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    I was expecting some feedback by you guys with something like, which universes could get a new merge, and a short proposal by some of you about which one should be exodus and which one should be a target.

    But I'll reply to most of your posts.

    As far as feedback goes, I think Game Forge made a mistake by not making Dorado an optional target uni for Xanithippe, Ymir, Zenith, Atlas, and Belinda. There wasn't really a huge point disparity between those unis and Dorado and many of those players were upset that they had to go to unis where they felt they wouldn't be competitive.

    The way we did on the merge was that any of the (war) fleet speed options were available, so players can choose the fleet speed they want to play. That can't be combined with several groups according to puntuation because we would need too many target universes (at least, 12), and the merge would lose the point. We can go in one way or another, but not both.

    That's about the previous one, but, at this point, we don't have too many universes so it's even difficult to go on one of the ways (unless we wait for a lot of new universes and we only merge the 6 older universes between them, not with the newest, but soon or later we would need to do it anyway...

    And if Game Forge would ever actually deliver on the merge token, reinstitute the marketplace, fix the existing bugs, and come to terms with bots before going crazy with "lifeforms" it would probably stem the tide of player attrition.

    Those are separate projects from the merges... they will progress or not, but we can't put them together as it would make them even slower..

    I would suggest to have all exodus unis be able to merge to any of the target unis or non target unis this way everyone can go where they would like to go.

    The last merge with the selection of different speed uni was done well, sadly not everyone could merge where they would like to have gone.

    All the targets should be available (unless you already owned an account on one of the targets). We had some bugs, but we gave the option to the players with that bug to send a ticket and choose the target manually.

    For instant Dorado was left out in the cold, they could not merge, or be a target uni for anyone wanting to go there, but that been said they can still go to the graveyard and then move to Dorado given they are not in the top 20.

    Yes, we decided to leave it away to the merge due to some player base suggestions (from that universe), as they are the only uni with all standard settings. But they can be introduced for future merges if people request them. For example as a target for Cetus, Dione, Earth, etc.

    On the down side with the last mergers the top 20s dose not count so this did upset many players with huge accounts merging into unis taken over the top ranks this was a bad out come for so many players uni 1, Quantum, Oberon and Bellatrix. I may have missed some sorry if i did.

    As previously told, we went to the "all fleet options available" way, but that can be changed for future merges if you want, and we can make two groups for example.

    We can make the merge more frequently, but we can't code something special for it. We can only set up fixed exodus and targets groups, so we can not make that suggestion happen in a short-time term (2 years at least), as they require development.

    About Volans, it was my idea, as we already had 5 targets with normal universes, and Volans is not good for the exodus (as the players there would land into a normal target with an account that grows up with allowed pushing and multies), so at least they can participate as the target, so people that want to move there to change to a chaos universe can do it. Also, people that already had their main account in Volans, used the merge to move some accounts that they had spared in the exodus universes. It's something that we could do because we had a lot of target universes but now we can't.

    Open new unis with eco/research x20 for a first year of uni. those might have chance to be competitive in future

    That can't be done. The maximum for eco is x8, with one exception as x10.

    Hello Commanders!

    Some months have passed since the last merge and this thread is too cold now, so I'd like to ask your opinion about the following:

    1) Do you think that the last merge was positive to increase the activity on the target universes?

    2) As we mentioned sometimes, we can make merges more frequently now... but , when do you feel we would need another merge?

    3) If so, what kind of merge would you be looking for?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    Dear Community,

    Tomorrow we will get activated in all servers a 6 days daily bonus through the reward system event.

    How does it work?

    Every day you log in in your account you'll get 100 tritium.

    The event has 6 tiers.

    Each tier will ask you for an extra 100 tritium.

    If you log in daily, you'll be able to collect every single day's reward.

    The event starts the 9th of July at 12:00 and ends the 15th of July at 12:00, all is server time.

    Best regards,

    Your OGame ORG Team

    We have a previous script similar than this here :

    UserScript: Bugfix FleetDispatcher breaks, Bugfix wrong cargo capacity calculation, removal of server call on fleet page 2 for that introduces significant delay (in version 8)

    So far, I could not get an authorization by Gameforge, and probably we won't get any as the scripts are supposed to include additional features and not fixing ingame bugs.

    So I will close this thread as the feature is already filled with the previous script

    Danimanza what's the status on this?

    Normally, the scripts or tools are developed to improve or provide features that the game does not include, not to fix a game bug, that should be fixed soon or later ingame.

    So, we have requested the approval to the dev team as an exception, but honestly, it would be a surprise that it is finally approved by the previous reason.

    I will give you the feedback in case it is tolerated.

    So we are just going to ignore this till highscore is about who has the highest gifted space dock lvl? kewlness  Danimanza

    Its already late but at least before next reward event is out put a lvl limit on buildings, research and other stuff that scale in resource cost with each upgrade.

    This was forwarded and theoretically, the reward won't be so ofter (like we had recently, two events in a row). It could happen again but with a lower frequency.

    Dear Community,

    From 17th of December till 31st of December we will have the next reward system event running.

    It starts and ends at 14:10 server time.

    We will have 5 tiers.

    There will be an event running in the new servers with different rewards and tasks than the rest of the servers.

    The daily tritium cap for new universes is 1200. The daily tritium cap for older universes is 1000. The amount of tiers and the required tritium per tier are the same values both in new and older universes. The rewards and tasks are different for old universes and new universes.

    Tritium needed per tier:

    1. 2500
    2. 5000
    3. 7500
    4. 10000
    5. 12500

    Players with all officers active get 20% more tritium per task/per day.

    Best regards,

    Your OGame Team

    Dear Community,

    On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of December , we will have a MOON Items offer (from midnight to midnight).

    ALL MOONS items (items for moonshots and for moon fields) will have a 15% discount.


    As usual, MOON items will also create a 40% moon chance during the event.

    Best Regards,

    Your OGame Team

    Dear Community,

    On Tuesday 15th of December we will have our monthly maintenance.

    It will happen between 10:00 and 10:25 CET, but the actual downtime is only a few minutes.

    Best regards,

    Your OGame Team