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    I know it's a long shot Cathedral. Did you thought about having private talk with DE COMA about making an exception to the top 20 rule for Dorado players?

    Since it's an unusual circumstances of specific universe getting shut down.

    Prongs is it possible that you help Cathedral and others with this?

    ( Your input to de coma, behind the scenes, would be appreciated )

    You can even try talking to some of the top players to give you support if they are willing.

    You do have a reputation of a good/skilled player Cathedral, doesn't hurt to use it. Competition is often welcome by some players.

    Congratulations on the hit. Funny really, but not 10 hours ago I was talking to a friend and saying how quiet it was. Proves that there are things out there to hit. Sadly, it was my turn today. I've been so good for so long too, and then this.... ! :))

    I blame the friend for not helping you unjinx yourself.

    Wish you fast recovery Pink!

    Good timing. Good catch. Good profit Fear

    nice hit, gratz on the effort^^ :) fr def!

    Why does this feel like a schtick.

    I don't know what happened between you two the other day since it was already censored, but hopefully you buried the hatchet.

    Nice catch Jyndungo! It was a tight active window. I suspect that Nyx doesn't have much time for Ogame lately. Hopefully he will rebuild.

    Good to see you're still active and one of top raiders. It is a very impressive month!

    Darknoxx also on the rise. GG both

    Yes, you are right. I was going from memory and didn't check it.

    So if I'm not mistaken legacy:

    1. French

    2. Czechs

    3. Romanians

    4. Hungarians

    Maybe try discussing with their COMAS for possible transfer.

    Still don't see why .org doesn't deserve one. Prongs sees something different for this community future will tell if it was needed.

    Not much you can do if only small number of Dorado players voice there issue with losing 1x speed uuniverse.

    I don't really understand why is this happening since there is 1x uni in big community's and small ( France, Deutch, Spanish, even Czech, Russian, Romanian and Hungarian)

    80 players is not a small number to force out of community. Unless there are players in Dorado who wouldn't mind changing speed.

    I'll miss your creative CR's Cathedral!

    Impressive OG old school hit!

    It's nice to see a returning veteran like yourself are still class above some of the fleeters. ( Not focusing on killerViper , nothing against his fleeting)

    I'm sure you made an impact on your alliance mates even in this short period with mentoring.

    All the best to you in RL!

    Edit: Since Jiix gave respect I forgot to wish killerViper fast recovery! Like he said you are high in rankings it shouldn't be much trouble to you.

    Well said!

    And very good timing for suggestions how to keep this newfound player base.

    I think Ogame team realizes that they have a short period after attracting players with lifeform and mobile app, to keep investments going (hopefully they'll have courage for it) to retain them.

    Maybe, incoming merge is something that is important for tackling with bugs and bots. Fewer servers, optimal allocation towards other issues.

    Your idea for single community would certainly bring that. As it stands I'm not sure it will happen.

    There are still quite the number of community's, and org is behind de and fr community in numbers.

    So it wouldn't be fair for them to not have a say if they want single community.

    This is where Kewlness was big piece for future in my opinion. He wanted to bring in-game messages as a form of informing players ( and hopefully this would lead to in-game voting, as I understand this is not possible anymore and hardly ever will be)

    If I'm not mistaken pr. Ogame v1 was a failed project. So for this to happen is in my opinion long shot.

    Game designer is available on discord or was, I don't know. Probably one of the issue is on which community's board would he communicate ( if they even speak English and I'm not sure how often players visit origin board) and if he is willing to give free time answering questions.

    Graveyard option is a success in my opinion. Even if a player stops playing for 60 days , they would play on some of new universe , while waiting for that account availability. But like you said there are issues happening. So, you have to weigh, is it worth losing account. ( Hopefully there's only small number of lost or account's with an issue)

    I do wish that others share their views on things.

    How about having people stay in the same universe, but be unable to attack accounts that aren't within the point parameters you've suggested for each univers. Basically making a more advanced noob protection. You'd achieve the same thing, as larger accounts can't attack smaller accounts and you'd no longer have to migrate players around. It would also give players a chance to rebuild.

    I would really like for noob protection to be revised in future if this would save some of new accounts from quitting after first obstacle

    Another topic that I find myself thinking while washing the dishes with a Westworld soundtrack is the alliances. I would really love to have more features that needs more cooperation between alliance members, that gives a new purpose and objective to be part of an alliance. After all, I still have friends that started to play with me in 2005 and I met just because of OGame. The game bounds people for years and the alliance should have a more important part ingame as well. Which features would you like to see for alliances or coop?

    Yes! Thanks for this input!

    I can't stress enough how important alliances are for this game.

    Even input on board from alliance leaders are huge, not to mention in-game communication.

    Uni 1 org is excellent example of it.

    As said it is very interesting topic, all suggestions well backed up are incredible, and you guys have game experience for it.

    Nothing that I can talk yet but we have something's on the queue that might be along some lines mentioned here.

    Thanks for this insight! Even though you can't discuss it, it's nice to hear and read about possible development.

    Nice to see long standing senator (veteran) off this game to give suggestions!

    Very creative thinking.

    I like that you gave thought and consideration how to help newcomers and small accounts.

    Certainly concept worth mentioning if this community shows support. I like it!

    Hopefully Prongs sees this and follows this thread.

    It would be a hard sell since every time a new universe opens in every community, out of curiosity I create account for a week and you just notice how much revenue they bring.

    From what I hear top players used to create spy accounts in universes where merge could bring competition.

    They probably spied fleet composition, research they developed, deut sellers they had, allies and whatnot. I'm not a fleeter so I have no idea. But top dogs would always be ready, you just know when someone with dummy account were spying what would came of it.

    Nowadays you have to watch when will mega account jump over and kill you without probing once.

    No more quick colo fs I guess.

    Well, like you said, you were invited. Respect for this kill.

    Sick numbers , OgameX like - ish