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    Result Tracker

    Info: Based on Nixians Raid Tracker I built one which is explicit only for tracking WIN/LOSS of Battles and Expeditions. :)

    Author: Kalinka


    Support : Here and Github Issues.

    Download :…ter/resultTracker.user.js

    Screenshot : Screenshots see posts

    Browser : Chrome (potentially also firefox, but not tested)

    Incompatibility : Nixians Raidtracker

    Languages : DE, EN/US, NO (WiP), GR (WiP)

    I'm looking for Translation help:

    - Expedition Messages. Send me as much as possible Expedition messages so I can add them properly. You may just gather them in a text file and send over if you gathered 500+ of them via Github

    What is this doing better than Nixians Raid Tracker?

    Way less code, way less storage space needed (approx. 75k Reports can be stored), Expedition Chart opens way quicker.

    It's performing better a bit.

    !!!! Be sure that you really want to switch to this Result Tracker, because if you hit "Import Nixian Data" that data will be removed!!!

    Hi there,

    as it's not simple or "fast" to get access to OGames Report and Statistics API, I implemented a Proxy Server, as some may wan't to play with the API.


    - Caching of reports retrieved by their api-id (kept for 1 week inside the cache)
    - Caching of statistics retrieved by date+delta (kept for 5 minutes, as the info will change often)
    - Ratelimiting, currently 5 requests per 60 seconds per IP-Address, but can be changed by the operator of the apiserver
    - IPv6 compatible (the current API and all OGame Servers don't have this feature)
    - Sending through the requesters real-ip using the "X-Forwarded-For" Header (-> which would enable GameForge blocking abusive use of the apiserver instead of invalidating the APIKEY)
    - OpenSource, so everyone can host their own instance of it for caching and proxiing (-> will be pushed to github aswell)
    - One entrypoint for _all_ report types (Spy-, Combat-, Missile- and Recycle-Report)
    - Every errormessage from OGames backend will get transmitted through, defective API-IDs of reports won't get cached as they could be available a few minutes later

    This project was inspired by @NoMoreAngel s apireader.

    Wan't to test? ->

    Last but not least, the roadmap for the future:

    - OGame Style REST-API points, so you'd just need to change your format string
    - own APIKEY system for higher ratelimits for registered users (+ new Header with Userinformation -> which would enable GameForge blocking abusive use of the apiserver instead of invalidating the APIKEY)
    - Testing if we can find more performance. Cached Access is at around 50ms, Access with Backendcall to OGame takes around 100ms (maybe php is too slow, maybe redis sucks, we will see)