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    I remember the skins that you could equip, honestly one of the best features that they had in this game.

    IDK why they removed it...

    Even if the argument was made to monetise skins for ships/defence/planets etc. They have never done it... And I would of personally spent money for custom skins/cosmetics over buying highscore points...

    Also the introduction to speed servers (2x +) split the player base completely to what we have today, dead servers not even a year in, and impatient type of players that demand more and more...

    -And my personal favourite the introduction of DM which killed over 50% of the player base within one month of its release (Well played gameforge), but ill respect not bringing that topic up.

    - My favourite memories where those 100+ alliance wars that lasted for months, it was very fun and super active having a thousand players on a SINGLE server battling it out...

    Sadly this cannot be replicated...

    I cannot remember exactly the date I started playing, but if memory is correct, around 2007. I no longer play the game, but pop in and out of the forums.

    Long time player, just came back to see whats up with the game, glad to know my account in Umbra has just disappeared even though I bought DM with cash like around 6 months ago before quitting.

    I agree that one of the biggest appeals was longevity in the sense that I could be proud building up an account from scratch that could theoritcally last years.

    But that really isn't the case anymore which is one of the reasons I quit the game, servers die in less then 10 months time, people either quit/move out to other unis putting me in a tough spot when it comes to motivation, do I join them in new unis, or continue playing in a dead PvE server? Or do I quit the game all together and invest time/energy in other games/hobbys, the latter is pretty clear...

    There certainly are a lot of bugs and server lag at the moment but if we actually encouraged people to play the game instead of complaining about the game it might help. I see so many people post about coming back and the replies are people taking sh*t about the game and they discourage them from coming back,

    What encouragement do you want to give to people when universes die rapidly? YES COME BACK TO THE GAME, but dont expect to have fun 3 months in a new uni...

    Id rather convince them to NOT come back at all then to waste time with false hope...

    Fk I joined UMBRA a few months back wishing that it would somewhat be active till today, (6 Players active at this current moment) :sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep:


    there may be a lot of people who now dislike the game but there are many of us that still enjoy playing and want to try and grow the community.

    Im not seeing anyone ''trying to grow the community'' when its at its lowest as its ever been, like quite literallly... Where for the first time ever, the new uni (Atlas) has less then 150 players active.

    So poor....

    I dont even know what im doing here tbh but checking for updates and lurking on boards once in a while. I dont even play in Umbra yet alone any unis atm, no one can convince me that playing in a uni that within 6 months time it will result with less then 10 active players is anything remotely ''fun'', its literally a PvE experience at that point, its been flipped.... :S:S:S

    oGame from being a long term investement gameplay wise, with thousands of players active months in the uni, to what we are seeing here a literal desert with less players that I can count on a single hand....

    ''Hey, maybe we should stop opening new unis, so that current unis can expect growth and reduce the rapid rate of declining/migrating players, hence making them more active for longer...''

    Well that idea perpetuated by literally everyone went down the drain...

    But dont worry, GameForge are listening to us.

    Games dead, I dont advise ANYONE in continuining playing yet alone entertaining the thought of ever coming back.

    The only players that I genuilely see/know that keep playing are clearly addicted and are in their own niche for example just turtling up for fun against no real attackers.

    Or just trying to accumulate huge resources to finally beat that top1 player that has dropped 1 grand on the game since the start of the uni, but has been afk for 2 months now..

    Zero incentive to continue, not even with friends to play, who are you going to target? an In-active ? fun.

    Even the moderators on the boards stay just for their power trip most likely they have nothing going on that is fun in their lifes outside of oGame...

    This game has turned asenine, sorry to say...


    I think the Proper respone to players that think of coming back need to anwser these questions for themselves:

    Are you expecting to play with an alliance that will still be active months into the uni?

    Are you comfortable with the PvE experience over the PvP?

    Are you expecting to play long term (6+ months onwards) compared to short-term?

    Are you ok with the thought of loggin in every day or two a few months in to a uni with less then 8 active players?

    I know most of you all are not from USA like myself.

    Just wondering what people think of bumbling Biden?

    Im not from the US, but looking at the media from an outside perspective...

    Hes pretty much getting a lot of flak that Trump has also faced.

    Although I think Trump got more shit for his ideas, but he put them forward and inniated on it. You can like or hate Trump, but the difference from what I understood, he is a go getter compared to Biden.

