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    Clearly we are interested in change because we have voiced our opinions thus far.

    "if you guys would not been gone in v mode < the reason why you cant deal with your stuffs , you would had done somethin by now to resolve them ."

    I don't appreciate this part. I think (if your English was better) - that perhaps you mean:

    "If you had not been in v-mode (the reason why you can't deal with the game), then you would have found a way to fix your problems"

    But unfortunately for you, the problem is unrelated.

    If we could choose our settings then we would.

    The issue we are discussing is the settings - this is not affected by v-mode.

    "there are players ranked higher then you with alot more fleet and still managed to deal with their stuff. "

    I agree with this, but again it is unrelated to my problem.

    "we got classes, we got event rewards ... everything is there to make yourself comfortable and able to play the game however you like."

    Again, this does not impact server settings.

    "as someone said above, changing to higher settings will only delay the inevitable, sooner you will get to the same situation. ..... then what ? change to x10/15/20/100 ? the slower you take it, the more stuff to do ingame."

    My issue is not with the universes dying - this is unrelated to server settings.

    "it aint too much to read in 5 pages to see that most people dont want a change. so big NO for everything."

    I disagree, I think most people who have spoken here do want a change - am I wrong?

    Sorry if I am wrong about that.

    If I am wrong about that, then no change will be made - I'm fine with that.

    I have no intention of making lots of people uncomfortable to satisfy the wants of the few.

    But that's what a poll is for.

    4 points are unrelated to server settings - disliked.

    1 point is an opinion - liked.

    Neutral score :)

    Cathedral - Thanks mate, that is very informative. I guess we wait until the polls come out :)

    I wonder what choices will be offered:

    - is this thread the basis for choices?

    - will there be a poll on what should be included in the poll? :O

    I wonder how they deal with the varying choices:

    - will they average all the votes, or choose the highest voted?

    - will the poll be announced through in-game server messages so that all of users who do not use the forum are aware?

    - will they prevent users who have just created an account from voting (preventing vote spamming from rerouted IPs)?

    Find out on the next episode of DragonBall Z

    Any idea (dates) of when will the poll take place?

    It may NEVER take place! :O

    I heard from some moderator once, that all universe settings would be addressed once all merges were complete, but I haven't been able to track all of the different universe merges, so I'm not sure if they are complete yet.

    Additionally, people may not care enough, so even if [what appears to be a long conversation here] has raised the issue, perhaps they are waiting for more of an outrage to actually consider changing anything.

    When I was in Galatea, we had a decent portion of our universe voice our concerns on the board to raise the eco, and it took a lot of voices to get heard. But we did get heard. Note: That change was nothing to do with merges.

    For example, my account isn't set up for 4x eco speed. My storages can hold 2 days of mine production in 1x eco. If eco changes, I would need to drastically increase storages on all planets. So, from my point of view, any change in eco definitely wouldn't benefit me.


    My account is set up for x4 eco xD

    My storages can hold 8 days of production - I wish I had those planet slots back, but don't need them just yet.

    Trivial to deconstruct anyways.

    When I arrived I was shocked at how little cargoes I needed, haha.

    The reason I am in favour of higher eco and research is,

    because that is like the Uni I came from (Galatea),

    and I chose those settings because they are the most fun for me.

    I do not want to prevent Uni-death (all Unis die, Uni settings will not alter this)

    I do not want to be competitively climbing (I know how exponential growth works, Uni settings will not alter this)

    I do not want to make the universe unplayable for anyone.

    I do not want to complain about the state of the game in any way.

    I just want my mines to produce more resources so I can continue growing faster than I was these last few months.

    I understand that my views may be selfish, but I am entitled to my vote.

    I was removed from Galatea by force, I had no say in the matter

    - an interesting counterpoint, is that I had no say in the creation of the Uni,

    however I enjoyed that for free regardless :)

    So my conclusion is:
    Increase eco and research please.

    If not, oh well, I'll end up quitting then.

    Currently v-moded awaiting settings change.

    Life is more than OGame, but I did have a lot of fun,

    even here in Dorado a little <3

    Thanks for reading.

    I cannot launch a colonization fleet, it says launch failure, please try again later. Thank you for your help.

    It is always important to note all addons and have some screenshots. This is a complex game, and there can be many scenarios for what you have described. When you submit a ticket there are usually some good instructions regarding what is needed.

    It's unfortunate that these reasons are all unrelated to why I want higher eco.

    Some good/correct points in there though, sure.

    It's just that, none of them outweigh the positives for me.

    I'm a miner, and I want my mines to produce more. Cheers.

    It is not wise to increase the space dock repair percentage anymore.

    Imagine if it was linear, you could just get 100% (or more??? XD) and then never worry about being hit, and just create infinite debris.

    There is a reason it has a soft cap - so that there is strategy.

    My one is lvl 7 on one planet only, level 4 everywhere else. The best way to protect your fleet is to use unpredictable fleet saves.

    Thank you.

    Currently, Laser Technology has no use past level 12

    and Graviton Technology has no use past level 1 (apart from bragging rights)

    - perhaps this could be a good use for one of those, or similar.

    I always thought Laser Tech could improve crawlers somehow, but that's cause I'm a biased Collector.

    - Hoping it would reduce energy consumption, or perhaps increase repair chances after a bash, who knows.

    >> Complains he is being insulted by you.

    >> "Present your points without insulting me."

    >> Presents his points while insulting you.

    Note: This is an analysis of the message, not an insult. Thank you.

    Seems like most people are unaware that this existed. What I'm wondering is why - all the pieces are there, makes sense to me. If people want to go to all this effort then why not. The rules exist for a reason, and this "method" can not be illegal because there are plenty of circumstances that would make it impossible to ban this behaviour.

    One similar instance I saw was an account in my old universe which was clearly automated, but the admins could not ban it because there was a chance that it was a human being active for 24 hours of every day doing the exact same repetitive tasks like a robot would.

    This is the nature of the world we live in - as long as there are rules, there will be people with enough time and effort to bend them to right before snapping. You just have to decide which kind of person you will be :)

    How come some OGame staff say that we are not entitled to the perks for manual merges, and some say that we are?

    I do not understand how some staff are following a different set of rules than others. Particularly when I was told that it is simply impossible to have this done, whereas here I see that you are offering it.

    You are reading an outdated guide. The new guides have the updated temperatures. The old wikis are from like 2016. Just use google.

    Also, my planets that were forcibly moved due to slots already being taken have been moved to different slots but have kept the same temperatures. hope this helps.

    IS there a chance the added galaxies can be removed? or atleast be reduced to 7G's instead of 9G's

    Unfortunately, they can't be removed because there are planets in those galaxies.

    So are you saying it is impossible to relocate those planets elsewhere? GF JUST moved hundreds of players. Why can GF not move some more?

    Why can GF not make changes to their own values in their own databases? Are they owned by someone else, mate?

    My ticket regarding not being allowed the perks because i was manually merged was answered like "we do not have the ability to add the perks if ou were merged manually"

    i thinkk this answer is pretty bad. i dont see why you cant change some values. does GF not own the game? or does GF not attend our issues? seems simple enough. im thinking of quitting, sorry. i spend so much money and you cant even change some values. get control.