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    There is no reason to ignore the elephant in the room.

    What if these people want to come back at some point or decide to give their accounts away and they come back to their defenses stripped and their planets relocated to random places because people wanted more easy profits?

    I really wouldn't mind them being unvmoded. Sadly i've seen what happens, and I'd rather not have it happen again to unis ive invested significant time in, because it's basically forced me to give up a fleet i've spent 3 years on and have made multiple (at the time) top 10 hits with

    Idk man, imagine what those bots i linked you in the ticket i sent would produce if instead of 800mil per day they suddenly farmed 1.6 to 2 bil :)

    imagine them bragging on their server with their skype accounts linked to their profiles (also sent in through tickets btw) and motivating others to start the same thing

    its basically how always has 50-80 people online during the day now :)

    It's clearly scrapped since no one gained military destroyed in that uni, and we all know the only people that scrap are Mike and Rocky :^)

    It was the bot farming that destroyed, not the un v-moding. THAT is something that GF needs to address.

    The bots are farming the unvmoded accounts because theyre all well built accounts instead of the mediocre accounts that usually drop off during the lifespan of a universe

    the average per CR there is like 2.5m resources lol. Before I quit i farmed for 30 hours in a weekend and made 3 bil resources, solely farming the merged and then unvmoded accounts...

    They did a testrun in and last merge where they unvmoded all inactive permavmode accounts with 0 military

    it totally destroyed which is now overran by 30-50 bots farming 16+ hours per day. is pretty bad too, but is saved by the fact that its lower eco and only 2x fleetspeed, compared to antares' 5x

    just saying :)

    edit: it was accounts with 0 ships even, so good top 50 eco miners that quit pre merge were ipm'd and are now farms :)

    but it takes literally 2-4 seconds to send a fleet unless you have a 10 year old pc or terrible internet? try using ago presets (properly), use enter instead of clicking to send fleets, close the page as soon as the last button lights up with ctrl+w

    I'm sorry but unless a fleeter pushes, a miner that farms inactives will become rank 1 after 2-4 years, sometimes even sooner. I can farm in 2-3 universes at a time after investing a few hours into marking which inactives at a time and still have plenty of time to bother NMA on discord.

    Anyway, thanks for the random insults Lord Reaper , it really made me convinced of whatever argument you were trying to convey.

    i still agree with the guy. my miners have maybe 10% of the time spent on them over the years as i would spend on my fleeter in a month.

    you just lack the perspective, its ok.

    pt work perfectly fine against stopping rips when combined with plenty of rl, in fact they're the best combination to build if you dont want to be ripfarmed.

    LF raids you just spam HL with a decent amount of rl/plasmas but not as much when just trying to stop rips :)

    defence has always been overpowered for how much it costs, what's the issue with making it slightly less broken?

    no one will build bombers still, lf farming is both faster and more efficient especially in high df unis.