    Biden on the other hand seems to be getting negative press because well he doesn't really ''do much''. ex:

    -He sent his CIA director to Handle the current Taliban crisis whilst he himself was on holiday and didn't make much attention to the Afghanistan situation.

    Matter of fact it made the US look like a fool saying its willing to abdon their allies at notice once they got what they wanted from the 2 decade war.

    Putting even their Americans assets at risk with the pull-out and no plan of action put in place? hello.

    China capitalised on this with a photo OP with the Head of Taliban.

    Whats next for Taiwan if the Americans are all talk but no show? That could possible lead on to Bidens shoulder.

    These are just a few of the recent examples but from what I understood I think the Biden view (Media) is picturing him to be weaker compared to previous Presidents.

    Games dead, merges always come too late, and when it does, it clutters everything together, sure more targets, until there isn't anymore after less then 4 months play.

    Unless you are willing to play in new universes every time they open up, and/or want to stay in dying universes for whatever reason, theres no reason to wait for merges that come a year late...

    Games dead.

    Well, small update:

    Staying on topic this actual thread:

    I took a 3+ month break from Umbra, came back to a half ass dead uni, boards there have pretty much died, same for Tucana where I re-picked up the game after years of not playing. Both unis that I came back to are less then a year old by the way, and both unis having less then +15 players playing at the very moment which is normally peak time.

    Looks like the new unis that got released within my 3 months of absence, all gobbled up the players that transitioned to it, wether restarting their cash rat race etc.

    However its clear that each passing month, there is more players leaving then staying overall.

    I for one, do not find the motivation anymore to keep on playing:

    -The incentive to play in a inactive universe searching for targets galaxies away is frustrating quite frankly, unless your setting personal Defence Turtles/Mine records dead unis are well, dead.

    -Although I never was bothered by DM abusers, I do see the arguments, this was also a HUGE factor, as to what caused the games decline with DM being introduced, lets keep it a buck here.

    -The blantant cheaters ranging from all kinds of scripts and methods still plagues a lot of unis, to downplay this in any way or fashion to try and sugar coat how good the game is, is foolish.

    Whats more is that our only ''hope'' to save these dead unis, is waiting for these ridiculous merges that take ages to finally come to fruition. And by then, it fixes, half ass the problem.

    Once all these add up, the motivation for a lot of players start to dwindle to some degree at the very least.

    GameForge really need to pull the plug:

    -Either Make merges happen more often, so unis that have 200 active players dont die to 20 active players in a 6 month span.

    -Stop releasing new unis, admit that your company needs to gain capital elsewhere to support oGame, or don't do it at all.

    -Either pull resources in advertising globally, sure its a ''dead type of game genre'', but all gaming genres have player bases despite that should be capitilzed on.

    - In reality out of all the ogame servers, theres still probably a few thousand players that still put money into the game monthly, some ranging from small Euros/Dollars, and others in the thousands.

    Quote from Vigo

    Everyone knows this game is dying, some of them (like the one you're replying to, I assume) just have a morbid curiosity for the game they've been playing for more than a decade as it sinks slowly into irrelevancy.

    If it was Flappy Bird we were talking about nobody would continue to comment, but for Gameforge to run Ogame off the rails like it has is a different matter.

    GameForge gave us scraps through out the years, small updates here and there, finally a decent one with classes after a decade.

    The Workload in this games community comes from admins/mods/players etc. all playing/working to keep it entertaining.

    GameForge isn't your friend, there is no exclusivity, you are either at the top, or the bottom with us.

    Discover is a class for a starting server. When the economy reaches a certain point, it pays to switch to Collector.

    Thats if you are still bothered to play late game oGame when majority have already left the server by then xD

    Maybe im completely wrong, but maybe it doesnt work because the transactions hub is in Europe, so unless you are paying with international options such as Visa/Mastercard/PayPal etc, it wont work.

    Well you did state it was a visa gift card, so maybe my first point is blantly wrong.

    -As Usual, this DM topic has been milked and dry, let the cow die.

    -For the people saying its justified since its keeping the game alive and end of the day GameForge are a bussiness, true, but why make it a pay2win bussiness model?

    Couldnt they have been more creative in different ways for players to spend DM that isnt directly ''Pay2Win''

    (Ship,building skins/ galaxy,planet themes. UI to have an ingame profile picture so others can see, make it interactive. Have little animations that can be bought? etc.) People love to spend DM if it means personaling ones account, countless games have proven that. Yet GF have FAILED to capitlise and innovate..

