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    It works for me - could you try export your data and check if it contains any item finds? and if it does, whether any of them appear to be broken.

    I can’t upload a .csv file on this forum, but it contains the results of finding things and these messages are indexed. How can I check whether it is broken or not?

    i'm "on" server time and now this work correctly, thanks!

    I have one question. If the expedition finds a fleet, then the value of its construction is added to the "profit" column, right?

    I test it. great work, Nixian!

    but not always correct. for example- i get 9kk met from exp in last hour, and this result dont calculate.

    What version are you running? :) I had a few time management changes lately so it might be a result of that.

    my antigamereborn display local time(server time off).

    its impotant?