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    As to my game experience - I totally agree. Im a biproduct of the freedom I have due to my friendship with those that are as effective as they are with their dark matter.

    Yes, of course you "forgot" to mention that you're friends with them so you have nothing to worry about.

    I really shouldn't bother responding to such comments but you saying its obvious that you lose your fleet if you lose all your moons, is so silly I had to speak up.

    Apparently, you also "forgot" how a phalanx works.

    You seem to be forgetting a lot of things. Here, this may help:…vent+memory+loss&ie=UTF-8

    I need to see the source of this data :d

    For what it's worth, i once witnessed a woman in her 30's wasting away 1500 euros in one single afternoon. She had a regular job at a factory, even a decent salary, but was riddled with debts. At some point she just vanished from sight. Nobody know what went on with her. Probably nothing good.

    I know of a few others. None of them are well-off.

    Mostly often, the ludopath doesn't even realize he's addicted until he's deep down into the rabbit hole.

    Doesnt matter if you spent a gazillion dark matter - you wont be finding fleets and hits without putting in the hours and work to figure out where the fleets are, what their routines are and when and how you can catch them.

    This couldn't be farther from the truth.

    If a ludopath wants to take you down, he will move all his planets in your systems with purchased relocations, then he will use his thousands of purchased deathstars to smash all your moons, and once your fleet is exposed he will use his purchased fleet, much bigger than yours, to destroy yours.

    But you know that quite well, don't you? You're just pretending not to know.

    Of course your game experience is great despite the ludopaths, you're friend with them. If you call for defense they're going to respond in a matter of minutes. They're not going to do that to you.

    It is obvious by looking at what happens in the forums and in the various game servers that it's a tightly-knit group of friends who know each other well, both in-game and outside of it. You're part of that group, therefore your game experience cannot be compared with that of someone who has no connection with them.

    But once again, you know that pretty well, you're just pretending.

    What you're doing here is called gaslighting.

    Then just not read any comments on the few unis I actually do play in? what kind of suggestion is that.

    If reading a bunch of criticism that isn't even directed at yourself causes you so much disconfort to the point that you're here whining to no end, then yes, you would do a favour to yourself by not even reading them.

    My suggestion is that those comments do not belong in HOF's, hits and the like.

    What does belong in it then? What should be there? Just a sequel of "GG attacker, FR defender"? If so, what's the point of even having a HoF section?

    By this logic we should just accept that the forum is going to be a place of negativity and toxicity till the end of time? that's what you're saying.

    Please. The word "toxicity" has become the favourite buzzword of professional whiners. Everything that even slightly disconfort them is "toxic" now.

    I'll tell you what's toxic. Insults are toxic. Threats are toxic. Racism is toxic. Sexism is toxic. Bullying is toxic.

    Criticism is not toxic. It's just criticism.

    The moment you post anything on a place accessible by others than yourself, you put yourself up to both praise and criticism.

    If you can't stand being criticized, don't post.

    You're discouraging people from buying dark matter.

    I don't think ludopaths are going to curb their compulsive spending habits because of my comments, but if they did, i would consider it something to be proud of.

    You're discouraging people from posting hits - and in that sense you're discouraging people from actually making hits

    This is pure nonsense.

    I really hope this thread can stay clean and constructive. Im only here for a solution - not to start another problem.

    A solution to what, exactly? To the "problem" of players expressing their dissatisfaction for extreme DM abuse?

    And your proposed "solution" to that grave "problem" would be censorship? New board rules that would force players to NOT comment negatively upon metal pack abusers?

    This is beyond ridiculous. Also, i cannot fathom how you can claim to be against PTW and, at the same time, are having a full-blown meltdown in the forums over players who complain against PTW. Doesn't it sound a little contradictory to you?

    This thread is nothing more than a temper tantrum thrown for reasons that we, normal humans, cannot possibly imagine.

    I have a much simpler "solution" to your "problem": if, for whatever uncanny reason you have, you are bothered that much by negative comments about PTW, then just... do not read these comments.

    It baffles me how weak the mentality of the below average OGamer.

    Normally Id absolutely love seeing a hit like this. Amazing profit - yet there's no joy in seeing this as it is brought with such a negative and surrending attitude.

    WOW. Trying to shame players into staying as a source of entertainment for the ludopaths is a new low. I wonder what else one could expect from you.

    Nice hit, attacker, and GLIRL. Unfortunately, these people cannot leave one single server alone. Their ego requires their obnoxious presence to be felt everywhere.

    you are the best, GF loves your wallet.

    and mods love you too, you pay their salary

    Don't you have something else to do ? Like cleaning the dishes or cooking ?

    Grab your man a beer and go next universe for crying

    A sexist comment like that? C'mon dude, we're way past this. It's 2024, that shit is not cool anymore.

    And if you want to retort but cannot find anything better than "you woman, go into the kitchen", then maybe, just maybe, you should abstain from perusing forums where civilized people are present.

    And to the mods - you need to sharpen up.
    You are letting every single thread be infested with these negative vibes of dark matter ruining the game. End it once and for all. This is your job

    Let me get this straight.

    You said you quit ogame long ago because you were dissatisfied with PTW.

    And now that you're back, you're throwing a full-blown tantrum and invoking censorship from the mods because you cannot tolerate... comments from people who are dissatisfied with PTW.

    How does that even make sense?

    You boy got everything about life and Ogame... I wonder who is more pathetic: us spending DM or you being still here complaining about that. At the end we are in the same ship :)

    Wait... are you telling me that you never thought about using Bermuda as a testbed? You did all your tests and experiments in live servers, using DM purchased with money? Man oh man, that must have been a... costly endeavour, to say the least.

    You know, what you call "getting everything about life" is normally called "being an adult". It comes with a few perks, such as the ability to see through obvious baloney, but it's not that remarkable.

    You might think you're special, but reality is, you're not. There are many like you, and they aren't hard to figure out. Their behavioural patters are simple. They've been studied and analyzed. They're similar to those of gamblers and... other people i'm apparently not allowed to compare you with, least i wish to be sanctioned.

    And thanks but no thanks, we're not in the same ship, and i'd rather things stay that way. You can have that ship for yourself, my place is among normal people :)

    If you think for one second you could do the same with the same amount of dm, you're out of your god damn mind.

    You keep trying to sell us the idea that these people are some sort of godlike Ogame strategists who can do things that we, mere mortals, can't even imagine.

    This is BS and you know it.

    Although i do not doubt for a moment that their method of spending DM has been perfected, honed and refined through the years, i can devise out of the blue a simple method for it:

    1) sign up a Bermuda account

    2) see what you can do with the 20M DM you're given, and take accurate notes

    3) delete the aforementioned account and create a new one

    4) see how you can do better than that

    Rinse and repeat, over and over. Through a lot of time, with trial and error alone, you will be able to do the same.

    The point is, normal people aren't going to do that.

    By normal people i mean people with a life outside of the game. I know it sounds cliché and "you have no life" is the favourite trope of the sore loser, but the point is, it has some truth in it. When you have a family, a job and you have to budget for your end meets, a game like this is just a pastime. You want to have fun with the game itself and with your allies. You want your game experience not to be ruined by compulsive spenders.

    What leaves then? A small minority of people so addicted and obsessed by the game that it becomes the preponderant part of their life and their identity. These are the people who will spend a disproportionate amount of time and mental energy into perfecting a strategy that, at the bottom of it, is about getting the best consolation prize from being suckered by the house out of their retirement fund.

    But hey, at least you can come to the board to show everyone how great and mighty you are because you countered an attack with an instabuild of 6000 deathstars.

    So you trying to tell me you didn't unlock Tier4 yet?!

    I can see you must have a lot of time to waste in silly activities.

    How about you give a clear explanation, instead of being vague and demeaning as you've been all along?

    This is not 2005. The general audience is not made of high-school kids anymore. You're not fooling anyone with your weasel words, buddy.

    I'm not staying here how much it was since you have no clue how Economy and Lifeform works with the game if used properly. In the end you would be surprised to find out that I even spent less DM than most top of the uni.

    What is the lifeform tech, or building, that makes you spend less on metal packs? I read the blueprints carefully but must have missed that one, silly me.

    It must be a very powerful tech (or building) to let you buy 100 billions metal (more or less) and yet "to spend less DM than most top of the uni".

    There is so much more to it, but it was already explained, what's the point commenting if not bothered reading posts? o0

    You can try to twist the argument as much as you want, but that's what mmorpg-stat shows, and you can't deny it.

    A sudden growth of 60 M military points right when the battle happened.

    If you have another explanation for that, i'm all ears.

    Now if you talk about DM abuse then it would baffle you how little dm has been used to do this ninja.

    I knew there would have been someone trying to downplay it, pretending to be "in the know" or something.

    Here's the defender, a growth of 60 M military points between 2 mmorpg-stat refreshes:

    And here's the attacker, notice it's the exact time interval:

    What strategy? What planning? It's just unpack -> merc -> put in queue -> insta everything.