    Lots of ideas throughout the years, all got ignored... Evidently

    -Who remembers the year DM was introduced for the first time and like 70% of the player base just vanished because of mass out-cry, I was there. its only been a slow decline ever since. :crying:

    -Its clear that GF doesn't really care as they have shown and proven that they wont budge and make a change for the better, its been over a decade now... (14 Years to be precise since their eyes turned green for money)

    -That being said, they have NO reason to complain and wonder what happened to this game, probably not that they care as stated. :whocares:

    -Yes they are other options such as ogame clones that have a healthier and steadier player base. But sometimes the community on oGame is what makes us stay despite the temptation to migrate to others. Something that GF has pissed on.

    -And to the moderators of all kinds, I have grown to appreciate you all despite spending a few years despising with arguments and what not. But hey at least you peeps talk to us.

    Honestly and Clarity is good. Dont beat around the bush because GF are not your friends at the end of the day. :crazy:

    As from that cool slap on Krygen, you Indi started calling them scrubs and a bad alliance seemingly just for the actions of a single player,

    Anyway, fr. Bye

    when a player resorts to saying vile shit out of nowhere and the rest piggy back off it, its kinda hard to play victim isnt it?

    And if you are associated with said person, you can only assume that their whole mentality is the same when they seemingly support it, or worse yet, dont question it.

    Edit: Matter of fact, I really dont care at all tbh, you know that gut feeling you get when you realise you lost your whole fleet?

    I didnt feel any of that because im kinda over the game at the moment, my emotions are no longer tied to the game, unlike BOPE that still evidently hold a grudge...

    Me and my group of friends have already said that in the coming weeks when we get sometime, we're going to migrate to other clones of Ogame, just

    to experience what it's like. we're finished here, there's nothing more to explore, whereas these other sites have new ships, researches, buildings.. hell, even premium choices to be explored.

    Farewell, I dipped my toes into some of them, definately some good contenders, and if you have a group of friends, the merrier.

    Im pretty much burnt out of oGame after playing it for 12+ years, im just mad at how each uni basically dies in 3 months, Umbra has around 50 active now which is sad, I do a quick look in each galaxy and the targets are becoming harder, either 70% are V-Mode/Inactive, or active but not worth my time in attacking for low res, the only thing thats keeping me going for the moment is reaching my own personal goals, once thats reach, Im not sure if I will have the drive/motivation to continue, and just might quit all together.

    Well very true, but it beats talking tomyself lol. Maybe someone will see and make an ogame clone that is going to draw us all away lol

    There exists already, with actual new ships and defenses, also more active then all these unis we have in org lol.

    The carrier idea reminds me of exactly the Protoss ship from Starcraft 2 that is called...: The carrier, and has the exact same concept of having thousands of fodder units, and just like you mentioned, cost a lot and are extremely slow.


    Like with the question why it's so hard to ban bot and script users - it seems to be so easy to spot, and yet it isn't so easy to ban from game staff side. The in depth reasons why can't be disclosed.

    Because they would rather milk the spending of their DM habits before they bring the ban Hammer down, was it coincidence that Giker, Wishmaster, Wronek where all accused from week 1 of UMBRA opening that they were blantly cheating (Scripting) Yet nothing was done until 3 months down the line after probably 20+ reports from numerous players, all the while their DM habits started to slow down with their massive whale fleets?

    Yeah I think over the years one thing I can bring with me is that oGame has taught me to not trust Polish turd alliances, they seem to have a pattern of having half their members on script duty...

    Jokes aside. :dance

    Forums are good because it brings everyone together unlike Discord where its islotaed via alliance setting etc.

    Also as you mentioned its much better to filter through posts/information on Forums then on Discord...


    --> rise of other ogame clone sites and the forums attached have already surpassed ogame numbers,

    Im actually surprised by the amount of people that actually play those clone games like oGamex, 600 active players spread over 3 unis, Not bad... At least they do it right by actually adding new content like new ships and defences and not opening and dividing player base every 3 months with new unis, leaving the rest in the dirt contemplating weather to v-mode until a merge happens or quitting completely :headbanging:.

    @catherdral :

    -Marketing plays a big role, I think we can all remember seeing oGame adds on the countless flash game websites, and if memory recalls I think I remember seeing ads on Facebook back in 2007-2009 if im not tripping.

