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    I can confirm this, 50+ spy reports with low espionage chances <10% always probes found.

    This is in Leda with 7.1.0-rc3

    The patch notes for 7.1 is full of errors! It's weird seeing an official communication with so many errors, seems it wasn't even proof read...

    I'll give examples, all changes I made are in bold


    Version 7.1.0-Beta5- Bug fixes:

    • The buddy invite has been removed.
    • The debris shortcut on a combat report now sends now the right amount of ships.
    • The shiporder is now listed properly.
    • Attacker WF added to the combat report.
    • There is now a message with the wreck fields info after attacking.
    • The tolerance of the marketplace is now on for automatic offers (it was set up in only active for non-automatic offers).
    • The spacedock bug has been fixed ( it now consumes resources).
    • There are not random combats disappearing any longer. (This just sounds weird, I think this could be written as: "Combat reports no longer randomly disappearing" or even better "Fixed a bug that caused combat reports to disappear randomly")
    • The phalanx of ACS now shows now the right amount of ships.
    • You can not longer see the cargo on phalanx.
    • The crawler formula has been adjusted to 0.0002.
    • Fixed a bug that caused not to have an incoming attack sign randomly. (Not even sure what the bug was, I suppose there was a bug that sometimes the attack sign was not being shown?)
    • Fixed a visual bug on the marketplace.
    • You can no longer get wreckfield on moons.
    • You can let the wreckfield burn up now.
    • You are able to re-join ACS now even after leaving it.
    • Fixed the bug where only the person starting an ACS would get a wreckfield.
    • The text indicating the energy consumption of the crawler shows up now.
    • You can now sent send recyclers to 2 different debris fields.

    There is also the weird lack of contractions.

    I understand the devs main language may not be english, but some more care in these small things gives a better image of the company in my opinion.

    This is great!

    Could you add thousand separators to numbers? Or just use shortened numbers.

    If you want you can use this little bit of code for it:

    1. const SHORT_SCALE = ['k', 'M', 'B', 'T', 'Q'];
    2. function beautify(number) {
    3. if (number > 1e3) {
    4. const exp = Math.floor((number.toString().length - 1) / 3);
    5. const rounded = number / Math.pow(10, (exp * 3));
    6. return rounded + SHORT_SCALE[exp - 1];
    7. } else {
    8. return number;
    9. }
    10. }




    • Ability to sort reports.
    • Total profit to be made on that target, can include existing debris, fleet debris, defence debris(depending on universe settings), account for production since the report was made.
    • View combat technologies without opening detailed report.
    • Condensed information to view more reports per screen.
    • Button to resend probes or send probes needed to view technologies(Button turns blue).
    • Loads all reports into a single page.
    • Store technologies, buildings and defences seen in reports to show in the future if they are not seen in the newer reports.
    • Color profit green if there is no fleet and defences present.
    • Calculate a score for the defences instead of the points invested in them.
    • Show Anti Ballistic Missiles nexts to defence score if there are any present.
    • Delete all messages below/above a given message given the current sorting(can be used to delete all reports below a certain profit, or above a certain defence score)

    Known Bugs

    • Switching to trash and back to messages, does not change messages into the spy helper format. Work around: Reload messages page
    • Loading messages with too many reports >50 can cause you to get DC.

    Planned features

    • Delay fetches of details to prevent DC.
    • Improve performance to show messages faster.
    • Calculate IPMs required to break defences.
    • Scale defence score with technologies
    • Account for energy in production calculations.
    • Colour code report age.
    • Sort messages by player and by coordinates.
    • Sort by player status.
    • Apply effects to messages in the trash.

    If you want to know the reason why its wrong its because when you choose a target for a missile it will deal all the damage it can to that target if there is any damage left over(say you aim at rocket launchers and there is only one) the rest of the damage should be carried over to the next possible target if there is one, but that simulator does not do that.