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    Ah Draco. The fun we have had. I remember we posted this one:

    [TOT: 119.401.500] God [WCKD] vs. Sinoxa [Merchant] (A: 935.000, D: 118.466.500)

    To make everyone think we were enemies, which proved enough for this "dirty" hit:

    [TOT: 2.297.648.000] Lord Draco [WCKD] vs. Sinoxa [Merchant] & Flyingduck [DOW] (A: 0, D: 2.297.648.000)

    But that is only the latest in our long line of adventures. We found each other in OWM, and when it died we stayed friends, which was really cool. It's been nice having someone to chat to about the game.

    I'm sad that you're leaving, but I can't blame you with the state of the game currently. I myself will probably just leave around Christmas time, but it's actually not entirely because the game is now PvE: it's because real life has so much more value. I can tell that you have a good and strong character, which will get you far in life. You've proven yourself in conversation and in combat, and for that I am honoured to have been your friend.

    I have learnt a lot from you, and I'm sure others in Galatea will remember you for a long time.

    Peace bro <3


    I have noticed that this addon is no longer working as of 26/08/20
    I believe this is why:
    The URL for it's activity is no longer accurate.

    The URL that the script tries to match is:

    Whereas it should be:


    See the attached picture:

    People will continue to pay for class changes to Discoverer until it is fixed. In my mind, they are waiting until some number of players have changed class before they fix Discoverer. This way, they can make money again my buffing another class, and so on.

    I am currently a collector, and I have wanted to switch to discoverer for a while, but I do not know when they will decide to fix it.

    The longer I wait, the more potential res profit I lose. (from not doing all those massive expos)

    But also the longer I wait, the more likely it is that I am one of those who changes right before the fix.

    It is a depressing game to be playing. Both options are sad for me. If I were to change now, I might be fine, because the fix may come in another year or two, once even more people have finally changed class. I wish I had changed months ago when most others did.

    I am still deciding whether or not to change - this is why GF will not fix it, because they may have my money soon if they don't.

    Oh man, this is getting out of hand folks xD I wonder if FD will return to fight? I was gearing up for war, and now he is gone...

    LCM, is it true that you wanted a WCKD account? You really shouldn't talk about "noobs with too much money" when you are quite literally trying to skip out the mid game that the rest of us survived through over the last 400 days. It was rough, I lost everything a few times... I feel strongly about earning what you own.

    Also, I am curious, what does "paphat" mean? Is it like... ACS defence or something?

    I would like the items to be put back, because buying resource boosters from lower-economy players, and sending them res to compensate for incorrect market price (for both of us to profit) was 20% of my resource income.

    But I understand why this needs to be done. I think it is a step in the right direction, but many more steps are needed to fix the Discoverer class's imbalance, and the problems with pushing, multi accounts, and scripting.

    Good luck GF, I'm holding on as long as I can.

    I'm not quite sure what you're saying, as your English leaves a lot to be desired.... But I think you're trying to annoy me, right? Well I'm not annoyed. I'll try to answer some of your questions:

    I don't need to use my buddy list to see he is online, because he was literally talking to me and sending an ACS defend mission. The lying is what you should be offended by. But That was a choice I made and I stand by it.

    I sell deut to many players primarily to help them to achieve their goals, and so that they are deterred from attacking me, as I am helping them. There is also the profit I make from getting all the metal and crystal without having to use the merchant. This is the same way other players profit from trading in all universes, including my buyers. I like not having to spend DM for trading :) I'm not selling it to them "BECAUSE they don't attack me" xD

    I'm not "becoming a baby" over getting attacked, but I see how you would find that antagonizing to me. I wanted to hurt him, so I did. It's pretty simple. He's probably a nice guy IRL, but on OGame that's pretty rough, demanding that I don't sell deut to any other players. And that I only use his rates. So I broke out, you understand that, right? LCM?

    Well thanks for your input, I know you're trying to defend your friend <3

    Sorry lads, lots of drama. I just don't like getting bullied.

    I sell deut to all players, not just one person. When FD couldn't handle the price increase he just bashed me and said that I must only sell deut to him. So I lied to him to prevent the bashing, and I got a big profit from it after all this. My fleet losses there are pretty small, it's already back because of my high economy.

    But I think it's pretty silly that he trusted me after bashing me. I had 5 people all wanting deut from me, so I increased the price. Supply and demand. If FD had just waited a bit the price would have gone back down - but now it's war, which you all probably know I hate taking part in. But I'm not just gonna sit here and get bashed because some kid want all my res to himself.

    Everyone else in this universe has been able to understand the fact that I'm the largest deut supplier and I sometimes can't provide for everyone. It would be nice if another miner rose up to help! xD

    But ok, here we are, the fighting is beginning, and it's not gonna end pretty for the one guy against the whole universe. Hey, maybe FD does have some friends out there, but I doubt it with the way he treats people.

    @FD wanna stay and keep bashing me? You have alternative options - I suggest you move out, but I'm ready for anything. It's good to finally have some excitement in this game, I'll admit that.

    Max Age 1 day is apparently hard-coded. I changed it from 86400 to 4*86400 (4 days) like this:


    That slowed the script down, so I added some speed-ups, you could add some of those changes, OddWH - at least the ones that reduce the number of document.querySelector() calls.

    hey man, i'm sorry to burst your bubble, but i'm sure that is illegal. The reason we are not able to change existing scripts WITHOUT HAVING THE CHANGES APPROVED is because of things like this that you are doing.

    There is a REASON that it was hard-coded into the script:
    Scripts that are tolerated are not allowed to give players an advantage that they would otherwise not have without it, such as:
    Having espionage reports for 4 days, when non-script users do not.

