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    Please see the attached image.

    No idea why ogame is using 3.4GB of memory.

    I run AntiGameReborn, OGame UI++ (Is this still allowed or not? I never got an answer and still waiting, because I was relatively sure that someone said because of the inactive finder it might not be allowed, but I wanted confirmation again, and never received any...) and not sure if I'm using any others, I don't think so. (I have tampermonkey installed, but it says no scripts are in use, so I imagine there aren't any.)

    That's a lot of ram for a browser game, so there must be something going on, and I have no idea what it is. Any ideas? I'll try running the game without any add-ons to see whether it's just the game itself or if something dodgy is going on with one of the add-ons.



    This tool is tolerated again.

    Hi mate, can you confirm whether this tool / add-on is tolerated still or not? I considered using it, but don't want to if I'm not allowed to!!!

    Please let us know ASAP. :)

    its literally a week ago?

    Chill out my son, I mis-read, all I see is that the tool was forbidden then tolerated again etc, and I thought I read somewhere that because of the INACTIVE FINDER FUNCTION the tool was forbidden (written on another thread? So I wanted clarification.)

    I Don't want my account banned, so if I have a concern, I will just write a nice little message like I did to find out. :P

    Yes, I now see it was from a week ago, and yes my reading is just pants.

    Device operating system is usually needed to handle dependencies on different OS's to execute different functions (desktop notifications etc), not an expert regarding web addons but that's how it usually goes.

    Relax please :) If developer's goal was to collect info on its users, he wouldn't be doing addons for a nearly dead browser game but Facebook games or something like that.

    If you don't like the concept no need to start accusing on forums, you could have PMed developer with your concerns...

    I'm not accusing anyone, I am simply stating what his "Privacy Policy" allows him to do with user data.

    His "Privacy Policy" does not state that he requests specifically browser type and device Operating System with regards to "and other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User's IT environment."

    Just because he states it here, does not change the "Privacy Policy" that comes into effect with respect to the User when the add-on is installed and used.

    If I had that same vague quote (namely: "and other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User's IT environment.") in a "Privacy Policy" for an add-on, or game or other type of software that I develop, I strongly believe that it's legally arguable that this quote allows me to take the Unique Hardware Identifiers of the users device for my own purposes, which is quite sensitive information, together with any other information of the User that I would like.

    Furthermore, the OP states that the given quote above from his "Privacy Policy" allows him to discover the Operating System and browser in use by the User. Yes, this is true, however he can simply deduce the browser type from this quote that is from the same paragraph in his "Privacy Policy":

    "the features of the browser and the operating system utilized by the User"

    Without also requiring the User to also give permissions to other much more sensitive information regarding the device with the add-on installed, and other devices on the same network environment.

    E.g. The OP can use the bold quote from his "Privacy Policy" to see that System Restore is a feature of my Operating System and so some variant of Windows is installed on my device, without needing to be able to see the Unique Hardware Identifiers of my desktop components, and that of other devices on my network (e.g. my mobile if available) should he desire for example.

    You tell me to relax, but I (in a friendly way) would like Users to just be careful when it comes to these vaguely written "Privacy Policies".

    I took my time in trying to create a reply to the OP, however I saw your reply before I could finish, and decided to reply to you instead.

    Again, I want to re-iterate that I am not accusing the OP of anything. If I were accusing the OP of something, I would naturally have stated what it was. My point with my posts here on this thread, is to let users (new and existing) of this add-on know that upon reading that paragraph in the "Privacy Policy" the OP may access very sensitive information about any accessible devices on your network at any time.

    Ultimately the OP has an 'access all areas' pass to all your device information, in order to discover (according to him - no accusations) what browser Users use, and the Operating System installed on their devices.

    I already explained above in the long bold quote how he can discover this information, without potentially letting him have access to Unique Hardware Identifiers etc of devices on my network.

    I could have contacted the OP / Developer privately, however seeing his reply here on the public section of the forums would have just made me come to the public section of the forums anyway, so it would have just saved time, since his explanation is one which I personally do not accept, and thus I have removed the add-on. These posts were made to just made it clear (hopefully, in a kind way) to users that Privacy Policies which contain vague fleeting quotes that do not specifically explain what the quote pertains to in terms of personal information may be used in order to obtain information about your devices that you didn't want to give out.

