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    Maybe this is what I'm experiencing. On my home planet every once in a while my metal and crystal are way over their storage limit, almost double. It seems to happen instantly, and ive double checked that i wasn't bulking up the res on that planet with transports by mistake. Duet seems unaffected. My rates dont look higher on the resource page, happens maybe once a week.

    That says till 10:00 cest, according to google its 10:49 cest now and the block is still on so it doesnt explain everything, or I'm failing at timezones.

    A smaller universe feels like a bandaid to me. It would increase activity for a bit, and then it would start to feel empty again.

    Defense to DF would probably get miners to leave the uni faster.

    What we need are new players, and that would require a reason for people to join the server, and I don't see how a small tweak to the settings would help. With the amount of people dropping off and the gaps in players' points, I feel like a merge is inevitable.

    This is my first server back after many years away from the game, but with the population that cares about this type of game, it doesnt seem like the servers vary enough to hold people long term, and theres certainly no reason to go to an older uni over a new one.

    If I buy an item in the marketplace, are the resources and items exchanged automatically after the duration of the delivery time ends? Or do both parties have to be on and initiate trades?

    If I setup an offer to sell 10k crystal, is that crystal taken from me as soon as the offer is posted?