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    Hehe they also have t-shirts and sweatshirts, get your Lord evilsnake merchandise today and support the Lord of OGame and #MakeOGameGreatAgain :biggrin:

    You broke character in your last post, even the great lord evil snake is already breaking down in just a conversation with the confederation

    Lord evilsnake has no idea what you mean when you said he broke character.

    Lord evilsnake is not a character.

    Lord evilsnake is the real thing.

    That's true, Lord evilsnake is even described in Urban Dictionary :biggrin:…php?term=Lord%20evilsnake

    Should girls also have to kneel to powerful Lord of Ogame :):?:

    I've heard that he is really powerful and true Ogame savior so maybe they should :flowers::?:

    Hehe I think he would just be happy if you kneel for him :biggrin:

    Lord evilsnake is not happy with The Confederate.

    Is Lord Evilsnake referring to a group or an associate or do you mean the player 'The Confederation' who is a bit of an active sort?

    The Great One, Lord evilsnake, is referring to a person named The Confederation who does nothing but bully and farm the young, low ranked players who are just trying to establish themselves. Rather than help them out, he attacks and depletes them, forcing them to quit the game. Lord evilsnake does not tolerate this. Lord evilsnake is probably not strong enough to fight The Confederation when he arrives in Bellatrix, but his mines are very good, so he will have no problems building up a fleet plus joining with his Allies in order to teach The Confederation a lesson for once and for all. The King of MILFs will make sure of this.

    I'm not happy about that either, and I think he should help them out instead too :sad2:

    The Great Lord evilsnake will hopefully defeat him soon :smile2:

    Hey OGamere,

    Den 29/09 kl. 13:00 bliver OGame opdateret til version 7.5.1.

    Med opdateringen kommer der følgende:

    [Bugfix] Resources cannot be doubled now with a building or research construction queue.

    [Bugfix] Deathstars calculate the fleet speed correctly with hyperspace drive level 12 and 24.

    [Bugfix] The coordinates of exodus accounts will now be respected when they are available in the target server.

    [Bugfix] Long running queues in exodus accounts will no longer get stuck when the account lands in the target server in future merges.


    Dit Team


    Der er kommet en ekstra bugfix:

    [Bugfix] The marketplace goods are not redeemed automatically any longer when the trading partner deletes the marketplace message from their inbox.


    Dit Team

    Dato: 24/09

    Tid: Hele dagen.

    Event: Der vil være rabat på forskellige boostere i tidsperioden.

    • 5 % rabat på bronze items.
    • 10 % rabat på sølv items.
    • 15 % rabat på guld items.
    • 20 % rabat på platin items.
    • 20 % rabat på klasse items.



    Dit Team

    Hey OGamere,

    Den 23/09 kl. 13:00 bliver OGame opdateret til version 7.5.0 37095.

    Med opdateringen kommer der følgende:

    Rebalance of Player Class
    - As any other class effects, these apply as long as the class is active!

    General class
    - Fleetspeed works now in 5% steps.
    - 5 additional moon slots as long as the class is active.
    - Deactivating the class will cause the additional slots to vanish.
    - Buildings that use up these new slots will not vanish even when the class is gone and will continue to occupy the slots above limit.
    - Increased storage capacity for Recycler and Pathfinder.
    - The bonus is set on the base capacity of the ships.
    - The bonus needs to be active on the time of the event to work.
    - If the class is deactivated before the ships reach for example a debris field, the bonus will not apply!
    - This is a general increase in storage capacity, not only for debris fields.
    - The bonus is set on 20%.
    - Discount on finishing Ships with premium currency.

    Collector class
    - If both Collector class and the Geologist are active, you can use additional Crawlers above the usual limit.
    - You can now overload Crawlers.
    - Crawlers can be set up until 150% of their workload as long as the class is active.
    - Every 10% raise above 100% costs 20% additional energy!
    - Deactivating the class during overload will cause it to jump back to 100%.
    - Discount on finishing Buildings with premium currency.

    Discoverer class
    - 50% lowered chance of meeting pirates or aliens on expedition.
    - Weekly maximum added to the possibility of finding items on expedition.
    - Both daily and weekly maximum work together! If one is reached, no items will be found!
    - Discount on finishing Research with premium currency.

    Note: In case the event for discounts on speeding up upgrades is running, both boni will add together

    Metal bonus
    *Positions 6-10 now get a metal production bonus (similar to the crystal bonus on the first positions).
    *The bonus means an increased base production for metal as long as a planet is on one of these positions.

    *Positions 6+10 have the same bonus= 17%. Positions 7+9 have the same bonus= 23%. 8 has another bonus= 35%. The bonus on position 8 is the hightest, on 6+10 the lowest.

    [Bugfix] The shortlink sorting to select target coordinates when sending fleets has been fixed.
    [Bugfix] The reaper cargo capacity is restored to 10000.
    [Bugfix] The free merchant received in the started bonus works properly now.

    [Bugfix] The phalanx does not give fatal error when using it multiple times any longer.

    [Bugfix] The marketplace goods are not redeemed automatically any longer when the trading partner deletes the marketplace message from their inbox.


    Dit Team