    Furthermore, I appreciate your comment regarding why the Operating System of the device may be necessary when it comes to programming, having done some programming myself before (namely making cryptography programs in Ruby, i.e. Information Security, which may explain my skeptical view of vague Privacy Policies).

    I don't feel the OP / Developer is currently taking any more information than what he states the quote is meant to pertain to, however "other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User's IT environment." absolutely gives the OP / Developer permission to take Unique Hardware Identifiers etc of my devices because the quote is like giving a user of a computer read permissions to every area of the device (and connected devices). It's a security hole that I feel should be fixed.

    P.S. I would be just as worried if it were any other add-on (and yes, such worries extend to more than just add-ons).

    I am appalled by some of the contents of your so called "Privacy Policy" - Specifically:


    Usage Data

    Information collected automatically through UniverseView (or third-party services employed in UniverseView), which can include: the IP addresses or domain names of the computers utilized by the Users who use UniverseView, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method utilized to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the server's answer (successful outcome, error, etc.), the country of origin, the features of the browser and the operating system utilized by the User, the various time details per visit (e.g., the time spent on each page within the Application) and the details about the path followed within the Application with special reference to the sequence of pages visited, and other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User's IT environment.

    You have no legitimate reason to collect such information, i.e. IP & "other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User's IT environment."

    Such a quote gives you fleeting ability to collect every single piece of information about my, and other users devices which use your add-on.

    I despise privacy invaders, and as such I have removed your add-on.

    Uberman That's cool, I wasn't sure whether it was for the Pro only (Edit: I re-read my original comment and realised I said it was for the Pro only. My apologies! I believed due to my terrible memory that it most probably was for the Pro only. I think this was because on the Pro app-store it was listed there and I must have thought that it was an iPad Pro exclusive or something.)

    Though I suppose I see why the app was made for iPads only rather than for the iPhone and MacBooks etc, as it's probably just easier to use the browser for the MacBook (or no difference I guess in experience) and for the iPhone I guess it was just too small to really make it feel like it would have helped?

    For the iPad I liked it because it felt like it was the perfect size to run the game, based only on my experience with my Pro at the time. It felt sort of like being a secretary micro-managing things on an A4 board :D

    I do feel though that my point still stands, namely that if OGame did become properly integrated into Facebook (as many other games are, which aren't anywhere near as good, in my opinion), then we would see much larger player numbers, since numerous Facebook games have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of gamers each, due to simple advertising and word of mouth etc.

    There is already SSO with Facebook accounts to play OGame, so GF would just need to go one step further and get the game listed on Facebook properly (Edit: via making an app akin to that for the iPad that Facebook etc users can use) and advertise and then more players should join.

    Personally, developing a console app for OGame could be an idea, maybe? A desktop app could be tried (regardless of what I said above, just to try and see whether an actual desktop application could boost player numbers) etc.

    Lots of things to try and test to see if we can get more players in the Unis. :)

    Brannick Uberman may indeed be correct regarding the app being usable on all iPads, which would mean that there was a chance for an even higher increase in player count, than just those new players using (for example) the iPad Pro.

    In all fairness, if GF really wanted to, they could just go all out and develop a free app for each gaming platform that would simply do what the iPad app did / does, and I suppose see whether people come and join or not, subject to relevant advertising.

    P.S. I just re-read a little of the thread here now on my phone (0147 hours here), and the fact GF are meant to be looking into this but not immediately concerned with making an app could in my opinion indicate that the thought of adding OGame to Facebook or other equivalent social platforms could be there.

    We'll have to see, however I do wonder if we will see Electra era player counts again (being a member of Electra all those years ago). It simply depends on whether GF can adapt and integrate OGame into existing high-population services like Facebook etc.

    My apologies if I made you believe the app was iPad Pro only, my memory poorly stretches back that far, so if it works / worked on all iPads, then fair play! :)


    There used to be an app mate, however it was only for the iPad Pro if I remember correctly, of which I picked up one after a while due to my University studies and installed the OGame app from the app-store and used it a bit to be honest.

    I don't really see why the app was just made for the iPad Pro apple app-store, because if it was an app that people could download for their iPhones (without having to manually switch stores to get the app from the iPad Pro store etc) directly without issue then I imagine more people would play it.

