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    The Discoverer DM change is such a disappointing step backward. While I can appreciate the finds during the 9x event were too high, the regular DM finds were a unique reason to choose the class and actually made it fairly competitive with Collector. It also made F2P players feel as if they were able to compete on a more equal footing with the P2W players.

    Analyze the profits and report back, pretty sure the whales didn't buy less DM because they could find it on expeditions (and most of the ones I know didn't pick Discoverer anyway).

    Simple Storage Timer

    • Info: Displays how long until the storage fills on a planet
    • Author: God of Death
    • Website: None.
    • Support : Here.
    • Download : Simple Storage Timer
    • Screenshot : See Below.
    • Browser : Chrome (Tampermonkey)
    • Languages : EN
    • OGame Version: 7.0.0+

    Simple Storage Timer was heavily inspired by OGame UI++ (both format and color is the same), but uses different code. It is intended as a rough substitute for the UI++ timer because UI++ is not updated to work with 7.0.0. The code is not the best but it's what I can do at my current skill level.

    Hope you enjoy.



    Format: storage time remaining (total possible storage time based on capacity)