    This is a serious breach of the OGame terms and conditions i.e. THE RULES and you should expect some sort of backlash. My advice is for you to not make changes to scripts without having the changes approved by an administrator.

    I like what you have done, and as a constant user of this script, I would love to have this advantage, as I keep a log of over 300 espionage reports from inactives - but this is an illegal advantage, sir.


    The increase in activity that you are noticing is the same players making more accounts and boosting them. If you can't interpret that from your own data, then there is no hope for you, my friend.

    Or maybe you DON'T track other players, activites, behaviours, language? I would bet that most of the serious players do. It's called a competitive edge. The problem is that the edge is now outweighed by the PvE.

    Look, everyone here has some good solutions for how to balance the classes, but I fear this is not the goal of the development team.

    I believe that having one overpowered class is bringing in a lot of income for them in the form of 500K DM per class change.

    I believe that, once the payments stop coming in (and they will eventually) there may indeed be a balance or a rework of some kind. (or the game will come to an executive close)

    But you cannot argue with money. Gameforge has other games to consider. It may sound sad, but I truly believe that they do not care about our community as much as they care about their income - and can you even blame them? They aren't driven by fantasy or competition like we are. They don't take pride in protecting their res or their cargoes or their fleet...... - because there is nothing on the line for them.

    I believe we have been fooled all along, and that probably.... deep down.... we all know that they won't fix this issue. Because they've had months to fix the issue. Like I have said already, it's as easy as tuning one number. They could fix the issue on a minute or two if they really wanted to.

    Face the facts people. 6x expo rewards is designed DELIBERATELY to be far superior. I encourage you all to stop trying to be creative with balance ideas, because we all know that it is that NUMBER SIX that can easily be tuned for balance.

    I'm telling you that it will not.
    It is my opinion, it is informed and educated, and it comes from real world experience.

    You can not argue with money. We are the dogs, and we get the scraps that are thrown to us.
    So either pay up, switch to PvE class Discoverer, or suffer like me and watch as your rank slowly descends below an army of discoverers.


    The fix on expos is simply this:

    Do not make it give 6x the rewards as every other class.

    Discoverer has plenty of bonuses, reduce it to double the standard finds MAXIMUM.

    Six times the amount is clearly the problem. It's one number. Fix that number.

    Make OGame great again.

    EDIT: There is no need to change all the percentages.

    In my view the only way for this to be fixed before we see a serious exodus from the community is to fix expeditions through a cap on debris generated and fix the woefully underpowered general and collector classes. Whilst I could live with collector being underpowered, given that it is designed around low intensity gameplay, it is utterly pointless for the high intensity player killing class being so weak. It doesn't help of course that discoverer's side buffs (increased phalanx range and increased plaet size) are both buffs which would thematically benefit collector and general respectively much more than discoverer. Improvements have been discussed plenty elsewhere but gameforge need to start taking this very seriously very quickly if they want to maintain the player base here.

    I have waited for months for there to be a fix. I stopped myself from spending 500K DM on a class change, because I assumed some changes would be made.

    I assumed that the people with the power to balance classes would do so.
    I assumed that 6x benefit from expo in any regard was going to change.
    I assumed that the obvious rise in discoverer point versus other classes would be tracked and considered.
    I assumed our voices would have been heard.

    But it has become apparent to me, that the 500K DM is there for a reason.
    It is very likely the easiest way for this company to make money - keep one class so ridiculously strong that anyone in another class must pay MONEY to keep playing competitively.
    I have seen several friends change class for this exact reason.

    I am depressed at the sad state of the game, and at how long it has been since any changes have been made. You can't tell me that, after seeing all the data, that there is no need for change.

    I ask the people who have the power to balance the classes to do so.
    I ask you to give up your greed in favour of honour.

    You are dealing with some of the nerdiest people on the planet. Do NOT make the mistake of thinking that we cannot see the data - we are tracking it all ourselves.

    Ok look mate, first:

    I don't BLAME you for the downfall of OWM, I was just trying to say that you leaving was a huge contributing factor. It's pretty clear that OWM died the day Creatur of Abyss left his fleet hanging out. But we all know you were planning to leave long before that, which I why I consider you a betrayer on all accounts.


    I wasn't probing you to check out if I could hit you - I barely have any fleet (even less now, obviously). I was just comparing your researches.


    I AM sticking to mining. I only had those BS to deal with Monty, which I thought was a favour I was doing for the whole universe, considering the way that account just bids phenomenal amounts on auction items like a machine.

    You had a good profit mate, but in fact you got lucky. I saw you coming, moron, why else do you think I left that deut there? My net fucked out because heaps of people in my house have been watching HD porn in 4K or some shit, so I jumped on my cellphone and tried to move at least my cargoes out (because they are the only thing of value to me) - I bet you wish you got all that juicy res.

    It is good profit, but not a good hit. I should have easily dodged all of that attack. It's hard to congratulate you when you're being so cocky, especially with that arrogant name change, but sure, enjoy your victory. You're lucky I didn't have someone to catch your fleet, because I was watching the whole time.


    Ps: Before someone come here to say anything i am a pure miner, ever played as a miner and no...the only thing i hate is the "perfect of RIPs", but only because miners have no power to match them when they come to bash only. If they would have the possibility to lose even a single RIP it would be completely different.

    Miners will still lose, but with satisfaction.

    My solution is to run from them. Why wouldn't this work for you? Just move the resources when the attack is about to land.

    I'm assuming you are a .... PURE... miner....