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    I checked. You're right. On Chrome works fine. On FF it doesnt :)

    Other thing i would like to mention:

    The bar from GameForge covers some of the info on the bottom and makes it diffcult to read. It looks like this:

    Keep up excellent work :)


    Thanx for a great addon

    Could you describe step by step what to do to get these resources inflight counts into account?

    I still have "En vol M:0, C:0, D:0" (although i have same resources acctually in flight on my cargo)

    First of all: great job OddWH . One of the greatest plugins in this game. Thanx for quick update to v7.

    Although i noticed a bug:

    spying from a list (by clicking target's name/login) sends only 1 probe

    of course in the main settings of account there is a proper amount of probes to be sent (changing it, putting for example 3 or 10, or 77 - still doesnt work)

    Could You look into it?

    Thanx in advance :)