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    So who did you give your account to? Next time please remove me from buddy list before handing it over

    a freind from VEGA mate

    i asked him to delete all buddy list so no worries he will do it once vm is over :)

    yeeew old nob :D

    its fine man maybe ill get back to vega soon :D

    As for the hit — ok we could delete him from BL and tell him you are a target, we will hunt you, period. We didnt we choose this way, maybe wrong way, depends on point of view, we have ours you have yours. Do i feel bad about this, yes i do, i chat with piraten a lot, but i have seen him as a huge threat for the future play. I dont have to explain myself to anyone here nor justify what we did, but i was like i will write a line or two..

    u feel bad ? how honorouble

    fact is u dont feel bad , fact is u never saw me as a threat

    u're just a nother greedy coward who saw an easy hit bigger than anything he could ever acheive in a fair way , that applies to both u and artist .

    just a game after all but it sure reflects part of your real personality

    so have fun , enjoy the spoils of your dirty hit

    ,, i would like to thank the NYSM members who refused to take part in this , i also thank shy for being clean , i gree with u on the fs part u say i see ur point but still i'm sure if it would ever made a adifferance i would do it :)

    and i have no more to say good luck and keep a good eye on your friends , u never know ;) .

    No man it wouldn't make a differance whatsoever if i did a clean FS

    they destroyed G3 moons as well , and u know how easy it is to force a recall and time back a deploy it woldn't be an issue for either of them .

    if i blame my self it will be for trusting unworthy people and thats it .

    any way again to u i say nice hit , respect , enjoy ur profits and watch ur back :)



    but had the defender known that his friend the number 2 fleet and his other friend were going to crash him. I'm sure he would have used his deploy's. Odds are the defender thought it better to park his fleet by a friend that also has a big fleet just in case someone came knocking........he just didn't expect his own friend to be the one knocking.....but had the defender known that his friend the number 2 fleet and his other friend were going to crash him. I'm sure he would have used his deploy's. Odds are the defender thought it better to park his fleet by a friend that also has a big fleet just in case someone came knocking........he just didn't expect his own friend to be the one knocking.....

    Its obvious as u say it mate

    why would i go fs in deploy while the only 2 players in universe who can actually crash me , are my friends !

    and as i told shy

    it wouldnyt matter if i did the deploy fs they destroyed these 2 moons as well so it was the same result they would never miss a hit like that and i dont have any one to back me up , they were the back up how lame lol

    thanks mate appreciate the offer but its a good time for abrake i think :)


    well mate

    they both turned to be pretty much the same :)

    it wasnt long ago when i stood here defnding both of them

    i wont say the usual crap of çheating , multis and pushing i dont know if thats true .

    but there is no thing clean about what they did with me , yestrday lanclot and me chatting over discord about he wants to quit the universe coz its dead and i trying the convince him to stay and give it time

    12 hours later , BOOM

    any of them is free to call me lier but they won't :)

    it won't be a long time before they start booting their own ally memebers and crashing them for a areason or another

    NO mate not really

    artist have been supposly a friend since the early start for the universe

    payne joined later and became a friend as well

    call me stupid but i have never seen that coming


    well there is no big story here

    Rott aka Artist , and lord payne ,

    the 2 oldest players in my buddy list suddenly decided to crash me .

    some old school backstabb story .

    there is no role against making frindes with such pple but i'm making this post knowing it will stick here for so long time and i would love that .

    Nice job shy , respect mate at least u didnt have to pretend u are afriend .

    few hours ago both players removed me from buddy list , hit me with god knows howmuch missiles ,took out 3 moons and crashed my fleet , it wasnt really hard they knew exactly when i fs and where i usually do

    fially , NYSM folks and any one in either of these 2 buddylist , those plyares have been friends with me even before there wasa anysm ally . meanning same could just happen to u , get booted and crashed

    just a friendly reminder

    • You were deleted from a buddy list.22.02.2020 03:29:57
      From: Buddies Player RoTT removed you from their buddy list.
    • You were deleted from a buddy list.22.02.2020 02:35:09
      From: Buddies
      Player LordPayne removed you from their buddy list.


