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    The Galaxytoolbar mostly doens't work anymore with the actual OGame Version.

    Plugins are downloaded from setup server, self hosted or provided. Galaxy Wiki

    Sadly the license applied to it does not allow public modification, therefore the community is not allowed to adjust the code.

    Changelog Release 0.9.1

    Introduction of MyStats Page.

    • changed MyStats Donut totals remain if hoover over single value
    • fixed that old values remain in table if new date with no result is selected
    • fixed that placeholder of donut charts eaten up space if no data received
    • added handler if RestfulAPI response with no Data
    • added handling if API errored(vuetable error)
    • added modality for player and universe serach
    • added FAB button for MyStats to display overall Stats of selected dates
    • added default sorting to request
    • adjusted URLs for backend docker instance
    • created MystatsQuery Docker instance
    • added SSL for MystatsQuery Docker instance
    • MyStats migrated to SSL queries only
    • added Navigation drawer to disable page view when loading API data
    • added Loading drawer to Highscore page
    • Hotfix - MyStats single Date responded with 1 CR only
    • Hotfix - mystats failed on single date
    • added ApexCharts to MyStats
    • added Parser for Graph Data for RESTFul API Data
    • added new responsive Column
    • append 4 Apex Charts
    • Apex Charts Donut charts added to MyStats for CR per Day, Ress split, Ress per Gala, Ress per Daytime
    • Added handler for dynamic changes to apply on Charts
    • new Promise Resolve RESTFul Response for Graph data
    • sanitized code and removed debug code
    • fix on RestAPI crash when no data in selected time frame
    • fixed invalid response if no data on first response. Causing MyStats date need selected twice if actual date has no data
    • optimized coloring of MyStats Donuts
    • adjusted seize of Donuts on MyStats
    • added Totals and Averages to Donuts
    • added formulas for dynamic calculation of totals

    Known Buglist:

    - Chrome Plugin: Destroyed spio crs (connection to fleet has been lost..) cause the CR parser stop.

    - Web: Calendar dropdown on Highscore sometimes need to be confirmed twice.

    Connect on Discord

    It is a little diva like on the very start, so you may need to reload the page one or two times and reupload your CRs.

    All you need is the User ID and the API key you can find at the settings page, click on the Raidos Plugin icon on the top right corner and paster that two IDs there. Press enter to save.

    Please note User ID refers to the Raidos ID found on the Settings page, not to your email address used for registration.

    My apologies for the long time no updates. Real Life kicks in ;)

    I have just opened up early-beta registration on the page:

    The My Stats Page is still under construction and doesn't carry any information yet, that will come the next weeks.

    If you just want to track your income, feel free to register an account.

    The plugin can be found here:…bmlgfaelgkmigpmacgl?hl=de

    It is a little diva like on the very start, so you may need to reload the page one or two times and reupload your CRs.

    All you need is the User ID and the API key you can find at the settings page, click on the Raidos Plugin icon on the top right corner and paster that two IDs there. Press enter to save.

    Way more content will come to the page, when is depending on my free time for this project.

    As it is still in a quite early beta please forgive me some bugs you may encounter and feel free to reach out about.

    so many good points and a really good discussion every one.

    As I stated though a system assigned pin code to access the second page of the lobby. would work wonders.

    and even if the player gets one account ban and the lobby pin revoked. they can never log into that account again so they have to start new. and in a different uni.

    if they use the same email address. even with a new email add. they still will be starting on a new account .

    That way you only remove a certain lobby from a specific uni or even playing. There is no difference to the actual ban.

    Not a single user targetted by this thread (repeating abuse / ignoring ToS) will be stopped by blocking a lobby for certain things, they simply will create a new lobby.

    All the perma ban options mentioned fall back to the single lack of design - you don't have any information you can permaban an user. IP? Changeable - even be done regulary on PPPoE connections.

    Relay back on the point that you need the UID of the machine the user logs in, which is way inacceptable with a browser game.

    The 2nd factor you suppose on the lobby don't do anything since you're still unable to verify if a user is a brandnew one or just the same one with changed IPs ANDOR Browser ID etc.

    Think about the issue in a bigger picture. Don't ban people for their identity, of course that is not done today already. The OGame Team do not want to have behaviour against ToS.

    That said the lack of progress here is not identify the user or how often he re-create accounts to abuse the same way - the lack here is to very quickly identify abusing behaviour, would it be botting, pushing or whatever.

