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    A free class swap after a certain time would be great, not the gameforge way though. My issue is just with the 2FA for changes, personally I think that should only be for something like a merge or account deletion.

    As far as new player meta I assumed all the kids these days watched a youtube video to start off min/maxin'

    Yes. Not wanting everything to be tedious and convoluted = We hate new players.

    I don't agree with having to put in a password for colonizing either, its been so long since I've done that that I didnt know they added that.

    Overcomplicate every task and that too will lead to, "natural die of this game"

    Another bit that should be added to raven's msg is that the "look in another galaxy" task will never work unless you go into mobile view.

    Really though, gotta hope it gets fixed at some point, otherwise just give up and go back to the ones that only require us to login.

    So are we gonna get some points aded to our accounts for this event?

    7k points are available. We get 1300 on a daily basis. I don't think you would fail because of this mission is broken :)

    1200 if we get that objective, 1000 if we arent in a clan with 3 people and get that as well, 700 if we also get rush a building and dont want to waste DM on it. They all add up, better to sort the **** out before it becomes a problem.

    " Please note: During the first day, some missions (DF, inactive attack, espionage - mostly fleet missions) most likely won't be working during the first hours. We advise you to start such task later on that day (approx. 5h after the event starts). "

    Well its been 5 hours and "look at another galaxy" doesnt work for me, that use to work right away.

    attack inactive

    2 hours expedition

    dismantle debris

    These didnt work.

    This is just a recycled event, why is it this stuff so difficult to keep working.

    Man that would be a ton of planets, and be a problem of space in a popular universe.

    And you do care, since you made a post about it, but ya 2 months isnt enough time to hope for change. Hell its been a month of the login screen showing a different/incorrect highscore rank than one you are on your account page.

    Since the last update to the extension, every few times I go to do fleet stuff I get an endless loading circle on the 3 fleet panels. Sometimes I can reload the page and it works, other times it just keeps repeating the loading circles. Disabling the extension I never run into this issue.

    Used Chrome and Edge and it does the same thing on both.

    Almost every update is followed by an issue, or a delay cuz things didnt go as expected.

    Its amazing in general, but something that breaks sending fleets is almost comical considering how important it is.

    Seems like the size of the testing pool needs to be increased, or the method of testing patches needs to be reworked.

    I'm assuming it just updated cuz it disabled itself till I accepted new permissions, and now the extension is back but I dont have the icons about my planet list so I cant get into its settings or see the account overview screen.

    "I suggest we increase it to x9 eco and x18 research speed like other servers has."

    I only saw 1 other server set like that. Am I blind? Its possible, I am old.

    I don't think we should change settings just to match or be more similar to other servers. I don't think theres a problem that a couple settings could fix and personally I've adjusted to the speeds pretty well now, so I'm fine with them staying as is.

    The reason I say its not good is cuz of how much its weighted towards people that are paying. 5 extra rewards for every 1 a free player gets, plus some of the tasks require money, its all about squeezing more money out of people.