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    That's what i have proposed. Shared the idea with the players that i know, collecting the opinions and will share it when i have all sorted out. The basic idea is:

    No DM at all, commander on (free) , rest of the officers goes away. Class change available to any1 with some long cooldown (weeks or months even). Monthly subscription around 5 euro / usd. If you dont extend your sub you just get vmode banned untill you renew it. But this would mean no idlers on server and those are quite important. Other idea around this is to keep the DM but only as expo find and some symbolic amount given monthly, so you would decide if you wish to save it for class changes or somethig else (maybe some features without an impact to the gameplay, eg colored icons, avatars and some fancy stuff).

    Main goal of the paid to play ogame is to obliterate any pay to win options, like resource packs, speed ups, extra fileds, boosters and all the bla bla bla that you can see in the shop.

    If like the idea behind this, keep posting here or PM me. I want to make the concept complete before ill go stomt and origin with it.

    would be nice to have uni without DM. I could even pay monthly subscription known from other games (WoW for example). Just for the sake of fair game and more competitive gameplay.

    ban's without vmode, like the old days... banned without god mode.

    That was like..... let me see. Last time i've seen a V-less ban was 11 or 12 years ago.

    Aren't we way too old for dumb browser games?

    i'm torn a part now. Playing with Hydro around year now. Our beginnings where not easy. I was the prey, Hydro was the hunter. Somehow we became friends and i really like him. My heart cries seeing he lost the ships, but i do realize that he has better things to do then wasting the time on this clearly broken game. One part of me would like to see Hydro recover from this, other part hopes he will give it a break now and enjoy his family life. Best wishes for you Hydro, no matter what you choose.

    Small side note to bellatrix players - be like Hydro: fair, competitive and friendly. Share the spirit of sportsmanship, not the spirit of envy and hostility.

    What can i say. It was fun and pleasure (sort of at least, especially when taking into account all the "little helpers accounts").

    I met some nice and interesting people here. We took some fights and we have won most of them. Leaving Leda makes me a bit sad, even tho it was badly broken by the marketplace war it was Our Leda, our universe.

    Best of luck and may your fleets never get spanked in your new place (for the legit players).

    MP/v-mode warriors please stop. You are ruining the game. I wish you all get banned. What you did was just unfair.

    Ephe & SSD.

    i allready gave up on this. there's few accounts on Leda that got so big thanks to their little helpers and market place that we cant do shit about.

    We tried to report them, kill the helpers, fight them but it just went to far. My whole fleet (ye its small) looses agains heavy fighters of top 2 and ends in a draw vs hes spy probes lol xd. Also the market place trades keep going making them even bigger. It's like fighting 5 vs 150 lol. No matter how good is the 5. the 150 is just too much. I'm just feeling sorry now for all the legit players that i hit, especially those who quit cause of my attacks.

    GO's cant help us. I think that they need to be 100% sure to react with bans. if they have at least 1% doubts they wont do anything. I miss the old ogame when they were like smashing with bans with v mode off for a simple F word.

    Silverwind yes, they turn into team bashing threads, but not without a reason. We would like to see some positive results but this is not happening. Why?

    We (players) cannot contact game developers directly. Are the devs aware that classes need some polish? Are they aware that we have 3x more bots then players? If they are aware, why there's no reaction? I mean, this is not happening from yesterday...

    What can we (as players) do get some reaction from gamefroge? What can you (staff) do to support us?

    Why are you keep closing all the complain and criticism threads? You (board and game stuff) are supposed to help us, give us some feedback.

    Every time we try to fight for fixing the game, you keep shutting our faces with brute force. All the threads speaking the truth about current situation are being closed, posters getting warned and this goes on and on.

    Why cant you just point out GF their mistakes and ask them for fixing the game instead of developing more and more paid features. They want more money? I dont blame them. Every1 wants more. But please, fix the game first! I dont my paying for games, i could even buy a monthly subscription each month if they game would be balanced and bot-free. I'm sure there's a lot more players ready to pay for the game on mothly basis if the game is going to be fair and balanced.

    Right now we are just left in the dark like Warsaalk allready pointed out.

    Awesome tool. Really love the looks of it and the color scheme. Finally something to replace the dinosaur AGR. I absolutely adore the gradients on planet list, would be nice the have those on the left menu aswell.

    Found a minor bug - jumpgate cooldown shows -values when it passes. Like -10. -15 and so on.

    Also got some suggestions - could you add some hotkeys for browsing the galaxy like AGR had? Q and E was left and right, A and D was for up and down.

    Next thing that i would be glad to see is auto fill needed sc/lc/pf when sending attacks from the ESP report table. One more thing - i dont like opening new browser windows when i click on trash sim links etc. Is there an option to open them in new tab instead?

    Not a song, whole live show. Not-so-lesser-known to the fans of this music, but since i love them i always take the chance to present Gojira to any new audiance so they can have new fans and sell more stuff :D