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    Brave is a browser mate

    ReiFabio if you don't like me don't troll me with the dislike button

    and I am not worried about mis-spelling ur name i only looked at it twice.

    After all I was nice enough to tell you your one hateful statement was bad and did not report it.

    Stop tagging me in your posts please, I am free to use the like/dislike button.

    Brainrot I only play at Uriel.ORG and no one ever attack me, I got ninja once but that’s all, I’m Portuguese I only play at Portugal servers.

    About the bot, for my experience the only way I ever crashed a bot user, I waited for is ofline timer, he did dirty fleetsave I pop the moon and lock the fleet, only way.

    All the others ways you can try, you fail, because like gufengqu the bot is improving every day with users feedback, and GO cant ban why? Everyone can see who’s using it or not, even the GO so why no ban? Just google please, I’m not lying when I say you have no ideia what you talking about

    Im not a multi for no one stupid boy, and I have no bans since I play Ogame, not ingame and not in boards, I have the same nickname/photo in all the boards (US, ORG and Portugal) So stop talking shit

    It’s a waste of time answering you, you thing you are pro but you have no ideia what you talking about

    to know the age just read the date a bot was posted as url on a google search it gives you the publishing date. all but 9 bots and scripts were made before 2016 4 were made between 2016 and today .most are rehashes of old ones with a few updated codes in them one is even a greasemonkey tool thats why gm and gtool are no longer tolerated add-ons .

    but there is no longer any point in telling you anything since you know so much and players who have played for decades against every thing bots multicounts account sharers and 3 collage students in computer sciences lab playing 24/7 for each other on their accounts. so yeah you know so much none of us need tell you anything anymore since in your words we are stupid and know nothing. and you know everything as a player as well as a former admin. I think you seriously need to reread your whole thread and instead of sitting there saying you did this that and the other actually try and do what m,any of us have suggested as player to player advice.

    Because you have no ideia what you are talking about, you are not the smartest guy in the room sorry, you can play Ogame for 5/10/15/20 years that doesn’t matter, you can’t beat a high IQ machine. All your posts is your imagination, all your strategy would fail 100%, in fact all of your posts make 0 sense sorry.

    You can disagree with someone all you like and share opinions, but do not insult anyone. Warning for insult. Cassandra