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    no one in ogame actually has friends, just multis. great thinking in the opening post there

    Ah yeah, can I reserve next uni please? I was allways interested in machine learning, so I would like to do my own AI experiment.

    Anyways really nice summary of whats currently happening in ogame

    If I have any opinion how to fix the v7 issues it would probably be

    Just rollback to before v7 and put it back to ptr

    If thats not possible cuz reasons then

    1. Remove expo df, if it can be rebalanced sure but just remove it for now so it wont get worse and worse

    2. Marketplace either disable it or make it like an auction, so each offer lasts for 2 days and after 2 days the highest offer wins, if you get outbid you will get your res back

    (Simillar to how WoW auction works, except there would be no buyout option)

    that way it should be impossible to freely give someone stuff as if you would make cheap offer, people will just make better offer thus mp push would be impossible

    But as Kaldor said it will only fix some of the problems and the root cause is still there, that it is probably impossible to catch multis/botters,teamviewer users and what not

    I just "love" Leda







    And before certain someone tells us to use the ticket system, just no.. it legit doesnt work and yes people tried multiple times yet here is the result

    So, very "impressive" hit I must say as the new ocrack meta is now to vmode warrior and have whole "family" feed you ships

    Warned for insult / cheat accusation

    - Madoka

    EDIT: Thank you certain someone :), it was most expected as usual. Also just told him that its impressive hit and he has alot of friends helping him

    Jenom sem tak tohle hodim

    OGame Auction Hotkeys

    S timhle trvá přihození nabídky asi 0,1 sec

    Používám to už nevim jak dlouho a vždycky mě moc potěší když mi lidi nadávaj že používam script/bota a já jim vesele odpovím "ano používám script co je legální :)"

    PS: Ne konec aukce se přesně nedá odhadnout, ale ani to neni moc třeba, prostě přihazujte po 1k přes výše uvedený script a neni problém přihodit polsední 0,1 sec před koncem

    I dont think you know how deep the rabbit hole goes Adamovici, its not that players just push themselves via mp. They have alot of "friends" and I mean ALOT who own accounts with tech like 2f0pzPc.png

    and all they do is expos 24/7 and then moves all the gains to desired account via mp.

    And yeah normally all new unis are supposed to die but this one


    Well if you look at some weird players arround rank 500-200 you will see that this uni is littered with those accounts.

    PS: If you think about mding those accounts then its nearly impossible as they transfer the ships/res to "main" account so the "friends" account becomes green and "main" account usually then just vmodes

    In the screenshot
    - Time in green should be local time
    - Time in orange should be server time
    - White number means time since last scan (starts at 0)

    - Red number is increasing time showing how old is the current scan

    Well I was unable to pm you as you have disabled conversations on your profile so Im gonna post it here.

    "The expedition followed some odd signals to an asteroid. In the asteroids core a small amount of Dark Matter was found. The asteroid was taken and the explorers are attempting to extract the Dark Matter.":"DM","Our expedition ran into an old automatic shipyard. Some of the ships are still in the production phase and our technicians are currently trying to reactivate the yards energy generators.":"Fleet"