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    Of course, I don't intend to take AGR to the grave with me because I think AGR doesn't belong to me, but to the community. I will be putting the AGR code online in the next few days. Then interested developers can continue the project.

    Well, it might end up in the grave actually ...

    Awesome extension Aleks !

    You said you built on top of OgLight but im not able to find the "repatriate" feature from OgLight to repatriate easily all my ressources from all my planets to one target, maybe i havnt looked enough ?

    Hello everyone,

    Since TopRaider CR Converter were down i created Ogamazing which is a website that convert your combat reports completely based on the TopRaider skin and dark color.

    Once the combat report will be fully functional i'll add every other features of TopRaider to provide an alternative to it in case it goes down again.

    You can test the CR convert here :

    Currently CR converter have these features :

    • ACS CR is now handled (need some beta tester i think to make sure it works as expected)
    • You can now provide loots report
    • You can now provide harvest reports
    • Added a share link
    • Moved BBCode to the top and added a copy button
    • The frontend now display a notification when an error occured while converting the combat report
    • Full i18n, localization is now live, for now it has french and english translation

    If you have some Feedback let me know !!