    I guess most in the userbase understood over the past years that it isn't that easy anymore (for an GO/SGO/GA) to decide if behaviour of an account is steered by an Bot or an Real Human (which may have enough time to play this game), except the Bots are badly used or configured (24/7 on, always same actions taken etc etc).

    Now what can a technology company do to not rely on a human ressource to identify such behaviour, despite the chance to get through with botting/cheating/abusing is way too high compared to the hit rate.

    The only answer I come down with is some mix of AI and Machine Learning. Anything needed is already there. The GF have tons of game logs which an good ML algorithm can parse through.
    There numerous ML out-of-the-box solutions out there (e.g. AWS offers some quite good) which can be used against the logs and flag typical behaviour of the targeted accounts.

    Using a intelligent algorithm would unload the GOs from the need to proactivley watch logs and identify, instead the ML can either notice suspected accounts to faster identify and ultimativley ban such accounts or auto-ban on clear abusing behaviour.

    You mix up stuff.

    Of course if you agree to have a software check the identity and security of your machine, that is perfectly legal.

    Now again - if an online browser game would be require to let them onto my OS level, despite I have no control which data they get, how it is secured outwards and what on the end they do with the data, I would simply not play that game.

    If my banking accounts or my employer require to do security checks before I can connect, that is another story, but not the GF which screw up one update after another.

    There are very good reasons browsers are limited in what they directly can do at the OS and run quite a lot sandboxed.

    You possibly do not understand the difference between device and browser.

    You can ban the browser fingerprint, however thats still easy to change.

    To ban a "device" ( I suspect you refer to a PC or mobile phone) you would need it's unique ID (e.g. a UUID in Microsoft Operating Systems), then there is no legal way to get that data through a web browser.

    You can use an security check tool(an executeable) ahead with an handshake to the webserver, e.g. like banking platforms do to fulfill PCI requirements. That can do the trick(even it can be tricked too), but I would immediate stop playing an online game with such an requirement.


    I hereby want to submit Raidos for approval.

    After Pre-Beta Testing with now above 100k crs it showed as stable and ready for the next step. It is not published yet but to be aimed for Open User Beta this month.


    Raidos will be a raid / cr statistics page, similar to it's original inspiration "Topraider".

    In basic, Raidos contain 4 components:

    Browser Plugin

    This plugin just contain very basic settings and will parse your CR data for API keys. Those will be uploaded to the backend including your registered Raidos ID and an generated API Key for authentication purposes.


    The Backend contains of a subset of NodeJS apps which have the purpose of collect the CR Keys from the users Browser Plugins, parse them against GFs API and collect the CR data from here. It will write the CR data into a seperated table and keep it there for immediate parsing and as buffer for one month to avoid multiple API requests to the GF for the same CR key.

    The CRs will be chopped in traditional Win/Loss entries as beloved by Ogamers to further being processed by the following two components.


    The Frontend will be a dynamic website, based on Vue.JS and Vuetify, with a minimal style and the usual personal and universe/global statistics.

    I do foresee to create batches and tournaments like, most win raider, most damage etc. and obtain batches for your profile. That however is in design phase and may come later in 2019.

    Please note that frontend screenshot is in very early phase without any data yet. Closed Beta testing was done by Discord Bot and direct Database only.

    As additional load - I plan to keep the Webfrontend free of advertising or analytics stuff. Any data in regard to GDPR such as e-mail and discord IDs will be keept for Raidos processing only.

    All processing is done optimized and full server side to avoid slow websites or slow upload. This is also the reason why all CRs are parsed by CR-Key instead of parsing the actual HTML for 0 loss crs. It simply keep the entire process flawless and fast, resize any load to SQL which is designed to handle huge amount of data instead of bully Chrome or Java with a lot of lines.


    Raidos is aimed to also supply a Discord Bot.
    The Discord bot can be invited to your server, should be set with a default Uni and home alliance(if applicable) to give quick heads up on whats going on CR wyse.


    I have to commit that I am not used to design frontends, therefore forgive me if designs are not as sneaky as you may see from professional CSS designers. Vuetify enables a front-end idiot as me to create smart frameworks and I work hard to supply different designs to the web frontend too.

    Author: faddi

    Website: (unpublished)

    Support: Supplied via Website and Discord on best effort.

    Browser: Extension have been tested with Google Chrome and Yandex(for mobile use). Firefox likely will work too but will remain as unsupported.

    Languages: English and German - localization can be performed with community support.