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    All constructions can not be done, it stops and new ones on quote won't start.

    Can you cancel the queue and start it again? I seem to recall someone giving that advice, sometimes it restarts again.

    Also, it was said, that if you insta finish with something in queue. usually that's how it breaks.

    hi all

    i cant do anything on one of my planets. i cleaned caches, tried ctrl+shift+R, deaktivated and changed life forms, logout-login but no result. i cant click anything but there is no problem with other planets.

    any solution advice welcome.

    If you're not attached to that planet, try creating support ticket and ask for that planet to be deleted. If no fix is manageable.

    I don't think it will be done soon. Staff has it's hands full with new content. I'm not sure they can provide individual assistance right now. You can imagine how many tickets are open.

    Or just ignore it for now if you can.

    Well at least it's resolved now. Thanks Prongs for making it so!

    I know it's not what you want. Maybe you can ask someone to look after this account for a short while.

    Excellent thread Cillidan!

    I don't know if this is exactly like origin board was. If it is as I understand origin board was frequently seen/participated by Ogame team,devs.

    Hopefully it will be like that. I have nothing against Prongs but it's easier to have direct communication.

    Positive feedback:

    not really related to lifeform, just wanted to commend reward idea on Bermuda for dm and resources. It went through without trouble for me. Thanks!


    can someone tell me if there is a bug with food or how it's supposed to work

    i've raided billions and transported to another col but it just seems to randomly disappear

    I think you just need to level up Biosphere farm or residential sector until it's not red anymore and it will show whatever you had. If I understood your problem correctly.


    Try reporting again and state that you tried everything support advised you to do. Try to be patient for answer and hopefully someone will look into it.

    Whenever I encounter an issue, I try everything I can to find a workaround. Even if it seems unrelated in any way to that issue, try everything you can think of.

    Alternative suggestion is discord. Or send one probe for yes, two for no.

    Hope it gets fixed.

    Sorry this happened to you.

    I think you basically covered it.

    By that i mean, if you went through troubleshoot:


    Ping the site and open a ticket and put there the ping results .

    You have evident screenshot/s for easier orientation.

    Once they look at it and help you. They should be able to give you any lost fleet/resources if everything is correct ( I hope ) .

    If you're in alliance, try asking for help with making fake activity or recycling if need be. This is the best recourse, you never know what transpired to cause this.

    I don't know who is active among staff currently, you can try nudging them politely to assist you with how to proceed ( they have direct communication or they themselves can look into it when they find time )

    Try using discord also.

    Since they are understaffed volunteers with hundred open tickets don't expect quick solution or try to force one. Give them time to investigate.

    Maybe someone else gives you better input, check in later.

    Hope it turns out positive.



    If possible by any chance I'd like you to mention in a staff meeting,an topic of some kind of follow up communication with players giving feedback on test server during this new content phase if a feedback turns out to be correct. And please as Crvt stated mainly or better yet exclusively pertained to game balance and design.

    On a side note: if a player is continually invested and giving feedback some kind of special group channel would be appreciated but this can only work if we get positive answer on my original ask for more detailed communication with individual.

    Maybe some form of communication exist on discord ( I'm sorry if that is true, I'm not on discord ) but maybe this is a chance to get an answer if there is.

    Crvt :

    I actually remember some of your posts about expedition, market exploits and your personal warnings about class imbalance. It's a shame they weren't listened if not by Ogame team then by the community. I don't want this thread to go off track and revert to that issue in the past. Let's hope we have players like yourself past version 9.

    One of your warnings along with other players:


    I would just like to put this quote for others who are new and want some insight.

    Maybe you were already part of this kind of group. I'm not informed.

    My opinion as clueless as I am about this is that if there are too many reported issues and there is a deadline that needs to be made it won't go as desired or hoped like you said.

    I don't see how we would ever have another test group in future. Players are invested which is a good thing but you have to consider that you can't swamp somebody on the other end and expect results. I'm not referring to this quoted group. This is just personal thoughts

    I won't to underline this :

    I don't know what happened in that group testing and I'm not saying anything about that quote that was shared.

    I already stated my appreciation to Tirnoch for sharing that insight in the thread. And I'm thankful that he was participating, contributing.

    For anyone interested, this was an excellent thread by pirate andy :

    Community test group

    Very nice catch Eternity. I'm sure it wasn't easy and not just because of return deploy lock. Impressive profit!

