aswell.

    Not realy much time there to decide to change the mainresone why ppl choose that uni.

    But what stops a playeer from creeating 50 diffreent gmail accounts and signing up with all of them one after another ?