    -The marketplace was a genuine amazing feature, but of course a few bad eggs that had found cracks and abused it meant that the rest of us had to suffer the consequences of it being permanently removed with still no indication of a comeback. (Hell why not ban the offenders from ever using it again instead of removing it completely.) :zerostars:

    End of the day GF have no one to blame but themselves for the huge decline of the game, sure browser games are not as popular, but it would be ridiculous to not think that oGame would of somewhat been in better health if it wasnt for all the BS that GF have thrown at us...

    Its like their putting a band-aid on a laceration cut, when it needs stitches instead.

    But hey you would be clowning yourself if it wasnt blantly obvious they solely care about getting fast money from suckers via new unis...

    -As much as we can argue that browser games are not the hottest right now, its also insulting to solely blame it on that, Travian is still going strong, games like Runescape are still browser games that are still well and alive today, Virtonomics, etc. and theres probably a handful out there still doing better then oGame. So I hate it when people say oGame is solely dying because browser games are not the ''flavour of the month'' type games.

    Of course they are not, but its not an excuse to hinder developement, if anything, just shows that they dont really care about the current players..

    -The lack of dedication from GF to move the game elsewhere such as current platforms like Steam was a missed oppurtunity.

    -And Hey, cool Creation from Legor, just to bad he didnt make any power moves when it mattered the most.

    -And sure you can act all mysterious with action being done behind the curtains, but all of that doesnt matter when they fail to keep the playerbase playing... :shrug:

    I dont know what more to say. :Q

    I just did a fast calcuation of all current online players in .ORG :

    Theres currently 1443 players online in 19 universes at the moment of making this post with Volans having the most containing 530 players currently online.

    (Inflated numbers due to multi accounts rule being permitted) so lets say each player has 2 accounts online atm, meaning theres probably less then 250 actual individuals online in Volans...)

    Remember when 1443 was the norm for 2/3 universes? :squint:

    I think it would be safe to assume that theres less then 6k players being active everyday in the ORG community...

    -Talking about players, why are the other communitys isolated? It just seperates the player base even more... (US/FR and other countries with their seperate servers) Some have more numbers then ORG. granted, but not by a large margin either.. Sweden having a rough time with only 6 current online players in all 4 of their official servers) :lol:

    -Forums barely get any attention apart from a post here and there, its pretty much a desert with the odd oasis of content splattered here and there.

    -Any critical ideas in reviving the game the past months/years just get shut down by moderators, with the hopes that lead to lies about gameforge ''doing something''.

    So it just breeds discussions that literally realistically ends up in running around in circles/ people arguing/ moderators shutting it down.

    Now a days nobody even attempts anything anymore...

    -STOMT was a nice idea, yet with all the good ideas that could of realistically been implemented, I fail to see actual results apart from 1/2 ideas that actually made it into the game..

    -Discoverer class is still the most broken class in the game by a long shot, despite the nerfs...

    -The amount of players leaving compared to new ones joining is greater...

    -and the 'new' players that do make an appearance are pretty much old timers that decided to come back for whatever reasons...

    -Cheaters are still abundant in every universe, even with over-whelming proof nothing is being done to combat it fast enough to the point that dead universes are just filled with obvious scripters still running on. (Hey we have been crying about two players that have been cheating since day 1, and only got permanmently banned 3 months in... To late for all the players that they have potentially made quit because of them...)

    -Players just generally seem de-motivated to do anything in game, its like a zombiefied state of mind, no movitation, no nothing, and you cant blame them when potential targets are just dry.

    -Gameforge should of sold this game to a larger company years ago in hopes that it would ''revive'' it and bring new things to the table.

    -Sad times for ORG at least, wouldnt it be wise to pull resources into merging universes and making other .us . pl etc servers into a one? At least that would motivate people in competing with each other once again....:devil:

    -as much as I love the game and have been playing for at least 10+ years, Im feeling like just quitting all together and finding other hobbys/past time gaming to replace ogame, because apart from playing expo/farming simulator, theres not much to do when theres not players to hunt, sure the rewards/tasks are cool and all, but its simply not enough to keep us interested, it gets repetitive...

    But :whocares: at the end of the day right?


    It's normal to see so much news accounts with 600M ressources ?

    Top 1900 with 600M of ressources without nothing is strange Oo

    This may sound irrelevant (Or not)

    But the other day there was this new player in our Uni that asked every member in our alliance for resources to help him out, long story short, he probably has 100+Mil of resources stock piled on his planet as a brand new account/player.

    Either he was genuine, or we got tricked by rival players that wanted to troll us lol.