    Later respect for sportsmanship. Hopefully you'll continue either in this or any other community.

    Apologies for off topic:

    So, when I mentioned this problem about whale accounts - (first ones were market bug/bot/cheat and later ones were DM shopaholic buyers) in a few discussion threads , there were neither one comment about that .

    Well said Daisy S. And i agree with everything else you stated.

    Hopefully this kind of post like you just made, change community involvement in future.

    I'd say it has potential to be good, but right now it is bad in very many ways.

    It needs a lot of bugfixes, a lot of exploit fixes, and a lot of rebalancing...honestly if I made a post with all the issues it'd probably be more than 5 pages wall of text.

    You should give your input ( especially cause you know how to play ).

    I'm not saying just here on board ( in-game is still the best way ) and I'm not saying throw a book at them. Pick your battles and choose what you personally think is needed to be modified the most.

    Ogame team will modify this content to what most of players report. Otherwise they'll assume it's not worth spending time on particular area.

    I would always follow what experience players suggest to report, but not everyone is going to. Especially if there is no discussion about it.

    We have a short window where team has resources to modify if they agree with community.

    My personal note would be:

    - try giving feedback during office hours if you can, best way for them to bring it in a meeting right away. And i think they may have 4 day work schedule.

    Of course if they get swamped they'll abort listening to community for short period. That's ok by me. If they optimize like that.

    Very impressive creativity unclesam.

    I'm sure that Ogame department does draw inspiration from community suggestion. It may takes years to implement exact,similar or just segments of ideas players have.

    They just can't involve individual in business plan.

    I like the idea to implement similarities with other games. I hope that Ogame team has success with this.

    Another player whose creativity i like is TheJoker

    Maybe Prongs can convey to creative department my praise for new exciting content and some of TheJoker, unclesam threads if they ever need inspiration.

    Very nicely done Ogame creative ( production ? ) team!

    It can never hurt to have new possibilities to explore.

    p.s. One of TheJokers thread:


    And I always thought that it would be nice to maybe adjust MD or vmode, until I read this excellent discussion on origin board which include tips from experienced players how to save fleet for newcomers:


    Just a suggestion, maybe try offering direct to top fleeters in-game.

    They most likely are not paying attention here.

    Since they have 20+slots always flying

    Can one of the ogame moderators turn off my mobile view of UI on my account in Ferdinand? I don't have a PC at the moment xD.

    I think you would have to create in-game ticket for that.

    If I can try to help. I'm not sure what is the issue since you didn't describe.

    But i can give example of what mine was :

    If you can't switch off mobile version

    What you can do is build any kind of ship, and fly him somewhere ( you can do that from galaxy view since you can't via standard fleet procedure ) , then press event bar to drop down and it should unblock view, like this :

    If its brand new account and you don't have ship, message anyone to send ship to you. Someone will help you.


    Hi, well done with catching debris!

    Just to clarify if you can since i can't tell how much sarcasm is in your statement.

    Did he insta build something, or did something additionally land, or just simply mistake with simulator ?

    If it's the last thing... well, you caught full debris and I'm sure it had to be fast reaction to catch window of opportunity.

    Gelbek i hope you and Abusadora regroup if you are willing.

    Maybe they get banned not as a punishment, rather give chance for team to identify circumstances of bug and restore issue if possible.

    It would be interesting to see how is the business and management information flow structured, and the hierarchy of positions.

    This is company secret as it should be. I personally would never share this with public.

    Talking about bugs and rules clarification is bad for business.

    I actually agree with this policy.

    So when you get individual approach to rule clarification or bug , it could be because of COMA pushing for you to get answers.

    Would you discuss this with aggrieved party? Or would you keep it behind scene where it should be.

    Mind you , you have to maintain work relationship after this issue is handled. So you can't overstep your position and pressure you're colleagues.

    You were on to something with thread traction to get answers quicker, community pressure is still the best way to give focus on something. Product team may have different focus at the moment.

    There are thousands players at the moment. Only few are active among community. I understand that there are hundreds introverts. So how do you engage rest of the community to participate?

    In game messages brought by GA, COMA were excellent idea. If they succeed after awhile and Ogame team approve in game message voting on board discussion , that would be huge achievement.

    Rather then WOW community i look towards foxhole logistics community ( experienced player base without whom it's impossible to have success )