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    Quality control at its finest.

    I wonder if they put any educated person on doing these updates or its just some random homeless guy pressing buttons for minimum wage...

    Even Vega being my ogame home I don't think biggest problem lays there as this account is very small compared to other ones.

    I can't remember which one of the other unis has like 1m rips laying around on #1.

    Should we get ACS ability to join fleets from other unis(ofc we won't) and increase to 10 we would still not have a chance to scratch these.

    Soon the day of merge item will come and they will jump with limitless possibilities if this doesn't get resolved soon.

    Now that we have 2 weeks behind us on this thread and 6 pages of comments I can't find a SIGNLE positive comment about this what is going on currently.

    Does our dear leader piink who helped us so much in the past with great content that came to the game and voiced the opinion of paying customers have any news to add on this apart from generic answers?

    Last night I sent my regular fs at 10% deploy around 22:00 to wake up this morning to fleet crashed.

    Fleet came to the other moon in like 2 h and just sat there for it to be collected...

    Sad part is that most of these accounts aren't top payers as you would think but are mostly bot expo accounts that were pushed by dozens / hundreds of multis with market exploits...

    Let me get this right...

    You are saying we should not complain about what is just happening atm and that this is what ogame community asked for? This is not by any chance another € milking project of gameforge?

    Real facts are these accounts originated from Gameforges stupidity and all who approved this for years.

    Further... Why have limits for other accounts and where they can go when these accounts that should indeed be limited are not ?!

    Looking at the rank 1 accounts coming into Quasar and Xanthus and things happening around them IMO this will be death of ogame.

    This is way worse than MCO and anything that happened in the whole history of ogame combined...

    Which intellectual thought of limiting small accounts and where they can go but these abusers can go everywhere and wipe any uni within few hours?!


    They are not making enough from bot sales so need to squeeze every cent you can from idiots that still pay for this garbage ;)

    I do not mind criticism of a lot of Gameforge doings, but this is actually defamation. Cassandra