    On 22-02-2020 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker LordPayne [NYSM]


    Deathstar 1.207

    Light Fighter 2.580.000

    Heavy Fighter 53.600

    Cruiser 151.200

    Battleship 53.830

    Battlecruiser 51.280

    Bomber 4.330

    Destroyer 51.150

    Reaper 3.100

    Large Cargo 20.000


    Attacker RoTT [NYSM]


    Deathstar 665

    Light Fighter 1.314.777

    Heavy Fighter 14.959

    Cruiser 138.930

    Battleship 27.461

    Battlecruiser 81.337

    Destroyer 39.875

    Reaper 2.377


    Attacker Shy [NYSM]


    Light Fighter 523.987

    Heavy Fighter 16.317

    Cruiser 51.892

    Battleship 22.486

    Battlecruiser 21.710

    Bomber 1.824

    Destroyer 3.319

    Reaper 5.866

    Pathfinder 8.905


    Defender Piraten [A-F]


    Small Cargo 129.387

    Large Cargo 277.673

    Light Fighter 1.112.828

    Heavy Fighter 56.884

    Cruiser 78.629

    Battleship 22.251

    Colony Ship 16

    Recycler 86.019

    Espionage Probe 330.048

    Bomber 6.387

    Solar Satellite 2.249

    Destroyer 8.754

    Deathstar 909

    Battlecruiser 29.982

    Crawler 852

    Reaper 6.090

    Pathfinder 23.806

    Rocket Launcher 50.000

    Light Laser 20.000

    Heavy Laser 5.200

    Gauss Cannon 550

    Ion Cannon 2.201

    Plasma Turret 235

    Small Shield Dome 1

    Large Shield Dome 1


    After the battle ...

    Attacker LordPayne [NYSM]


    Deathstar 1.206 ( -1 )

    Light Fighter 2.034.379 ( -545.621 )

    Heavy Fighter 46.302 ( -7.298 )

    Cruiser 140.065 ( -11.135 )

    Battleship 50.522 ( -3.308 )

    Battlecruiser 48.176 ( -3.104 )

    Bomber 4.095 ( -235 )

    Destroyer 48.088 ( -3.062 )

    Reaper 2.910 ( -190 )

    Large Cargo 17.897 ( -2.103 )


    Attacker RoTT [NYSM]


    Deathstar 665 ( -0 )

    Light Fighter 1.043.890 ( -270.887 )

    Heavy Fighter 13.043 ( -1.916 )

    Cruiser 128.896 ( -10.034 )

    Battleship 25.752 ( -1.709 )

    Battlecruiser 76.460 ( -4.877 )

    Destroyer 37.518 ( -2.357 )

    Reaper 2.242 ( -135 )


    Attacker Shy [NYSM]


    Light Fighter 410.340 ( -113.647 )

    Heavy Fighter 14.063 ( -2.254 )

    Cruiser 48.051 ( -3.841 )

    Battleship 21.062 ( -1.424 )

    Battlecruiser 20.383 ( -1.327 )

    Bomber 1.723 ( -101 )

    Destroyer 3.144 ( -175 )

    Reaper 5.500 ( -366 )

    Pathfinder 8.263 ( -642 )


    Defender Piraten [A-F]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    449.897.423 Metal, 426.235.554 Crystal and 177.199.995 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 6.633.418.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 29.644.153.500 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 16.216.927.879 metal and 10.413.018.726 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 1.053.332.972 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    The attacker(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 12.304.338.302

    Crystal: 8.866.869.280

    Deuterium: -121.346.005

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 21.049.861.577 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -16.682.589.423

    Crystal: -11.600.021.554

    Deuterium: -2.414.875.495

    The defender(s) lost a total of 30.697.486.472 units.

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    hey every one ,

    is there any one who might have by chance bought an extra class changer for discoverer ?? , u know when it was just 10 k dm

    willing to buy it for a decent amount of resources

    pm me if interested .