    The fact that you can login through facebook using Single Sign On makes me think that if they really wanted to then they could just pay Facebook to allow integration of OGame into their services then they can just run an advertising campaign for a few quid (make that cost whatever you want) and then they would get a bunch of players join.

    In all fairness, I thought that the reason there were so many banned players on the Universes was because I thought that GameForge already HAD Facebook integration and that a number of Facebook users just multi-accounted or something (yes I know GameForge's over-lords don't like people discussing the reasons for bans, I know, though this point didn't touch too much on that and is pertinent to my answer to the OP's post).

    It wouldn't be hard to make an app for the app-store whatsoever if you had the skills, since proper programmers could do that stuff in their dreams (having touched on some cryptography in Ruby myself, different field yes but still).

    TL:DR - An iPad Pro app existed that you could download and play OGame with. Facebook could be paid to integrate OGame into their user-base and advertise and get tonnes of players.

    Well, I don't mean an alarm should sound through space (roleplay), though what I mean is that any advanced empire in the Universe would have systems constantly watching for incoming fleets (which the overview already does, namely it tells you that fleets are incoming), though you would also therefore imagine that someone in an 'observatory' (whatever the terminology would be for those watching for incoming fleets) would call the emperor and tell him that a 10,000 RIP fleet is incoming to blow his valuable moon up via audible alarms or a space-phone. No one could tell me that you'd leave the emperor asleep for fear of being had a go at (per se), when your empires moon is about to be blown to pieces. :D

    The alarm sound would only make a noise if you were signed into your account anyway, which in all fairness partly validates the point in my own opinion, however yes I do understand that if GameForge's over-lords don't want this feature to be added, then they won't accept it. You would imagine however that there would be many more people using commander if such a feature were allowed because who wouldn't want an audible sound to play?

    I truly thought that it would add a positive effect to the roleplay, not only for the fact that I guess if your browser is open and you go to the toilet etc then you'll hear an alarm and rush to the PC, yet I guess it depends on the opinions of the majority (rather, GameForge's aforementioned over-lords :D).

    Anyway, cheers for the consideration. :D

    Silverwind Cheers for reading this suggestion too, since having someone with relative authority read the suggestion does make it seem (at least somewhat) that people with power are listening). :D

    As a P.S. - I can't believe Electra was removed, I remember the days like nearly 10 years ago when I was building RIPs or etc, back to the rebuild in Norma. :D

    Edit: I placed this edit here at the end because I unfortunately can't make another post at the end of this one to post another important thing I wanted to add to the above. In the back of my mind I seem to remember a feature that existed around the Electra universe era that you could have one of those orange subscriber buttons activated, that sent you push e-mails or something? I believe it was the RSS e-mail thing?

    I may be completely wrong, so if that wasn't allowed at the time then I didn't use it as I obviously followed the rules, though if it was allowed like I think I remember, we were able to be e-mailed when we were scanned or something like that? I can't remember now, though if it was the case, I don't see why such a thing couldn't be added for attacks, i.e. we are being attacked via e-mail? :Thinking:

    It's been years obviously since Electra was running properly with loads of players, so my memory is hazy (and I was younger ), though I guess that's still fair play.

    I would have settled for e-mail notifications, or an audible sound indicating that we were being probed at least, so we would be forced to stay online to mitigate an attack?

    Cheers for reading again. :)

    I would firmly recommend adding an audible warning sound (which could be muted) to the attack alert symbol that would play whilst the attacking fleet are still flying. :huntsman:

    You could potentially make this a commander feature. :tongue3:

    If you have your browser closed and are AFK, then obviously you won't be hearing an alarm and fits the roleplay being an unsuspecting victim of attack, so no issues there. :smile2:

    I feel it would add a nice touch to the gameplay, in the sense that it fits roleplay because if you are about to be attacked in real life as a country for example by another country, then alarm sirens are blasted in every city (air-raids etc :airborn:), so I feel it would be nice to have an audible alert added to the attack symbol. It adds well needed suspence, not just an appearing and disappearing alarm symbol without audio. :borg:

    P.S. I know this is one of my first posts, but having played ogame for years in the past (in the Electra era), having attacked with and been attacked by quite large fleets, the attack notification symbol needs to have some kind of alarm to make you go "oh poop" (substitute any words for what you potentially feel adds the most effect in that quote :check:).

    Thank you very much for reading!

    Much love! <3 :thumbsup::love: